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Obama to Get Armored Buses

Talking Points Memo reports that President Obama will get armored buses to campaign in. One will be made available to the Republican candidate as well.

Also, Obama’s teleprompter is being equipped to fire tear gas.

OK, that last one isn’t true.

The cost to you is $2.2 million.

21 Responses to Obama to Get Armored Buses

  1. Sounds like someone is scared….
    I think if Mr.wonderful wants re-elected he needs to sit in his office and do his job…He wrecked the 1st two years,so know hes gonna beg for money for the next two years(instead of doing his job,again) to support giving him four more?
    If your so great,prove it and work the next two years.Not that your getting my vote,but I would shure be more apt to vote for someone that atleast makes a attempt. Jimmy Carter Cubed…

    • “Mr wonderful” was not the source of the “first two year wreck” as you call it. The vehicle that created the “wreck”, was driven by a
      Republican legislature that had a corporate agenda. Don’t blame the president for the economic failure, blame the Republican leadership for pocketing the lobby bucks, rather than passing it on to a failing economy.

      • Obama is full of hot air, so maybe that will power the busses. And maybe he should call in the help of fellow wind-bag Al Gore to help. Honestly I cannot believe we are paying for armored busses. In this economy no doubt. What’s wrong with the First Limo? And how gracious of him to allow the Repub candidate ONE armored bus too. He is just so kind and benevolent.

  2. Another thought that makes me shudder is that Gabby Gifford’s wants to go see her husband in the last shuttle launch,of course now he plans on going.
    I can see the t shirts now,smell his shameless photo op?

    • Yes–we get full Giffords out here in Phoenix once a week–this will be on afterburner with him there. I have personal memories of the excitement of space exploration–back from when I worked in the industry–we used to watch launches on tiny TVs in the conf room–we felt part of it. Now…another thing sort of ruined. I am geezing, but it irritates me.

  3. Jeff,

    Yeah, Obama wouldn’t miss the photo-opt with Gabby Gifford, but he neglected the victims of the recent rash of tornadoes in NC. Whatta guy….absolutely won’t get my vote this time around either! Worst President in my life time.

  4. Are they kidding us, again, with an armored bus for the candidates? Two busses are being provided for two candidates. What happens if there is a third-party candidate? He/she must ride Greyhound from place to place.

    Are we so gullible that we believe that the POTUS is going to get on a BUS and travel from Podunk to Nowhere to give rallying speeches to the yokels in fly-over county? An armored bus, fully fueled and loaded, would weigh more than current weight limits on our bridges and some highways.
    This bus thing is a joke, right? Satire, maybe?

    Who’s going to fuel the bus, clean it and change the sheets on the bed?
    The POTUS is going to shower at truck stops or Motel6 and the 50 armored car convoy carrying the Press, Securiity and the political support will follow.
    Joke, right?

  5. Oh goody, a new toy for the tyrant. That $2.2 million price tag is going to quadruple once they get the beast on the road with it’s accompanying caravan. Someone needs to tell the guy that he is wasting his time visiting us yokels out in flyover country. We already know who and what he is and no amount of shuck and jive will change that.

  6. Don’t the political parties have money to move their candidates around? Why are taxpayers paying for The One’s bus?

    Has anyone said how many people he can toss under it?

      • Right?The one’s not thrown under the bus will either be straight out run over,or left behind like a grease-spot.I hope he doesn’t think he gets to tour the country for the next two years clogging up the highways with his 2012 Destruction tour, he best be getting to work.
        Funny thing is all his voters swore that McCain might not survive a presidency,well he is doing fine,and still having lost,does more than Barry on a good day.

  7. He doesn’t need an armored bus. All he needs are pictures of Joe Biden with the words “He’ll be president if you kill me” underneath. No one would make any attempt on Pres. Obama’s life.

  8. How about this ‘Green Energy Incentive’ NO busses; no needless travel…you know, like us little people trying to keep gas in our tiny little 13 gallon tanks, in our fuel efficient little cars…just to go to work and buy groceries.

    How out of touch with reality is the Regime? Oh wait…I’ll answer that…very out of touch. They actually think people want to come out to see Obama.

  9. The Biden crack made me think of a letter in the NYT poll story–someone said just think how bad this would be if Sarah Palin were VP. I guess this was a ritualized pass at bunching up Times’ readers’ undies with Sarah hate, but how do we know if it would be worse? How do we know the trillions prevented a meltdown of the econ? Whose word do we take for ANYTHING anymore? You can’t prove these things–which is what makes them so bulletproof. But I do know they are saying Obamacare guarantees health care to everyone and will cut the deficit by a trillion–both wrong–but everyday this is how it’s boiled down.