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What? No Easter Greeting?

Updated 8:00 pm ET

Just when I thought the current team running the White House might have used up all its allotted mistakes comes word that President Obama failed to issue either an Easter or a Good Friday greeting to the nation.

Now, let’s forget for a moment that these greetings, which presidents issue on many holidays and commemorations of events, are largely perfunctory and symbolic gestures that nobody cares about.

Until there’s a problem with them.

Fox News first caught the blunder and put it into context that makes the omission insulting to Christians. The mistake is odd enough to call into question just what Obama’s priorities are.

By comparison, the White House has released statements recognizing the observance of major Muslim holidays and released statements in 2010 on Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, Hajj, and Eid-ul-Adha.

The White House  . . . did release an eight-paragraph statement heralding Earth Day. Likewise, the president’s weekend address mentioned neither Good Friday or Easter.*

Obama, Fox notes, did head out to church yesterday and held an Easter prayer breakfast at the White House last week.

Obama is on a roll for religious holiday greeting screw ups. Fox News writes:

In 2010, Obama was criticized for releasing an all-inclusive Easter greeting. He reached out to Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and people of no faith at all in a statement about a holiday that is uniquely Christian.

And as I noted last week, the president released a Passover greeting this month that compared the ancient Jewish exodus from Egypt to the Arab political awakening this year, which would be a beautiful thing if most Arabs didn’t seek Israel’s destruction.

The president is, of course, hosting the Easter Egg Roll at the White House today. But Easter isn’t really about rolling eggs on a manicured lawn, now is it?

UPDATE: Asked during this afternoon’s briefing about the issue, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney suggested Obama’s “high profile” visit to a church Sunday should suffice.

“I’m not sure if we put out a statement or not, but he obviously personally celebrated Easter with his family,” Carney said, adding “the president took his family out to church in a very high-profile way.”

Carney added that Obama is a “devoted Christian.”

* Fox News is incorrect. Obama does mention Easter in his weekend address, though he does so only briefly and not as a message or greeting to Christians celebrating the holiday.

588 thoughts on “What? No Easter Greeting?”

  1. What should he say? Most of the world knows “Easter” is the celebration of the risen Lord. I’m just grateful to live in a country where there is an option to celebrate it. Even Bush celebrated Ramadan at the WH each year after 911. I think there are bigger fish to fry than if a president does/doesn’t mention a holiday. Why get offended? If Christ is in your heart, no man can remove Him. Besides, the Bible says you will know “them” by their fruits. Its no secret that most people do not even acknowledge Jesus. Its a sign of the times. But I won’t be offended by it. I look at it as one step closer to the 2nd coming of Christ, and it makes me happy.

  2. Easter is the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus the Messiah of Nazareth from the dead after being crucified on a cross for the sins of the world. Since you asked…

  3. what a surprise…it seems like he almost chokes trying to to even mention the Prince of Peace, but it doesn’t bother him to glorify one of the world’s most viscious vengeful religions. If you have any doubts about its origin, read “This Believing World” by Lewis Browne. This book chronicles all major religions, and Mr. Browne doesn’t make any judgements….just historical facts. Written in the early 1900s. An eye opener for this ignorant guy.

  4. What would you do if YOU were a Muslim? Ignore Christian celebrations as much as possible of course. What is it that Americans do not understand about this Muslim President?

  5. How about someone in POWER condemning the 30 arrests in China for Chinese trying to worship on Easter Sunday? Where is the moral leadership from the foreigner in the White House?

    Obama is incompetent beyond measure, only rivaling the naivety and stupidity of those who voted for him.

  6. Well after all in his address to the Germans President Obama spelled it out for us that America is no longer a Christian nation. Maybe he should have checked the 2010 census. Only 78.4% identified themselves as Christians. Just another example of how far out of touch this guy is relative to the American people. His legacy will be that he has destroyed the hopes and dreams of Black Americans for generations relative to them being elected as commander-in chief. Americans will not soon forget how an un-vetted short term politician with no real experience at anything other than community organizing hijacked this country and tried to turn it into something that it is fundamentally not. This is tragic for folks like Representative Allen West. As a White conservative American Congressman West could represent me anytime in the lower house.

  7. There are many others that think this is a significant enough piece of information to put this out on the grapevine. There certainly appears to be an underlying theme or direction this administration takes when you look at several little bits of information and project them as a larger picture. thank you for keep watch.

  8. This man is the most dangerous man in the history of America. A completely inexperienced puppet of someone (Soros?) who spent his life as an invisible being and listened to Wright theology for 25 years of how to HATE America and at least 3/4 of its population and whose only know friends were at best radicals who advocated the overthrow of our country. THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. If you look at those who adore Obama and listen to their prattle, you’ll know why the ignorant masses have seized control. They want something for nothing because it is owed to them. Unless we do something to stomp these slugs back into the dirt, we’re toast.

  9. Why would a muslim cultist spread the Word of
    God through the Christ’s conquering of death?
    much better to celebrate the cult of death and fear.
    eggs for spring is Eastra not the Christ is risen.
    May the Christ have mercy on us all for allowing His
    Chosen land to fall without a fight.

  10. Yes, I am sick and tired of Obama not paying attention to religion. Where was he during Passover? Did he proclaim that we should slaughter a lamb and smear its blood upon the doorpost and lintel of our homes so that God did not kill our firstborn sons? No!

    Eh, scratch that, maybe he had more important things on his mind than some silly fantasy.

  11. We’re sure to see the reflexive responses of the liberal first derivative thinkers, but for anyone who still knows how to analyze, use logic, and think within the context of the concepts, “cause and effect”, and particularly from the perspective of today’s most ignored word, “why”, don’t it make you scratch your head? If it doesn’t, that’s not saying much for what’s inside your head.

  12. He has no respect for Christian observances. He says he’s christian, but hios actions do not agree with that statement. Plain and simple, he’s not Christian. He goes back to his muslim upbringing because he is truely muslim.

  13. Lets face the truth. Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Do you see any christian is this guy. What a poor excuse for a president of the United States. This country had better wake up to whats going on here. The destruction of the country is the agenda of the puppet Obama. Soros is behind this and we better get pissed off about it.

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  15. Moral relativism and hyper-culturalism masked in the false religion of “tolerance” is getting uglier and uglier. And lead us down this unstable dangerous road Obama and friends are.

  16. The boob soetoro is more than a disgrace -he outright hates America and Christianity, all the while swimming in her riches. BLECH.

  17. That is disgusting and a deliberate attempt by Obama to obliterate the Christian expression of our country that was founded upon the Bible that was declared by our Founders the best book to use to teach children in the schools!

  18. Islam not only condones, but encourages lying to infidels in order to better serve Allah. Obama has left me no alternative but to believe he is obeying the teachings of Islam at every turn and must therefore be a Muslim. Either that, or the rumors about his supposed keen intelligence and all-knowing wisdom are only that, rumors. Personally, I think he is both a blithering idiot and a Muslim. His tel-a-prompter should be embarrassed.

  19. Why does this surprise everyone? His previous actions and non conformity to “Christian Events” has been duly noted. What we have here is a president who has taken a different path from his predecessors, and it is becoming more and more clear what the reasons are. His National Day of Prayer examples amplify this action at Easter Time. This is a man on a clear mission to destroy the benchmarks that have made our country great. And, the sad part is, there are a number of uninformed and uninterested voters applauding him for his socialistic and Muslim views.

  20. Doesn’t anyone now doubt that the bastard setting in the White House doesn’t come straight out of the bowels of hell? He is the son of the father of lies, it is his very nature to lie and deceive.

  21. All we can hope for is that many of the people who voted for this idiot will awake to the fact that this man is anything but a true American. I still believe that hs is not eligible to be Pres. becasu I do not believe that he was born on American soil. The Constitution calls for this. Van

  22. The saddest aspect of your story is that faithful Christians, especially Roman Catholics, are so mesmerized by the mainstream media’s praising of Obama that they will never even begin to see the point you’re making. Common sense should tell Americans that this man has little or no use for Christianity. Whether he’s a Muslim or not in his heart, only he knows; but it should be clear to anyone reviewing what we know of his past that he only became a Christian when he made the decision to get into politics. He was obviously advised that he had to belong to some religion if he were going to seek elective office; and Christianity would probably sell better that Islam.

    The Democrats and the left, of course, are “not allowed” to listen to or view the positions on the right. Talk Radio, FOX NEWS and even the internet sites like Drudge and Brietbart are strictly forbidden to be watched or listen to the world of the left. It’s tragic, both for them and our country. But if they are unaware of another point of view,
    so what can you expect.

    It’s over.

  23. When one understands that Obama is a fully processed man of this shameless age, he loses the capacity to surprise. Nauseate, yes, but not surprise.

    O age, thou art shamed.*
    O shame, where is thy blush?**

    -Shakespeare, Julius Caesar,* Hamlet**

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  25. As far as circumstantial evidence goes, this would tend to suggest that Barry Soetoro IS a Muslim and NOT a Christian. It isn’t proof, though…….. I’m going with the circumstantial evidence. It’s far stronger than the lack of proof.

  26. 1) Do you have a source for your claim that most Arabs seek Israel’s destruction ?

    2) It seems like you are just stirring the shit pot… when you admit that these symbolic gestures don’t matter, and then you proceed to try to make political hay out of them

  27. TO: All
    RE: Heh

    And people STILL think Obama isn’t a Muslim?

    How VERY ‘odd’.


    [The Truth will out…..]

    P.S. Deeds Not Words — Credo 22d Infantry Regiment

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