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Obama Morning News || April 17, 2011

Obama plans change his national security team this week, sending CIA Director Panetta to lead the Pentagon and putting Gen David Pertraeus in charge of the CIA, the Associated Press reports. Lt. Gen. John Allen would replace Petraeus as Afghanistan commander, and that diplomat Ryan Crocker will be the next U.S. ambassador in Afghanistan. The announcement is expected Thursday.

But Eric Holder remains at Justice and isn’t going anywhere. Having joined Obama is seeking to raise taxes on oil companies, Speaker Boehner says he’s not necessarily wedded to Paul Ryan’s budget.

Ron Paul says Haley Barbour opted out because Obama looked too strong.

The president is resisting a push for a tax holiday for multinational companies. Obama is in the middle of an ugly fight over who represents black business, the Daily Caller reports.

Obama wants e-services from government agencies.

And the inventor of the teleprompter is dead. The question is, how will his eulogy be delivered?

4 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || April 17, 2011”

  1. Boehner’s cowardice is astounding. First he throws the Tea Party under the bus with his budget deal and now he throws Paul Ryan under there with us. If Obama wins re-election it will be because Boehner handed it to him. Calling him a disappointment is an understatement.

  2. I saw that about the teleprompter guy but could not think of anything unobvious to say…but you did! On the Petraeus thing, though, I could see Obama in full Alfred E Newman, saying, “Fresh out of generals–time to go.”

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