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Despite Rain, Obama Heads Out for Golf

There’s light rain in the Washington area, but President Obama and his intrepid band of young regulars are headed out to the links, working to better their handicaps at the Andrews Air Force Base course.

Obama, who hits the golf course for the fourth time in as many weeks, is out with two junior White House staffers, Ben Finkenbinder and  Marvin Nicholson, as well as David Katz of the Energy Department.

This is Obama’s 65th time golfing as president and his seventh time this year.

The president appears on pace to possibly eclipse his previous annual totals. He’s about a quarter of the way to a new record, and the Summertime Obama Golfing Season has not even begun.

Obama played 30 rounds in 2010 and 28 rounds in 2009, according to statistics compiled by CBS News radio reporter and informal White House chronicler Mark Knoller.

12 thoughts on “Despite Rain, Obama Heads Out for Golf”

  1. this story would play better if it was discovered that at the bottom of the golf bag MrO stashed a 12-pack of beer and a box of cigars.

  2. On Easter weekend no servicemen or military or those affiliated can play at Andrews while the Won is playing. I’m sure he plays at their best course. Maybe he could invite some military personal to play with him, but he doesn’t. He wouldn’t trust them to keep his smoking secret or what ever abherrant behavior he might indulge in.

  3. Keith, are you going to wager on whether the Obama’s will be attending church services tomorrow? After all the election is a year and a half away. (Plus there will still be time for golf in the afternoon.) The best time to really get to know someone is to observe them when they think no one is watching. Lucky for Obama he has all those moments either shielded or blocked to media access.

  4. There could be another reason for his playing golf today. He has to relax in advance of the busy week coming up. Monday, there’s the record braking 30,000 visitors to the Easter egg hunt. Wedsneday, he and MO fly to Chicago for Oprah show and then fly to NYC for a couple of fundraisers. How he can keep up his strength is a mystery.

      1. I believe it’s April 29 – otherwise known as the Giffords photo op and coincidentally the same day they do not appear on the guest list for the royal wedding. What a shame. By the way, “Boo” is my kitty’s name – nothing to do with BHO.

      2. No one down here wants him. It will be interesting to see what kind of directive they give the cape employees this time. Last time they sent home early before he came and they were told there would be NO kind of political display allowed. AND they weren’t allowed out of their buildings.

      3. My sister read we will not see Giffords, if she comes. She is making inch-by-inch progress, as these things go, I gather. People who think she will return to office and run for the Senate may need to adjust to reality at some point. I am not a doctor, I don’t know…but this is still a tragedy, although not one our paper needs to cover every other WEEK!

  5. He could have invited a lawmaker (an unknown freshman Congressman, for example), a foreign leader or business executive. They could talk about world events or nothing at all. It could be a play/work outing. He could say to his partners that he did not want to talk about problems. He could tell them he would like to hear about their families, their interest, their stories, etc. In the future it would make it easier on him when he picks up the phone and to discuss something with them. It is a way to build trust. It would be a good time for him to meet someone new.

    There are three kinds of golf outings. Professional (they play for money), business (to discuss and play at the same time) or purely recreational (his type). Isn’t his flying off somewhere and giving campaign/lectures his real recreational activity? I know he needs a break from his job yet it appears he isn’t doing his job in the first place. Add up his campaigning/lecturing and his golfing and there isn’t much time left for working. At the rate he is going the Oval Office ought to be rented out. We sure could use the money if he isn’t going to use it.

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