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Today’s Obama Poll || This Train is Off Track

More bad polling news for Obama. Only 26 percent of adults think the nation is headed in the right direction, the lowest level in two years, according to a New York Times/CBS poll. Seventy percent think we’re on the wrong track, and disapproval of Obama’s handling of the economy is at 57 percent. And 59 percent say he’s not handling the deficit right, even after he stepped up his deficit reduction PR machine last week.

I don’t know how you get reelected with numbers even close to this unless you let North Korean election officials run the balloting. Republicans also get bad marks, but everyone always hates Congress.

Obama needs to figure out how to get gasoline prices down. He needs to say that solar panels should be used to run oil refineries. Or start bowing deeply enough to Saudi rulers to kiss their boots in the same movement.

But ingenious ideas and bold moves do not come while one is campaigning. And The One is campaigning. Already.

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  1. He could “be a man”. He could address the nation and tell us that he agrees with RepRyan’s proposals and it’s not going to be easy to put our nation back on the way to prosperity.
    He could act like the POTUS and not a candidate for the position.

  2. David McCullough wrote “Pathway Between the Seas” . It is a history of the building of the Panama Canal. He wrote about the first man in charge of building it. This guy was a “Make the dirt fly” guy. His managers would bring problems to him and he would tell them, “Make the dirt fly”. It became apparent to the powers that he was spinning his wheels and was going nowhere. They replaced him.

    The new man came in. The first thing he did was shut everything down. He assigned half of the work force to the sanitation detail. They cut grass, drained water and sprayed for mosquitoes. The next thing he did was redo the railroad. It was built during the California Gold Rush Days for the purpose of hauling gold from the Pacific to the Caribbean. The gold was loaded on a ship bound for the East Coast. The railroad was not built to handle heavy construction. During the “Make the dirt fly” days the wheels kept coming off the rails. The new man replaced the light rails with heavy duty rails and ties. The railroad hauled men and materials to the work site and hauled the dirt off. Nothing worked right unless it did.

    What we have now is a “Make the dirt fly” guy in the White House except he is a “Make the money fly” guy. He throws money at any and all problems. It should be obvious by now that he is spinning his wheels and going nowhere.

    1. I like those stories…This president did bill himself as crazy smart, thoughtful, could analyze what happened, what went wrong, fix it, start over if he had to…none of this happened.

    2. Great analogy…and I think that is why Donald Trump has gained so much traction these last few weeks. Whether you agree with him or not, it is known that he GETS THINGS DONE.


  3. He’s stepping up the class warfare. I guess this echoes Huey Long but when I hear about the talk about people counting their money I get anti-semitic vibes. And around Easter, yet.

    Video from Reno, Nevada:

    He almost said it in VA, but used the rich counting their money again in San Francisco and at Sony yesterday which is ironic as the audience was full of fat cats.



    I don’t believe there is video from the fundraisers.

    1. That Nob Hill event sounds like a real love fest. How presidential of him to brag about the number of followers he has on Facebook. Second only to SpongeBob SquarePants. What a monumental achievement.

      When he’s among his people he’s more comfortable in his demagoguery, and “the people counting their money” phrase is particularly repugnant. It is always someone else who is to blame for his inadequacies. The man needs to take a nice long look in the mirror and realize he has lost his mojo with middle America.

  4. “I don’t know how you get reelected with numbers even close to this…”
    Why, you steal the election, of course.

  5. I really hope someone comes forward to challenge him in 2012. Otherwise I will be forced to write in my dogs name again…

  6. Part of me says he need’s to get his ass behind that desk.
    The other says let him go..Let him campaign(by himself) all he wants,and golf on the weekends. All 4 wars are being fought on auto pilot in the Pentagon,he isnt needed for anything,though he needs to send a dozen drones not 2,(what a dumb-ass.)Pelosi and Reed will have the Senate and Congress safely bogged down in their steadfast refusal to negotiate on anything but spend, spend, spend.. Hillary has the out of town desk,it’s cool.He isnt needed.At this point the damage is done,keep him out of the kitchen and let him spread his crap..His numbers are in steady free fall. His days are numbered,so let him be a cardboard cutout behind a desk (for all he is doing.)

    1. Whew, that was a close one…sounded like he was going to burst into his first thing in the morning and last thing at night routine. Did I hear him say he has increased oil production? Where? Maybe in Brazil and Columbia but not here in America. The Elmer Gantry comparison is spot on, although Barry has Elmer beat by a mile. His entire political career has been nothing but a big con.

      1. He did burst into it and I saved it. It was about people’s letters to him … that’s what he thought of first thing…So smary and those people just eat it up. I love you…Love you back

  7. “I don’t know how you get reelected with numbers even close to this unless you let North Korean election officials run the balloting.”

    or… the Republicans nominate another numb nuts like McCain. And then there is that lunatic Trump who might decide to run as an independent and rake off just enough votes to spoil ANYONE’s effort on the Republican side, even a really good candidate (whom I have yet to see). In the end, it may be either of these two scenarios that Barry and his wizards behind the curtain are banking on most.

    1. TRUE…I do not see anyone coming up that I want to vote for!…What the heck…we are talking about “Cookie Cutter”..”Ken Doll” nominees! This is getting real depressing!

  8. WE THE PEOPLE will be VICTORIOUS in the 2012 Election. Barry Hussein needs to start packing his bags, because Hussein will be taken out of the White House between today, April 25th, 2011 and after the election of 2012….!!!!

  9. The powers to be have not..or…are not adressing the problem of making jobs for the country. This huge problem is distroying our Nation! You must do something about “0” tariffs on junk goods coming into America. This is a huge loss of government revenue and the goods are made with such cheap labor we have no way to compete unless we pay our workers here “Nothing”. This is a race to te bottom fueled by GREED!
    NAFTA and GAT brought this on!!!

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