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The Obamas are in Church

Not a place they can normally be found, but it is Easter.

Happy Easter to all!

19 thoughts on “The Obamas are in Church”

  1. and did “the president” lug in Bill Clinton’s big old Bible? You remember, the one the former President brought along whenever he showed up in church, front and center where the press cameras would show it.

    1. I don’t recall his carrying a bible–he did attend the church where I was a member, tho. You may be right…but I sat a few rows from him… If the Clintons came just for show, they came often for show.

  2. He’s pandering to his black constituents. You can tell he’s running for re-election. Joined the Wright church in Chicago to earn credibility in the black community. He’s still attending just for show.

  3. MrO has a strange religious journey in his background. He was originally raised as a Muslim, then by his atheist grandparents, mentored by aging hippie radicals, spends 20yrs in a ferocious anti-WhiteAmerican church, is elected POTUS and immediately becomes a peaceful Protestant church-goer.
    It’s no wonder the public doesn’t know if he’s a Christian or Muslim or whatever.

  4. That still leaves time for afternoon golf say about 2:30. Afterall, he does have a busy, busy week ahead…Easter egg hunt for 30,000 of his closest friends, Oprah, NYC fundraisers, shuttle launch, the wedding and the correspondent’s dinner.

  5. I should talk–I have not attended church much since the one church I found here in Az lost its minister, then the new guy started in raving against homosexuality…I left. The Methodist Church here I tried was very richie-rich and snooty. I amnot even a holiday Christian anymore.

    1. Where I live in Amherst, MA the churches and one synagogue are nothing but vehicles for left-wing propaganda. Almost everyone of them has either a gay or lesbian minister with the exception of the Catholic church which is kept going by Spanish parishioners.

      1. I’m not the religious type even though I was raised Jewish, but I find it extremely depressing that one can’t escape partisan politics even in houses of worship, the ones you’re talking about being in MA notwithstanding.

    1. I am assuming most of the White House staff that were in place when POTUS and FLOTUS arrived had been there many years and well trained. I am certain they are too much of a class act to lower themselves to make any comment about these two. Now, however, about the thugs they have imported from Chicago; Jarrett (very scary), Desiree Rogers (incompent), etc. etc. Plus all the czars. All very, very scary. Soros at work. perhaps?

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