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Trump Takes Credit for Birth Certificate Release

Donald Trump this morning took credit for getting President Obama to release his birth certificate and said he was proud of the job he did.

“Today, I’m very proud of myself,” Trump said. “I feel like I’ve accomplished something very, very important.”

Trump said he still wants to check the certificate’s authenticity and criticized Obama for not releasing it earlier.

6 thoughts on “Trump Takes Credit for Birth Certificate Release”

  1. MrTrump’s Q&A with the Press that was televised before MrO’s TV statement was very interesting. His views on the price of oil, the devalued dollar, our expensive wars in Iraq and Afganistan and the not-a-war in Libya hit all the right notes. He speaks in public what Americans say in private and should he run for President…he just might make it.

  2. This just lets the president hover over the fray with his “you silly silly Americans” look on, but I guess Trump is entitled to his say.

  3. The fact that he issued it, makes you wonder if Trump is getting under his skin? Kinda funny, people have asked for 3 years no certificate, Trump makes remarks and here it is…

  4. Is there more than a dozen people in the world who doubt that Trumps caused this to happen ? (outside the White House of course)

    Of course he casued this … THAT is what he was aiming for all along … not to catch Obama in a lie (he wouldn’t have asked the question if he didn’t know the answer, i.e. there was a certificate available) … he wanted Obama is react … and he has …

    Now its on to the college transcripts …

    Because of todays release Trumps will be asking questions that hit the nightly news cycle for the next 30 days … he smells blood in the water … now his eyes will get really big …

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