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Smackdown: Lawrence O’Donnell vs. Orly Taitz

Nice, compelling TV. Orly is known as the “Birther Queen.” O’Donnell is known as Lawrence O’Verthetop. Have at it, kids!

15 Responses to Smackdown: Lawrence O’Donnell vs. Orly Taitz

  1. TV journalism at its best. How typical that a liberal cannot have a discussion when an opposing view is introduced. This is one reason they are such failures.

  2. LOL
    O’ I love Lawrence (heh…”Lawrence”) O’Donnell. Such hysteria manifested in such a stern package. You expect him to just pop at any given moment. I do miss Oblermann, though. They’re such…personalities.
    (Holy Crap…the Selective Service angle and Social Security fraud charges sound intriguing…yikes)

    • Thanks Susan – this is exactly the strategy – now that we’ve released the birth certificates, let’s stop all this silliness. But the school records and health records are real issues.

  3. Wow…was that smoke coming out of O’Donnell’s ears or what?!! He has shown the same professionalism that Whoopie and Joy showed toward Bill O’reilly on the 911 Muslim subject! When the libs don’t want to hear it they shut you off and call you names!

  4. Wow! Talk about a foregone conclusion. I didnt even need to listen to the interview. If I’m not mistaken, Ms. Taitz could have done any number of things and gotten the exact same interview from that overly stimulated communist…fail to recycle, buy a gas guzzler, kill a a baby seal bare handed, eat dolphins…someone needs a binky and a nap. He was wound tighter than a 3 dollar watch!!!

  5. Larry was a “script advisor” and “consultant” on The West Wing.

    BTW, remember the screams and diatribes from the lefties about Dan Quayle buying pot? Gary Sick and the GHW Bush SR-71 ride?

    Whatever happened to, “the allegations are SO SERIOUS they must be investigated?”

  6. So, can O’Donnell be sued for libel/slander? He called Orly Taiz crazy several times, and gave her no opportunity to prove him wrong.

  7. Boy – what an ass this O’Donnell is – must be Rosie’s brother, huh?

    And talk about pompassness. He’s worse than O’Reily!

  8. Orly Taitz is a nasty racest person, we have alllllllllll the prof that he is a US citizen. She is so iritating because I know that she is wrong, i wish she never came to California and dameged its reputation by having a protest their. I have wached so many interviews and she is redicules always trying to change the subject. She is wrog, i have viseted her website to see how many people are supporting her and it is a very nasty racest site. Orly Taitz if you read this it is TRUE. Watch your own interviews they are ridicyles. I happen to love president Obama and even if he wasent a american citezen republcins are even backing him up, she thinks she is on someones side or somthing. I can tell you one thing that she is DEFINATLY not on my side!