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Today’s Obama Poll || Is This Obamanomics?

Obamanomics – definition

O-ba-ma-nom-ics (noun): An economic policy resulting in slow growth, accelerating inflation, and stubborn unemployment.

That appears to be what many people believe Obamanomics is.

In a striking new poll released today by Gallup, 55 percent of Americans think the United States is either in a recession or a depression. Neither are true, but it gives you an idea of how people think the president is doing.

Slightly more – 29 percent – say we’re in a depression that the 26 percent who say recession. Another 16 percent say the economy is slowing down, while only 27 percent say it is growing. Both of the latter two statements are correct.

Democrats, as you might imagine, think the economy is doing much better than Republicans do, but the views of independents pretty closely track those of Republicans, a bad sign for Obama.

Today’s GDP report revealed the economy grew at just 1.8 percent in the first quarter of the year, below expectations and far below what one would expect this far out of a recession.

And inflation is surging. And jobless claims rose a surprising amount last week.

Economists still believe the slowing is a blip due to bad weather and cuts in defense spending, both of which should be reversed. But the Obamaconomy needs to get moving soon, because hiring lags behind economic pickup and Obama needs to get the nearly 9 percent unemployment rate down at least a point or two if he wants to be reelected.

Even Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Austan Goolsbee, who has emerged as one of the White House’s leading propagandists, didn’t seem to have his heart in it today in a statement he released on the GDP numbers.

While the continued expansion is encouraging, clearly, faster growth is needed to replace the jobs lost in the downturn.

Clearly, faster growth is needed. Clearly. Which is what I thought the $789 billion stimulus was supposed to achieve. Or was that just not wasting a crisis?

And BTW, we know what’s coming. But Bush has been out of office more than 27 months.

11 thoughts on “Today’s Obama Poll || Is This Obamanomics?”

  1. Things look different to people who have jobs vs those who don’t. There is lots of evidence to call our current situation a depression. In the 1930’s depression era, unemployment was rampant, homes were forclosed, immigrants were desperate for any job and the middle class slowly sank into the financial abyss.

    MrO is hardly an expert on economics and the people who advise him learned everything they know by reading a book.

      1. McDonalds hired 1300 people here in Phoenix–I am surprised they didn’t sit there in their $2000 suits saying look, it’s jobs. Maybe they haven’t heard about it yet.

  2. Man I never comment here but I thought I would today, I tweeted your Obama dossier as I found it interesting he’s worried about La raza and “Influential Hispanics’, while the worst tornadoes America’s seen in probably it’s entire history he’s pretty much has ignored.

    Mostly while gallivanting around the Eastern US and playing with Orca joking about how he jerks off the nation demanding his credentials since he sucks so much at this job.

    Nice work here. Keep it up. I blogged myself for 5 years at chicagoray. blogspot and stopped in Oct. But I’m out here fighting too…

  3. I am tired of the Obama Administration trying to convince me that inflation doesn’t exist. Everytime I fill up my car’s gas tank, buy food, clothes, airline tickets, etc…it all costs MORE. I certainly hope the American voters are not as stupid as Obama, Ploufe, Soros, et al think we are.

  4. The eggheads he has working for him don’t have a clue what life is like outside their ivy league existence. We are all lab rats for the social engineering and Keynesian economics they have been dreaming of instituting for years. They finally had a chance to create their utopia, and they are having a hard time accepting the fact that their theories have failed. Then there are the Marxists…they know exactly what they are doing.

    Speaking of Bush. He is having a blast in retirement. Right now he is on a 3-day bike ride with our Wounded Warriors. Bush doesn’t pretend to care about the military, he just does. Can you imagine this guy doing something like that? Bike helmet on backward as he climbs on his girl’s bike…

  5. Obama disappointingly signed another three NAFTA style trade agreements. We must make it clear that WE WANT THIS JOB OUTSOURING TO STOP. It must stop if we are to regain our economic posotion. Otherwise, we will be making America’s next war’s tanks in China!

  6. Obama is doing what he wants to, that is collapse this country so we will be part of a one world currency. I still believe he stays to his Muslim roots. as he was shown as a child. That is why he is against Israel.

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