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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A full day of campaigning.

10:05 am || Departs Washington
11:10 am CST || Arrives Chicago
12:15 pm CST || Tapes Oprah Winfrey Show with first lady
2:30 pm CST || Departs Chicago
5:10 pm  || Arrives New York City
6:00 pm || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser #1; private residence
9:25 pm || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser #2; Waldorf Astoria
10:15 pm  || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser #3; The Town Hall
11:30 pm || Departs New York City
12:45 pm || Arrives Washington

All times Eastern unless otherwise noted

17 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, April 27, 2011”

  1. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

    You can authorize a guy to use the Oval Office but you can’t make him work.

    November 2012 can not get here soon enough.

  2. Wow…all the security, all the money spent, jet fuel used…to visit Oprah…for two hours and five minutes. What, they don’t have TV studios in DC that Winfrey could have used for her ‘last’ interview with Duh Wons? Why did they have to go her (on the US taxpayer’s dime) instead of Oprah going to them?

    1. Why is he going to Chicago to tape a show? For the adulation. Walking out on the stage of the Oprah show to the fawning and cheering audience must be an exhilarating feeling. He needs to have his ego fed…and he wants to recapture all the glory of his first appearance on her show. Too late for both O’s.

  3. I’m to assume that this will be the norm for the next 1.5 years. He can do less damage flying around in AF1 rather than in the WH.

  4. He could have invited Oprah to bring her team to the White House. They could have done the filming just as well. Then he could fly off to NY.

  5. Absolutely to much work for all the silliness of the birth certificate. It must be hard flying so much. 3 fundraisers, Oprah show, really who has time to do all that and be POTUS?

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