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Obama Laughs Up the Birther Issue with Oprah

Here’s an outtake from the Oprah show interview Obama recorded today. The show airs Monday.

22 thoughts on “Obama Laughs Up the Birther Issue with Oprah”

  1. He joked about it at the fundraisers in NYC, too. He’s milking it for everything it’s worth. Too bad, they released a document that has some pecularities. It’s all over the blogs and You Tube. Did they do this on purpose so the birther issue wouldn’t go away? I wouldn’t put it pass them.

    1. With all of the ‘pecularities’ (I love how you phrased that) being examined (everything from ‘layering’ of the document to the name of the hospital to the racial terminology that would have been used in 1961) it does beg the question, is the Regime his arrogant (who would DARE question this?) or just that sloppy and incompetent?

  2. Shame on Oprah. She helped bring this Obamination to our Country with her teary eyed endorsements of ‘The Won we have all been waiting for…’

    And like our Country’s fortunes, hers havent been so hot since the link to his ‘star.’

  3. Maybe he released a flawed document to keep us busy while he hides the real problem in his paperwork or harvests bigger donations from fools who share his exhilaration over the issue being “settled,” or slips in some legislation or some step outside the Constitutional process of governing, which will go unnoticed because the MSM is busy drinking champage and sharing baby pix of Little Hawaiian Barack.

  4. The whole birth certificate issue is a red herring. He is milking it for every penny he can wrestle out of the true believers. Even if it is proven to be falsified what are we going to do about it? Mark Levin, who really is a constitutional lawyer, has said the only legal remedy is impeachment and that just isn’t going to happen. I’m going to start focusing on 2012 and looking for the candidate who can lift this country out of her current state of morass.

    1. The ONLY thing we can do about it is to get him out of office. That will only be done if we get behind Romney. Those that support Paul are enthusiastic but are wasting their votes and that may get Oblamer re-elected. I’d vote for Mickey Mouse just to get this arrogant, incompetent narcissist that hates our Constitution and loves to spend our money out of our WH. We absolutely cannot take another 4 years. If he wins, the first thing he’d probably do is take a REALLY expensive, long vacation because he’d need to recuperate from all his campaigning and he wouldn’t care what we think about him then because he wouldn’t have to compaign anymore and could get down to really doing what he wanted to do with his new ‘flexibility’.

      1. For all his flaws, I know Romney is not going to stuff his staff with former domestic terrorists and communists, unlike Obama.

    2. Once he is out of office then he should be prosecuted for deliberately taking office knowing he is not eligible. There must be more than ‘impeachment’ as a remedy for that crime.

  5. This Travesty casts off additional travesties like secondary explosions. The sworn, trusty staffer who was given this secret task slapped it together committed a crime certainly but not out of some elaborate deception campaign. Occam’s Razor says they botched a forgery. Remember the Reset Button? This crew botches much. It’s not like the CIA would do it (which they do perfectly) because someone would immediately write a book about it upon retirement. This is a Novice subterfuge – whether it benefits them politically or not. And altering official, government-issued documents, however botched the forgery may be, is a crime. But it’s now political poison; Malkin, Hannity, Ingrahm, et al are already pushing back on this. This Lie, this Crime will go unpunished and unremembered except for us lunatics.

  6. Oprah is back to help Obama out of an uncomfortable situation but it’s not working this time and she’ll drag herself down even more. Of course he ‘laughed’ atthe latest question regarding his BCt. His Alinsky Principle of ridicule and mockery is part of his persona. He laughs at it and anyone that would suggest anything contrary to what he wants us to believe in the hopes it will go away based on his ridicule. Why go to all this trouble and expense? If there was a genuine Hawaii BC, wouldn’t it have been released years ago rather than fabricate one (it’s been proven). Sorry, Oblamer, we’re onto you and your ways and it’s just turning more and more people against you. You see; you’re ‘transparent’; we see right through you. You’re like a petulant child and your actions can be predicted. It’s interesting to see things play out as we knew they would. He’s SO predictable.

  7. Lets see the microfiche of the BC and speculations will stop. A photocopy means nothing. I can make a BC in 15 minutes. It doesn’t make me a natural born US citizen.

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