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Obama’s Royal Mess

Today’s royal wedding got me thinking about our own Monarch, Barack Hussein Obama II.

Yes, he’s our monarch. He pulls it off really poorly.

We Americans think of ourselves as disdaining any leader not born in a log cabin, but really we’re of two minds about the thing. We want our presidents somehow to be folksy and approachable while also appearing to be regal chiefs of state with a classiness we can admire.

How else to explain the enduring popularity of John F. Kennedy. He was an aristocrat and, thankfully, never tried to pretend he was anything else. His princess bride Jackie gave the name “Camelot” to his administration after his death, and we lapped it up.

In 1980, we’d had enough of the peanut farmer and installed a glamorous Hollywood star in the Oval Office. Reagan then played the role of chief executive to perfection.

And then there’s Obama, pondering “whose ass to kick” and pictured more often by his White House photographers, it seems, in a sweat suit or with an open collar than jacket and tie. His advisers have absolutely no understanding of the president’s role in society. The best they can do to add the royal touch to Obama is to let him take to the golf course every weekend.

In Britain, the roles are divided. The Monarch acts regal and parades from castle to castle, while the prime minister trudges in the trenches and gets pummeled with vicious derision during the House of Commons “Question Time.”

Today, we witnessed the British monarchy in glorious display, watching the marriage of William and Kate, two people with royal bearing and just enough humor about themselves to not be overbearing. It was magnificent.

Let’s compare. Their royalty:

Our Royalty:

Enough said.

Thanks to Granny Jan who blogs at Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty for the montage of Obama.

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  1. LOL. Mark Steyn was substituting for Rush yesterday and he was talking about how the Obamas were acting like royalty but not the British variety the Saudi-middle eastern variety with their profligate spending on vacations, Air Force One trips and parties. He said that the British throne would never act this way..too much class.

  2. I am sick of the NYT and others who ask why Americans like to learn about the wedding and so on. Why shouldn’t we? We can multitask! We can even watch American Idol if we want. Why all the snippy judging? I even watch a couple of the Housewives (bad this year). Some of us, including this president, and I suspect, most at the NYT, are not Kierkegard all the time with time out only for the opera.

  3. For so long in our society, some embraced the ‘anything goes’ or ‘do your own thing’ way of thinking. And look what we’ve got… our President doesn’t know how to behave or dress appropriately and civility is not the norm.

    Didn’t your momma teach you?

    • Brenda, I couldn’t agree more. Finally the generation raised too often without a sense of dignity and the need to delay gratification is in power. Don’t know if we can ever get it back.

    • It’s not just any desk in many of those photos, it’s a desk of importance to American history. But the Boy King likes to have his feet up and who cares what the desk represents — the royal feet gotta see de air!

  4. It is at least comforting to know that however low the Obama threshold is for Oval Office decrum, at least the nose-picking, ass-scratching and groin-adjusting photos are not making their way out of the “official” photographer’s office. What an embarassment this man is.

  5. Did anyone happen to hear Shep Smith during the royal kiss? He said “no tongue” or something to that effect. We lost that decorum long ago for an off color jab. It is so sad especially when we have to explain what the tongue comment means to young kids who were watching a simple kiss.

    • Shep was pretty tacky (my word of the day) the other evening joking on the gayness of a colleague who did a sidebar on how to make and have English “tea.” He rarely has au unexpressed thought.

          • During one of the supposed-to-be-funny tosses from Shep to Jonathan Hunt, Hunt made some supposed-to-be-funny remark that HE was “the biggest queen of England.” Thought that was a bit out of line, but I guess the giddiness of these two and the high spirits of the occasion, got the best of them.

  6. Did anyone notice that Google had a logo for Earth Day and one of birds on April 26 (John Audubon’s and my birthday). Today they have one for the royal wedding. And on Easter Sunday – nothing, nada, zero, zilch. As to the royal feet on the furniture – my grandma had a saying for his and MO’s behavior – “born in a barn” (sorry, no insult to barn animals intended). Are there barns in Hawaii??? Just wondering.

  7. The O’s are commoners who think money and position make them as distinguished as their “betters”. Without any protocol training or good manners that set the bar for the class distinction, the O’s buy expensive clothes that look tacky, take high-end vacations then act low-class and worst of all, speak like inner-city highschool dropouts.

    We don’t need or want royalty in the WhiteHouse, but we expect those we elect display good manners to all, dress and behave modestly and keep their poor opinions of others to themselves.

  8. It won’t be long before Ovomit’s Press Secretary announces that every single citizen in the United States of America will now be ordered to “Genuflect” when greeting King or Queen Ovomit. King Dinglebarry Numbnuts.

  9. Actually the CBC (Canada) outdid itself with great and classy coverage all morning. It really was a lovely event and kudos to Kate for showing restraint and elegance. One can only hope that it is catching. No bling in sight.

  10. I was thrilled to be able to pick up the BBC feed. I started out with CNN and almost went crazy with the giggling. The MSM here never have sense enough to shut up during these glorious events.
    I can’t remember being so happy watching TV, and it was so wonderful to NOT see our “royal” grifters.

  11. My grandmother always said: Pretty is as pretty does…Don’t wear your clothes 2 sizes to small, keep your feet off the furniture, don’t act like you were born in a barn and when in doubt keep your mouth shut. Maybe the Obamas could learn something from her.

  12. In a corollary to The Obama Don’t Know How To Act Right Effect, Sherri Shepherd’s blurtations on The View about “Where’s all the Black people?” is one of those unique questions that answers itself