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Obama Scores a Win by Releasing his Birth Certificate

Today’s release of President Obama’s long form birth certificate is hugely helpful to the White House on several fronts. And damaging to Republicans.

The optics are just great for him, and for once the communications team at the White House has scored a touchdown.

Obama looks like a man of reason, rectitude, and magnanimity, finally going the extra mile to dispense with “silliness” so that all those lunatic Republicans will have their frivolous wishes granted.

It makes Donald Trump look like the carnaval barker that he is. Yes, carnival barker, just like Obama said. Trump is running for president without a single sensible idea in his head about how to solve the nation’s problems, and so he conveniently focused on the birther issue. He said his investigators in Hawaii have uncovered shocking stuff. Sure they have.

Trump said he is proud of himself, and to the extent carnival barker is an honorable profession, he should be.

Today’s release will not lead to the granting of completely justifiable requests for Obama’s health and school records, as some believe. It will have the opposite effect. Obama will now be able to say – “What? You guys again? We gave you the birth certificate. Now you maniacs want more? Let’s talk about serious things.”

Today’s action will help cement the notion in the minds of many independents that Republicans should not be put in control of both Congress and the presidency. And it will galvanize those in Obama’s liberal base who start with the proposition that the right wing is nuts.

I’ve never believed Obama was born in Kenya. The short form certificate is generated off the long form. The notices in TWO Hawaiian newspapers announcing Obama’s birth are produced from official sources, not by Obama’s mother. There’s an alphabetical list of births for the year that includes Barack Hussein Obama. There are no reliable records of or witnesses to his birth in Kenya. His Kenyan grandmother’s statements on this are contradictory. A perfectly reasonable sounding Republican official with no apparent incentive to lie said she had seen his original birth certificate.

Talk about an elaborate hoax.

I have always thought it was legitimate to question why Obama had not gone to the trouble to get his long form certificate. I figured maybe, though he was born in Hawaii, there was something on it he didn’t want us to know about. That does not appear to be the case.

I don’t know why the White House delayed releasing it. The official explanation offered today by Obama aides – that it was not much of an issue and there were not questions by the White House press corps about it – doesn’t hold water, unless there is a White House annex on Mars where Obama aides are working.

But I know why they released it now. First of all, for the political benefits I describe above.

But more than anything, there was growing concern among Obama advisers that Trump’s contentions on the questionability of Obama’s birthplace were gaining traction.

A New York Times poll released April 21 showed the number of people who either think Obama was born overseas or who are not sure where exactly he popped out of his mother had risen to 43 percent.

Obama’s request for his long form birth certificate was initiated the very next day.

32 thoughts on “Obama Scores a Win by Releasing his Birth Certificate”

  1. really a win for Obama ?

    1) Now he won’t have the “birther” issue to club the GOP with in the 2012 campaign …
    2) Trump made Obama blink, he smells blood in the water and will now push the issue of college transcripts … lets see if Obama blinks again …
    3) All tyhe talking heads looked like fools when they previously said Obama didn’t have to release this document or couldn’t release this document …

    Maybe Obama looks good releasing this doc today … he wins one news cycle on a Wednesday … in April … 18 months before the next election …

    As Churchill once said, “In the morning I’ll be sober and you’ll still be ugly” … tomorrow the birthers will be finished, the first time unemployment numbers will be bad, gas will be closer to $4/gallon and we still won’t be drilling for 27 billion barrels of oil off Alaska … some win …

    1. Just wait till it hits $6.00 before the elections.The Middle East is going to get much worse before it gets any better.Iran is on the horizon,and that’s a MUST

      1. I think it’s just to keep the attention on HIM, even negative attention (you know how kids are, any attn will do), and let his advisers like that guy who thinks he is an insurgent, position him as the “adult,” like THAT is so great, either…or whatever they think the press will sell for them. He knows that piece of paper will just keep up the dreambeat, then in true Helicopter President form, he can hover over the top, letting the downdraft mess up the clingers below. Or something–you see where I am going. They think they are so smart and they just make me tired.

      2. Thank You Mr. Koffler.
        So why will no one in the ‘media’ ever ask about Obama’s “College Records” from Columbia & Harvard Law?
        The ‘media’ and Obama supporters say; “Obama is the smartest President ever!!!” YET? No One knows about his “College Records”…

        (meanwhile, I have to send OFFICAL copies of my college transcripts for my SF 86…)

  2. I think they both look like idiots–I don’t see this as a big win for anyone. If I thought it could have barred a second term for Obama, I would have been more interested. All I want to know is why is Obama playing us now–or thinks he is.

    1. We are all losers–honestly. The country–we have no real leader. Trump–who could be building a nice flashy building (how many of us can do that?) or something instead of wallowing around in this mess. The world–because other countries, all hooked together, will go down with us when the Timmys, Bernankes and Soroses of the world get done with us. Even us WHDers–we could be writing novels, screenplays, have children who could cure cancer some day, doing something besides playing into the hands of this rather snotty and mediocre phenom of a president. Yeah, yeah–how to you really feel, Star…

  3. So lets see Barack Hussein Obama’s “College Records” from “Columbia & Harvard Law”…
    What was Obama’s GPA? His transcripts? What classes did he take as a ‘political science major’? What did papers did Obama write?
    Why has NO ONE @ COLUMBIA or HARVARD LAW ever come out to ‘defend’ Barack Hussein Obama as a “classmate” at COLUMBIA or HARVARD LAW???

    Why has Obama spent Millions$ with private lawyers to “seal” his records?

    I have to fill out a SF 86 “National SecurityClearance form” for an entry level US Government job… BUT? has Obama ever fill out a US Govt. ‘security/back ground’ form???

  4. I think the fact that someone would go to such lengths to hide his records, bury his writings, distort his family, and obfuscate influential people in his life, says all that needs to be said about his character.He could of released it during the elections and ended it but no,he had to do it the hard way.and we can do with out the name calling as well

  5. Why is it considered “going the extra mile”? He could have and should have released it long ago.

    Obama, the supposed CIC, let an American soldier sit in prison rather than release it.

    Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, submitted his.

    John McCain had to attend a Senate hearing and produce his longform bc.

  6. It’s not really a win for him because the birthers will prove to be just as dogged as the truthers. Already the internet is coming alive with people claiming the document has been altered. No mainstream Republican politician (no, Trump does not fit that description) has ever made this an issue, so he can’t really use it against them. It will raise questions in people’s minds about why the administration claimed they couldn’t get a copy but then suddenly produced one. If anything, it’s more like kicking the ball out of the end zone for the safety rather than surrendering a touchdown.

  7. Actually, I don’t see this as a win for Obama. I see it as a win for conservatives. By that I mean that it does in fact take the argument to the next level to get his academic information as well as identifying Obama as being pushed by Trump.
    It also does show Trump in a bad light which I contend is good for conservatives who never would take him as a serious player for president. I hope Trump continues pushing Obama, it’s fun to watch. But as a contender for president…. not so much…

  8. I disagree with your political analysis of this issue.
    I’m also disappointed that you would join in MrO’s namecalling of his opponents. With every issue, every opposition, MrO has not taken the high road, the statesmanlike position. He has made every adversary a person of ridicule or not intellligent enough to understand complex issues.

    This issue is: Trump 1, Obama 0.

    1. Yep,though I think ti should be Trump 2,Obama 1
      Not only did he force Obama’s hand and make him come clean on a issue that could of been ended 3 YEARS ago,(Due to his Chicago gangster mentality,he is hiding all his personal records.) He gets a bonus point for pissing him off enough that he came out and looked like a complete pompous jerk(as usual)before running off to play “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous on the Oprah Winfrey show”. Ill bet he was pissed ALL the way to Chicago.
      Good.I hope he squirms.There is alot more where that’s coming from before election time.I would rather Trump NOT run,and just be himself and ask EVERY single question that needs to be asked from the Wars to his transcripts,to Iran to the economy,Israel,Health Care,taxes..If he is going to waste the next 2 years on the road begging for money,then I want him as inconvenienced as possible,and being forced to answer.Though I hope and pray we can get just 1 debate.Id love to watch Trump nail him from across the room where his teleprompter and speech writers cant save him.We can all have a popcorn viewing party for that one..

      1. And I too am as just as sick as you about the name calling…Non-Statesmanlike?How but be a human being. Where I live we call that a *sshole! You might get socked for talking like that to someone here,lol

    2. srdem, I agree with you that Obama shouldn’t be engaged in such name calling. He’s the president, and he does take to low road too often. I’m a simple blogger, though, and I don’t think the name is too harsh. It fits.

      You know my view. Trump is a huckster, a demagogue without a single serious proposal other than the presentation of his high self. He is a danger to this country. As president, he would make rash moves and think nothing of taking our liberties. He’s not used to answering to anyone, and won’t start as president. I don’t care what he says about Obama, Trump needs to be stopped.

  9. No real winners in this, but do think Trump comes out of this smelling better than Obama thought he would. Trump got him to release the certificate, something the Clinton’s were never able to do. It really made Obama look sleazy when he lied during the press briefing, and Jake Tapper called him on it. Gives me hope that the press is starting to question him rather than taking whatever he says as fact.

  10. I also don’t think this is a win for Obama. He had 3 years to release it. Makes it look like Trump may have found something…waiting on the O to start defending his refusal to release college records next.

  11. Today is May 20th 2012. As you may have heard by now…the birth certificate release by the tyrant in chief was a blatant forgery. Quit carrying his water and start reporting some FACTS.

  12. Fraud. Period.

    Obama, and anyone involved in supporting this fraud that is being perpetrated upon the American people, need to have charges brought against them, tried, and thrown in prison, Democrat and Republican alike. All of them.

    I’ve been a computer specialist for over 28 years and know photo images. This image is such an obvious, edited, fake, composition, that I’m stunned.

    This just show how stupid the White House thinks we Americans are.

    Obama, his whole staff, and any Senators, Congress men, Judges, and anyone else who has supported this perpetrated fraud should be arrested and sent to prison. Immediately.

  13. How long are we gona keep asking for another birth certificate? Untill someone can make one up that people will believe?

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