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Obama Meets with Giffords

President Obama met with Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) at Cape Canaveral this afternoon before meeting with the Shuttle Endeavour crew, who were supposed to lift off today but who have been grounded for at least 72 hours.

Giffords, who is recovering from a gunshot wound to the head, is the wife of Endeavour Commander Mark Kelly.

From the pool report:

Obama met with rep giffords before he met with the crew at nasa. This is information they provided us on background, which can be attributed to a white house official

Potus met with Rep. Giffords for approx 10 minutes before he came down to meet the full crew. Prior to going in to see her, Potus greeted Mark Kelly in a corridor. “I bet you were hoping to see a rocket launch today,” Mr. Kelly said. Replied Potus: “We were hoping to see you.” They shook hands and embraced. Mr. Kelly updated the President and First Lady on Rep. Giffords’ condition, and then they went down the corridor to see her.

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  1. MsGiffords, along with the other victims of the crazy man shooter, should not be used for advancement of any political purpose or for a photo op.

  2. Obama went on AF1 to Miami by himself. The rest of the family went back to DC on Southwest. Only kidding about that. Apparently, AF2 flew empty to Cape Canaveral to take them home. I saw the kissy, kissy goodbyes on Daylife. It’s isn’t a school night so couldn’t the family have gone on to Miami for only a few hours? That’s rhetorical.

    After Oprah…samething: two planes, one flying empty to Chicago. MO and her mother flew back to DC on AF2 while he went to NYC.

    What is this extra plane costing us? Why is no one in the media talking about this?

    • Granny Jan..

      We do know why the LSM isn’t talking about the use/abuse of AF2 by the American “royal” fambly….it would be criticizing the Won they elevated.

    • As Mark Steyn pointed out the other day, the Queen and the rest of the Royals are cheap in comparison to our faux royals. The Queen never would have taken two planes to Chicago for a taping of an Oprah show and then had one take off to NYC while the other scurried back to DC. I’ve noticed how the second plane’s existance and use is not covered by the MSM. I guess if they don’t cover it, it doesn’t happen in their universe. Of course, we little taxpayers get to pay for all this.

    • Granny Jan – This is beyond outrageous! The only reason I found your comment (even tho the Dossier is the first thing I read in the morning and the last thing I read at night) is I missed yesterday and was catching up this morning. Can you bring your comment up to today (Saturday) so more folks see it? Can you give link to Daylife – I couldn’t find it. Purrs to Jihad Kitty. Thanks.

    • Janice, thanks, you’re a gem. I’ll take a look. AF2 can be a few things, so let me know if you are aware which plane it was. I’m more interested in the Oprah taping. First Grandma goes along . . . I’m thinking she might be the main reason they went back. Michelle likes NYC. Two planes to tape an Oprah show. It’s outrageous. Stupefying, actually.

  3. It’s a beautiful day in Western Massachusetts. My husband never plays on the busy weekends because so far they have refused to close down the course just for him to play.
    I know someone who gets a course closed just by saying BOo. Today or tommorrow?

  4. I saw a lot of takes on them actually working a full day and shuttling around (not the space one). He seemed to be wearing the same grimy shirt from the tornado slog…no time to freshen up? Yicko.