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Finally the Real Thing. Or is It?

Scrambling amid reports that the long form birth certificate released Wednesday is a fake, the White House has put out a SECOND certificate, calling the previous one “no longer operative.”

Not sure, but this one also looks suspicious. See what you think.

8 thoughts on “Finally the Real Thing. Or is It?”

  1. I think this BC is a photo-shopped, Adobe’d, layered fake with multiple whiteout’d pencil’d mysterious markings and an applied background.
    Not to worry, though:
    A group of Nobel prize-winning, principled scientists have offered to subject this document to carbon dating to ascertain it’s age and veracity of the ink.

  2. Ha! Don’t be such a doubting Keith. This one looks more authentic than the one he released yesterday… At least it doesn’t list his Dad’s race as African…

  3. Due to a paper shortage in Hawaii in 1961, most Certificates of Live Birth were recorded on a Big Chief Red Tablet. Unfortunately, Obama’s was printed on beige construction paper and the lines weren’t straight.

  4. I did hear the doctor who signed it’s fam seemed surprised and said that was his signature…kind of convincing to me, anyhow. The II after the name and the African thing seem like something a designer would just wing and put in. I have worked with many designers over the yrs. Would his hippie-ish Mom really go with the II thing?

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