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Obama to Travel to Alabama Friday

He and Michelle head there from Washington before making a scheduled stop at Cape Canaveral to see the shuttle launch. They’ll be on the ground about an hour and a half. He’ll land in Tuscaloosa and I assume spend most or all of his time there. From the White House:

The President and the First Lady will view the damage as well as meet with Governor Bentley, state and local officials and families affected by the storms.

14 thoughts on “Obama to Travel to Alabama Friday”

    1. Okay, after just watching your video in it’s entirety I realize that you did remember his bike ride :)

      Another great one Granny Jan. Love the Rawhide theme music. My husband and I watch the series on DVD every once in a while. Always had a crush on Rowdy Yates.

      1. Thanks. The story about the bike ride came on Fox News and my husband mentioned Obama on his bike. I wasn’t watching so I thought Fox had slipped in a photo of Obama. They hadn’t, but I did.
        The best Obama bike photo is from Getty images which I never use because of copyright issues.

  1. Why bother? It isn’t like they really care about the “little people”. After all, didn’t they vote for the other guy? Why stop there? I doubt anyone has the resources to give him a campaign donation. I think their presence, along with all the SS and excess staff, will only hinder the cleanup and search and rescue efforts. This is obviously a photo op to make it look like he is on top of things and trying to help. I hope no one buys it.

    1. totally agree, Kathy. Just using those poor people for a photo op is wrong. He needs to stay away. He is just going to mess up traffic

  2. Again: I have friends and family in the affected areas. I want Pres. Obama to stay away. The security required for his presence will hinder search and rescue operations. I have a brother I can’t get in touch with and if there’s trouble I want EMS to focus on him; not stand down for the chief executive.

    1. William, I’m very sorry to hear this. May God protect your loved ones and offer comfort to them. I wish you the very best.

      I think it’s probably too soon for the president to go there for just the reasons you mention.

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