As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Quote of the Day

“And the most important part of my deficit reduction plan is spending $1 trillion on health reform. Hey – who’s messing with my teleprompter?”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote.

7 Responses to Quote of the Day

  1. Today I read over here that Obamas tight links with Facebook is a problem for the countrys democracy. Seems to me that Obama so dominates the media and all its channels that his campaign is like a machine. The tricks, the contradictions and yes, the new war, it is all overlooked. Where is the TeaParty nowadays ? Hopefully they bide their time. But the Obamamachine has a crack and the crack is all the secrets about Obama. Trump is right to nag about this however he ought to include questions about the schoolrecords. . It is attention grabbing and it will alert people ( even journalists ) sooner or later. Even if the truth is deeply hidden it is sufficient that a lot of troublesome questions appears. By the way, Happy Easter !


        Here it is, but it is in Swedish. It discusses the importance of social media, it is for Obama what TV was for Kennedy. So Obama needs Facebook but Facebook needs Obama to keep the Congress and various authorities away. Therefore Facebook has recruited from the Washington elite ( they tried to get Gibbs ). Facebook has a unique position in the media, they exist in a “no man´s land”, other media is regulated through the “fairness doctrine” hence the attractiveness of Facebook. Facebooks business model is to collect information about the users. The links with Washington can influence the making of laws to protect user integrity. There are of course risks, if Obamas popularity falls the brand is damaged and the reverse. They have both an interest in supporting each other. This is a very quick summary , but I can come back tomorrow aand continue. Now I will go back to the BBQ. Happy Easter !

  2. Just imagine the havoc that one disgruntled teleprompter programer could do. I really don’t think he’d notice and would just keep reading.

    • You are scaring me. Amy–my heart could not take it.

      Speaking of Facebook–didn’t you love how he and Zuckerberg are financial equals–both are so rich they can pay more… He wants to be in this crowd, identify with these richie-riches, who by the way, in one way or another usually invented something, promoted something, stole something, did SOMETHING to earn the money.