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Obama Tours Alabama Devastation

Here’s some video just out of Obama talking about tornado destruction he witnessed.

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10 thoughts on “Obama Tours Alabama Devastation”

  1. MrO sounded genuinely shaken and moved by the devastation and the magnitude of a possible recovery. He seemed surprised that the community has begun the searching and recovery without any government assistance.

    A major tragedy of lives lost and lives never to be the same again.
    God Bless Them, keep them strong in body and spirit.

    1. He was surprised that the citizens acted on their own. His side of the aisle believes that nothing is possible without government intervention. Don’t you remember Joe Biden saying that there had never been an invention that wasn’t subsidized by the government?

      I’m not because I remember everyone pulling together to clear our neighborhood after Hurricane Frederic. Alabamians will yell and fight and even kill each other over all sorts of things (especially football), but will pull together in a crisis.

        1. The story that got me was from a few days ago. A guy took his wife to the ER for a stomachache and got a call on his cell from the neighbor seeing if he was OK. Yes…why…we are over at the hospital. Well, don’t come home because you have no home. The neighbor was right on the horn to see if the man was OK…that is America!

      1. Some other Rep governor was on Fox with a substitute anchor with weird hair (forget his name, but he’s pro-admin, I remember from other times)–and the governor said three times he wished the president would sign the declaration of emergency for his state and this boob anchor just went on as if the man had not spoken. It was embarrassing.

  2. When he says standing with you like he did with the BP Oil spill victims last year, its all talk. He has dropped the ball on making sure the coastal areas were cleared up and restitution made. Personally I’d just soon he leave and never come back. We will take care of our on. And yes the SEC is not just football in the south, it’s a religion!

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