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Donald Trump is a Fraud and a Demagogue

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post describing how much I like a book by Donald Trump, “Think Big.” It helped motivate me as I began this blog. I said at the end of the piece that what I was writing was not meant as an endorsement yet -that I hadn’t thought about it much. Well, I thought about it.

Donald Trump, at least as a politician, is a fraud and demagogue. Whatever you think of his straight talking style and his willingness to go after President Obama, he is a power-hungry Sophist and a danger to the country.

As is typical with demagogues, he says the answer to the country’s problems is – him. He has no serious program, no agenda, no new ideas other than to obtain power and support for himself. The few ideas he does throw around – a 25 percent tax on Chinese imports and knocking OPEC into line merely through the force of his personality – have a xenophobic cast in that they blame our problems on foreigners.

I published an article today in POLITICO detailing Trump’s empty, demagogic campaign. I hope you take a look.

What’s more, he’s no conservative. He flipped on abortion. He has donated more to Democrats than Republicans. He called for George W. Bush’s impeachment and said he was “evil” and the worst president in history. He’s praised Nancy Pelosi. He was rapturous about Obama after Obama’s election. He’s written in support of universal health care.

Listen to Mark Levin’s devastating critique of Trump.

I say this with a heavy heart, because Trump’s book was indeed valuable to me. But the most important thing a journalist can do is oppose demagoguery. This man cannot be president of the United States.

I’d like to hear what you think.

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  1. Is Trump bringing down Obama’s negatives? That’s all I to really want to know. If he is then I’d see it as his softening Obama up for the election.
    I know he said that Obama didn’t write Dreams an issue that most conservatives run away from like frightened little rabbits. An issue that reveals Obama’s fraudalence like no other.

  2. I agree with you 100%. He would be all wrong as president. There are two things bigger than Texas..Alaska and Trump’s ego. He is in show business as is Obama. They love being on stage with the spotlight on them. Jerry Springer would be a better president than either one of them.

    I have a candidate but she isn’t running. Dana Perino. I thought the late Tony Snow was the best press secretary the White House ever had. When he died I thought to myself that the person following him will have a tough time filling his shoes. I was pleasantly surprised with her. The more I see of her the more I am impressed.

    She does not have the negatives the others do. She has seen up close how the White House operates. I think she would surround herself with level headed advisers. I would like to see her have more time to gain experience. She will be 39 years old in next month. She is a lot more mature than the one we have now.

  3. It’s all a matter, he says, of putting foreigners in their place.

    Weren’t at least two of his wives from foreign nations?

    Trump’s just playing for publicity.

  4. I like the fact that Trump is shaking the cage.However I do agree with you that he should not be President. He has every right to get himself into the primaries. I hope the primary is filled with many possible candidates.

  5. Your Politico article is very good. I think what has made Trump attractive so far is his directness in going after Obama and getting ‘out there’ and being heard. Unfortunately, it is all superficial, and as we learn more about Trump (from articles such as yours) we will also see that they are disingenuous and coming from a man whose own record betrays his current rhetoric. Ultimately he will be made to answer for all of the contradictions in his current positions versus the ones he used to hold along with the money he spent in support of the people he now opposes. His flip-flops (I really dislike this popular political term) will be his undoing, as he will be proven to be unreliable and not wothy of anyones trust as a candidate.

  6. ABO–Anybody but Obama. I don’t think Trump will be the nominee, but he will get my vote if he is. Check out the NYT today on how even the NYT commenters are critical of the president now. Yes, Keith, Trump is a blowhard. They are both demogogues–we live in a Straw Man and Sound Bite culture now.

  7. MrObama ran for the Presidency with sketchy credentials, a new-age slogan of “Hope and Change” and won. In less than 2 years in office, MrO has flip-flopped on almost every issue he once believed was paramount, has proven himself to be a demagogue and not afraid to lie about, demean, insult or humiliate those who don’t agree with his agenda.

    Where is the Politico piece that holds MrObama to his past promises, that asks if he has a better idea than to spend money we don’t have to solve a problem, that points out the lies and misinformation that he spouts with every political speech? We’ve seen the ones about the other candidates who have misspoken, have confused dates or historic places and the ones where their personal lives have been subject to gossip.

    Enter MrTrump. He made money, lost money, made money, gave support to the Democrats who ruled NYC, supported abortion then changed his mind, has workable ideas, knows the game and has a background that most attentive Americans know about.
    MrTrump should be free to say whatever he wants, to propose any solution to our national problems that he thinks would work and run for any political office without the MSM trying to defeat him before he even makes his intentions official.
    We expect our MSM to be fair. We want and need them to hold each to the same standard and not favor one political being over another and we have been sorely disappointed..

  8. Mark Levin is a true patriot. His knowledge of the constitution, political philosophy, and history is astounding. He sees Trump as a populist who is trying to co-opt the Tea Party movement and I agree with him. However, it is Trump’s choice to make the run or not. I like that he is challenging Obama, but then so is Paul Ryan and he isn’t getting the same attention from the media. Trump mania is just bread and circuses for the peasants, courtesy of the press.

    Something that really chaps me is the sycophant media. It is their job to vet every potential candidate, and you have done an excellent job with Mr. Trump, Keith. Just have to ask when will the press start questioning Obama? Anybody paying attention knew who and what he was back in 2008, but the fawning press did nothing to inform the public. When will the vetting of Obama begin? Before he totally destroys America I hope.

    • Apparently Krauthammer has been banging on Trump and he said yesterday that Trump called him and was very measured and serious. He then informed The Donald that today’s column would be worse. He said Trump took it well. No offense, Keith, and I am not a Trump supporter, but this is a man being Palinized–is that refreshing…maybe a little…a least to women.

    • One thing I don’t understand about the media is this:

      Don’t they care about their children? Do they really want them to grow up in a socialist dystopia? Why aren’t they fighting for our republic, at least for the sake of their children?

      • They believe in his vision of utopia. They can’t accept the fact that this man that they idolize could care less about them or their families. Unless Barry has a total meltdown, they will continue to look the other way.

  9. Keith,
    You could use the same headline and insert “Barack Obama is a …”, but at least Trump is FOR the USA and not AGAINST it.
    I’d like to see him in the primary just so the GOP will “grow a pair”.
    The debate would be lively and that’s what we need.

  10. “But the most important thing a journalist can do is oppose demagoguery. This man cannot be president of the United States.”

    Sounds as though you are talking about OBAMA.

    Do you oppose Obama’s class warfare tactics?

    Obama says he wants to tax the rich but it will be the middle class that gets soaked.

    Socialism destroys the middle class.

  11. There was a time in this country when, with this much blood in the water over a President’s origins and covered up past, unaccessible documents up to and including high school and college transcripts, SAT’s, LSAT’s, unexplainable travel to State Dept. restricted countries like Pakistsan in 1981, references to the man who hired him to run the $100 million dollar Chicago Annenberg Challenge for three years, Bill Ayers, as “just a guy who lives on my street” when questioned about the relationship, would signal alarm bells that would make real journalists froth at the mouth and make Woodward and Bernstein’s efforts look like T-ball.

    Guess those days are gone too.

  12. well yeah, I don’t want him to be president either, but I do want him to stay in the race. he’s bringing up things that other GOP candidates daren’t–and probably shouldn’t–talk about. in that sense, he’s helpful to the Repubs.

    but I have a problem with Levin and others anointing themselves the gatekeepers of who is “conservative enough” to get the GOP nom. we MUST MUST MUST defeat Obama, and we have to do it however we can. if that means nominating a non-conservative like Trump–if he can beat The One–we’re going to have to be ok with that.

  13. My two cents (and that is about all I have left right now) about Mr. Trump…

    Whatever his motivations or intentions, he is doing the heavy lifting NOW that the main stream media wouldn’t do THEN (back in 08). And he is doing it on his own dime (ie., the investigators in HI).

    I think Trump stumbled into this and once ‘in’ he realized (for the first time?) exactly who/what Dunham/Obama/Soetaro is and what HIS intentions are for this country.

    I for one am stunned at Mark Levin’s ‘smack down’ of Trump (Constitutional issue of eligibility Mark?). Trump, as Star noted, is being ‘Palinized’ and he hasn’t officially declared…so when I ask, will the sitting _resident, the man with the Nuke Football etc., be ‘Palinized?’ After his second term?

    Blessing and safety to Mr. Trump and his family. I truly believe he is doing this nation a service.

  14. Someone on this site called Trump a lunatic… He may have changed his mind a lot (he was not a politician). may not be a billionaire, may be leveraged, may have capitalized on his dad’s money, may be a showman, or whatever…or all…but mentally ill? I don’t see it. My dad was a shrink, I am not…but still… I once heard Palin called “a bucket of slop” by a Dem woman politician–this is the kind of thing I don’t care for.

  15. when you are taking on a fraud and a demagog it helps if you are one yourself … of course Trump can’t win the nomination but he sure can make Obama blink and drop the mask so I say take your best shot Mr. Trump …