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Obama Morning News || April 29, 2011

President Obama travels to witness the final launch of the space shuttle today, even as he downsizes NASA’s mission.

Democrats are beginning to defy the White House on the debt ceiling too. Rep. Paul Ryan agreed with Obama that oil company subsidies should be cut.

George Soros is considering how active he means to be in the 2012 election. Two former White House aides have launched independent fundraising groups.

Obama faces pivotal decisions with his new national security team on troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan. Time dissects why Palestinian President Abbas is bucking the White House.

Donald Trump launched a profanity laced attack on America’s leaders, dropping the F-bomb while calling them “stupid” and opining that politicians are bloodsuckers.

And POLITICO‘s Julie Mason ponders the question: Is Obama funny?

8 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || April 29, 2011”

  1. I concede that Obama can deliver canned jokes written by professionals very well. But funny, I don’t think so. His audience will laugh at anything he says, but truthfully he has never uttered an original, witty thought in his life. He can’t because he’s not bright enough. I believe humor is just one sign of intelligence, but his weird grin and laugh, as Julie noted, is a poor substitute.

  2. Ms. Mason’s analysis is dead wrong. Pres. Obama is not at all funny. His attempts at humor are usually attacks on his opponents and almost never the self-deprecating remark that is the hallmark of true humor. Look at how he responded to questions about fuel prices by ridiculing the size of the vehicles and even the size of the families of his questioners. Look at his cutting attacks against political opponents. The most telling part of the article is when Lizz Winstead said, “Is Obama funny? It’s tough to tell.” It is never tough to tell if someone is funny, and if it is, then the answer is “no.”

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  4. NASA had to postpone the shuttle launch because the Muslim rocket scientists were busy dodging rockets aimed at them.
    The O’s will have to entertain themselves by touring the launch site. Awww.

    Did MrTrump use the same F-bomb that our VPOTUS Biden used while on national TV? There it is again; Dems good, Repubs bad.
    TheDonald also referred to our elected officials as “stupid”, too.
    He’s speaking to us and we understand.

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