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Obama Releases Long Form Birth Certificate

Updated at 10:55 am

The White House today released a Hawaii birth certificate saying President Obama was born in Hawaii. You can view a large image of it here.

The certificate says he was born at Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu at 7:24 pm on August 4, 1961. There does not appear to be any information on the certificate that could be damaging to the president in any way.

The certificate lists Obama’s father as African and his mother and caucasian. It does not include a race for the child.

Obama initiated the request for his birth certificate on April 22, according to the correspondence released by the White House. The release required a waiver of Hawaii’s policy of providing only the short form certificate.

Obama appeared in the White House Briefing Room today to say that he had released the certificate because it was distracting from serious debate about other issues.

“Normally, I would not comment on something like this – I’ve got other things to do,” he said.

“We’ve got some enormous challenges ou there” which the country can’t meet . . . if we we are distracted or if we spend time vilifying each other – if we just make stuff up and pretend that it’s fact.”

Obama spoke derisively of those promoting the issue. “We do not have time for this kind of silliness,” he said. “We’re not gonna be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.

Obama said the issue was brought home to him two weeks ago when throughout the budget debate, the top item on the news was his birth certificate, a clear reference to Donald Trump’s use of the issue.

Obama took no questions and did not explain why he had not released the document earlier.

Obama said he had been bewildered by the debate over his birth. “I have to say that over the last two and half years I have watched with bemusement, I’ve been puzzled by the degree to which this thing just kept on going,” he said.

He acknowledged that the issue would probably continue to fester, despite today’s action.

“I know that there’ going to be  a segment of people who, no matter what we put out, this issue will not be put to rest,” he said.

24 thoughts on “Obama Releases Long Form Birth Certificate”

    1. omething we learned from Buckhead at FreeRepublic is to spot the type of typewriter used, as he did with Dan Rather/Bush documents.

      Character spacing is important. Every character typed on the page should line up vertically, since ball headed typewriters of that time had fixed spacing.

      Look at the second typed line, boxes 2 through the month in 5a. It doesn’t line up with anything else and the only way to do this is to reset the paper in the typewriter. This is also confirmed in that those boxes are on a different horizontal line than the remainder.

      Why was this portion not filled out at that time?

      To confirm this for yourself, open the document and enlarge it to 200 or 300%. Move the page right and left so typed lines can be aligned at the side of the document viewer.

      1. Just to keep the pot stirring I see one other anomalie. Why are the O’s in front of both spellings of “Oahu” raised but none of the other O’s are?

  1. I don’t like Trump’s “candidacy,” but if he’s able to get results maybe we can get him to start pushing for school transcripts, etc.

  2. I’m glad Mr Obama is going to stop making stuff up and pretending it’s fact. That would be a welcome change.

    I’m also glad that he could find the time it took to produce this document, whatever its provenance, even if it meant cutting into some of his golf time or campaigning on taxpayers’ money.

    “Sideshows and carnival barkers”? Glad to see a civil tone in his discourse.

    And of course he took no questions. He never does. So much for transparency.

  3. MrO’s mother’s race is identified as “Caucasian”. His father’s race is identified as “African”. African is not a race, it denotes a continent. A German national would not have been identified as a European. Everyone who lives in Africa may not be a Negro.
    In the 60’s, it was polite to identify Blacks/AfAms as “colored” but on an official document the race would have been “Negro”.
    I’m not a birther, but this document will raise more questions.

    1. I never or rarely get into this, but can someone remind me if the parents were legally married by the time of his birth–I only ask bec it lists the father’s name…I was not legally married to my daughter’s dad and in Wash DC we had to get an affadavit to add his name to the birth certificate. It took several weeks. I am just curious.

      1. Every state had different requirements for the BC. In PA, up until the 70’s, a child born to an unmarried woman was declared “illegitimate” and the word was stamped on the BC.
        MrO’s mother and father could not have been legally married in the US, he was already married to a woman in Kenya.

        Things were very different in the 60’s. An unmarried woman who gave birth to a bi-racial child would have been ostracized in almost every community, including the Black community. Her moral character would have been stained and her family might have disowned her.
        Most women of that time would have given the child up for adoption but a bi-racial child would have been sent to an orphanage.
        That MsDunham managed to care for an infant, attend college and carry on in those times is an amazing feat.

  4. What is wrong with the newly released birth certificate? It does not have the weight and length of the baby. Also father’s race is not African in the early ’60’s the race would be NEGRO.

    1. The weight and length of baby is probably on the hospital birth certificate as opposed to the registrar’s copy. I’m just guessing.

      The bizarre thing is twin girls born later than Obama at Kapalioni, I think by 3 days, had serial numbers which precede Obama’s.

  5. If this birth certificate only took 2 weeks to get, and showed nothing out of the ordinary, then why did he fight release of it in courts before and after the election for 3 years?

    Why didn’t he just submit the hard copy of the short COLB to government officials instead of a stupid internet site? Instead he had people running around writing affidavits to attest to the COLB.

    He claims he only found out about the contreversy 2 weeks ago. This is not true. He was making jokes about his own birth certificate long ago, almost a year or two ago.

    They had to come up with something real quick because Bobby Jindal was ready to sign a state bill requiring the original birth certificate. Lo, and behold, one appears. White House is afraid other states will catch on and put up birth bills. Now, they might not bother with the birth bills and when its found his document is a forgery, there will be no bills to prevent Obama.

    I hope they continue to secure the birth bills in every state so that it’s no longer optional whether you satisfy and answer the voters’ concerns about citizenship.

    The other bizarre aspect, is that Obama was using the SSN of a deceased individual from Connecticut, who died at age 19. He obtained this SSN when he was 17 in order to get a job. If you have proper papers stating you are a citizen of the United States, why would you need to steal a SSN? He was using this SSN still as Senator in Illinois, 2004.

    His Harvard records might show he applied as foreign student like his father, easier to get in. He had a 3.3 GPA and only near 4 GPA are required for acceptance unless there are special circumstances.

  6. See, what I don’t get is why would Obama spend $2 or 3 million fighting the release of his Birth Certficate in court. Either he doesn’t know the value of money or…ahh…there it is.

  7. I met someone who was a classmate of obama’s at Punahou, and he knew obama well, they played basketball together and hung out together. He said the the parents were *not* married.

    1. As I said, I was not married to my kid’s father and don’t like the term illegitimate, which has come up a time or two (all children, including little Barack, are legitimately here on earth), but ask this bec you can’t just put down a Dad’s name, at least in DC–it has to be attested to under oath, which we did when I had healed from surgery. I think we went someplace downtown. I was just curious. The name of the father is on there, flat out, no special notations.

  8. I would like to know about the seal? i would like to comment why not 3 years ago if it was so silly and not to waste time on…then the topper does not want to waste time on this but look at his schedule for the week, lectures, speaches and campaigning.

  9. I want to see:

    1) The letter he received from the Selective Service System when he turned 26 acknowledging that he was registered as required by law. It will also have his Selective Service Number which can be checked as well as his Social Security number.

    2) His passport. When did he go to Pakistan?

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