As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Statement to the Press

The statement has concluded.

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18 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement to the Press

  1. Yippee, he found it! Did you find those other records too? Transcripts, passports, admission forms. As he said we need to move on to more important things, so he’s off to Chicago to film the Oprah show and save the world…

  2. I can’t watch this fraud lie to the American People. Abercrombie could not find this BC, the Obots have been working overtime to produce a forgery.

    It has not been tested with forensics, & the pressure we have put on Obama to produce it has been maintained, however the Hawaiian officials during O’s 2008 campaign will go down and be arrested for forgery, which I would think falls under high crimes & treason.

    Obama has sealed his records, his own Grandmother in Kenya said he was born in Mumbasi Hosp in Kenya. His mother’s passport showed she was in Kenya before, during and after the birth of Obama.

    The passport agent was murdered the next day after he exposed Ann Dunham was in fact in Kenya during O’s birth.

    This massive coverup runs deep. The present train of illegal thugs and criminals in our White House are spinning their Pravda style propaganda.

    Obama was not born in Hawaii. Gov. Abercrombie could not find the BC
    because it did not exist in Hawaii. People in Hawaii who know O is not from Hawaii have been threatened and are scarred of these dangerous thugs.

    Obama is not from Hawaii, he is from Kenya. The BC released forgery was copied off of a woman’s BC last name Nordyke.

    Were Obama from Hawaii he would have released an authentic long form during his campaign and when he was illegally sworn in by Justice Roberts.

    The sealing of his documents gives America the true answer to this illegal communist muslim fraud who has overthrown the American Government.

    America wake up. This fraud is destroying our country.

    • AND side show acts.And he was referring to everyone who ever questioned him.What a P.O.S..I lost the only shred of respect I had for him,and it was pretty damn tiny at that.

  3. White House Photo of the Day April 26, 2011

    I guess they don’t read Andrew Malcolm, either.
    These feet on the desk shots are not coincidental. IMHO, it’s a big fu to America. There have been at least a dozen of them not to mention the ones showing him throwing balls around the Oval and sitting on the desk..

  4. So now do we have proof that the o was almost born or do we almost have proof that the o was born?
    I love it that Trump is taking credit.