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Obama Marks Earth Day With Transcontinental Flight

President Obama celebrated Earth Day Friday with a flight from Los Angeles to the Washington DC area, contributing tons of pollution to the atmosphere as he returned from what was largely a political trip out West.

Obama, who frequently talks about the danger of global warming and the need to switch to cleaner-burning fuels, opted not to hold an event marking Earth Day.

Instead, he spewed about 250,000 of carbon dioxide into the air on the 2,300 mile flight, along with reams of nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur oxides, soot and all the other pollutants that emerge from the exhaust pipe of Air Force One, a modified 747 jet.

First Lady Michelle Obama had scheduled a “habitat improvement project”  in Washington for Friday with the Council on Environmental Quality Chairwoman and a group of local schoolchildren, but cancelled it because of light rain.

Light rain today did not prevent the president from playing golf, however.

Obama did issue a proclamation commemorating the Earth Day.

On Earth Day, we recognize the role that each of us can play in preserving our natural heritage . . . I encourage all Americans to participate in service programs and activities that will protect our environment and contribute to a prosperous, healthy, and sustainable future.

Obama’s trip included six fundraisers and two non-campaign events which nevertheless had a strong political component. The events, “town hall” meetings in Palo Alto, California and Reno, Nevada, were designed to showcase Obama’s approach to reducing the federal deficit. Obama is struggling in the polls amid public disapproval of his handling of the economy and the deficit.

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12 Responses to Obama Marks Earth Day With Transcontinental Flight

  1. Its all good…all the ‘little people’ who cannot drive anywhere but to work (due to $4.00 a gallon gas) are MORE than making up the saving in Carbon Credits.

    Like ObamaCare, and his ‘budget’ its all Obamath.

  2. Then next Wednesday its off to Chicago with Michelle to tape an Oprah show, and New York for two fundraisers. Just wondering if next week’s event are part of the Shared Sacrifice road show that we have to pay for, or is it charged to his campaign? He’ll probably throw some other official duty in there so he doesn’t have to spend any of that million dollar income he has stashed away. He’s such a hypocrite. Hope it rains buckets on the golf course!

    • This is the actual schedule. I left out two events:

      On Monday, the President and the First Lady will host the 2011 White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn.

      On Wednesday, the President and the First Lady will travel to Chicago, Illinois to tape an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show. The President will then travel to New York, New York to deliver remarks at two DNC events.

      On Friday, the President will welcome Auburn University’s football team to the White House to honor the team’s 2010 BCS National Championship. Following the ceremony, Coach Gene Chizik and the Tigers will participate in a Let’s Move! South Lawn Series Youth Football Clinic on the South Lawn. Later, the First Family will travel to Cape Canaveral, Florida to view the launch of the space shuttle Endeavour. The President will then travel to Miami, Florida to deliver the commencement address at Miami Dade College.

      On Saturday, the President and the First Lady will attend the White House Correspondence Dinner.

  3. But you will note that little Barry can’t be bothered to show up in North Carolina. I guess he figures that that little tv interview with a local station takes care of that obligation.

  4. Whats the problem with a transcontinental flight? The little people in flyover country can smell his exhaust and taste the essence of The One. Galavanting about the country, smiling, waving, eating bad and generally having a HELL of a lot of fun is his job.