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Obama Campaign Manager: We are the Insurgency

I thought you might be interested in this video of Obama campaign manager Jim Messina’s “strategy briefing,” sent around to the Obama campaign email list and circulated on the web yesterday.

First of all, if this was really a strategy briefing, it wouldn’t be on YouTube. So let’s get that out of the way. This is an attempt to fire up supporters, lock in their commitments, get them started early, and have them to recruit new Obamatrons. It provides only an overview of how the campaign wants to conduct itself.

I think the Obama people are making a fundamental mistake in their approach, embodied in Messina’s call for an insurgency. They sound like a middle aged guy with a beer gut in a baseball cap who thinks he’s still a kid.

We ought to not act like an incumbent. We ought to act like an insurgent campaign taht wakes up every day tryhing to get every single vote we can.

Messina says they need to create something “new,” but everything he says sounds like they are trying to rerun the 2008 campaign.

By portraying themselves as an insurgency, the campaign is actually playing to Obama’s weakness, which is that people don’t think he is a serious president. He golfs, he’s already campaigning, he starts wars without asking Congress or telling the American people, he has no plan for the deficit, and so forth.


The campaign, in its launch video and in this Messina Movie, repeatedly emphasizes that the campaign must do the campaigning while Obama must do his “day job” as president – as if repeating this aloud makes it true.

As the president does his day job, he needs all of us around the country to take the reins of his grassroots operation and build this together . . .  the president will remain focused on the American people.

Fact is, Obama is getting famous for vacations and recreation, and he’s already campaigning aggressively. His swing out West last week included six fundraisers and two politically charged events designed to show voters how much he cares about the deficit.

Messina shows a chart of a group of 12 states that Obama won by less than 15 percent – and what do you know, three of the four televisions interviews Obama is conducting at the White House today with local reporters are with stations from these states – Virginia, Michigan and Ohio. The other station, from Georgia, is a state John McCain won by only five percentage points.

If the campaign was smart, Obama would actually keep his day job. Being president is a pretty good resume item. And then his operatives could stop pretending he’s not campaigning.

Here’s the video.

15 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Manager: We are the Insurgency”

    1. My thoughts, too.
      He can’t run on his record or things accomplished so he’s finding a national ‘straw man’ to run against.
      He was in the right place once, but now it’s the wrong time.

    2. Seeing some of the dissention within the ranks of his 2008 supporters, he might be better off considering a counter-insurgency.

  1. Outstanding article Keith. For some reason the video isn’t showing, but signing on to your site has been a little quirky for me since your famous Easter article was picked up by Drudge.

    Picturing him as a bearded rebel made me laugh. He may be just as evil as Castro or Che, but he is too effeminate for the role.

  2. Being President is a day job. I thought it was a sacred and historic office.

    What do you know? It’s just like being the hamburger slinger in a fast food restaurant and it’s keeping Obama from campaigning.

    He could resign immediately and then he’d be free to campaign all the time for 2012, then he’s doing that right now.

  3. I thought being POTUS was a 24 hour, 7 day a week job. Maybe since Obama only does it as a day job it explains his terrible record. Uh, no not even that can explain his lack of leadership….although they did give Apple the free plug using the laptop.

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