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Obama Morning News || April 21, 2011

President Obama appeared at a Facebook town hall meeting, hoping viewers will “friend” his deficit reduction plan. Obama and Facebook dude Mark Zuckerberg played all nicey with each other during the event. A conservative political group claims to have forced Facebook to temporarily shut down the event page after steering hundreds of negative comments to the site. Meanwhile, Robert Gibbs and Facebook have broken off talks about the former press secretary coming onboard.

Republicans are going after Obama’s health reform law’s care rationing board.

The administration is moving to sell a significant share of its stake in General Motors. Obama will have to fight his liberal allies on trade.

CIA Director Leon Panetta may be on track to become Secretary of Defense once Robert Gates departs, POLITICO reports. Obama and our European allies are intensifying their efforts to break Qaddafi’s grip, but results won’t come soon.

And Obama is weighing an order that would force government contractors to disclose their donations to groups that participate in political activities, a move Republicans slammed as an attempt to restrict political speech.

25 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || April 21, 2011”

  1. From the “Daily Caller” regarding the Independent Payment Advisory Board:
    The IPAB was established by the Democrats’ Obamacare bill to control health-care costs by denying or approving medical treatments for millions of Americans.
    Gosh, that almost sounds like a…death panel.

    No liberal has ever been able to adequately explain to me why it’s bad when the free market determines who lives or dies based on ability to pay, but it’s good when a group of bureaucrats determines who lives or dies based on their own judgement. At least with the first the individual has the opportunity to earn enough to save himself.

  2. He’s trying to get around Citizen’s United by executive decree. What a perfect way to steer contracts away from Republican contributing companies. So tinpot dictatorship-like.

    Here’s a little excerpt from his last night’s fundraiser.

    Parked in front of a private home high in the hills of the Presidio Heights section of San Francisco on Wednesday night, tucked among the Mercedes and BMWs, was a Jaguar convertible with a California license plate that read “MR44FAN.” That fan was ostensibly inside the home of Marc Benioff, CEO of, with about 200 other people who had each paid $35,800 to attend a DNC fundraising dinner to hear 44 himself speak.

    [skip} “So many of you helped get this project started. Some of you are involved in startups,” President Obama said. “Well, I was a startup just — not so long ago. And when I think about that campaign in 2008, the fact is, so many of you took a chance on me. It was not at all likely that I was going to win.”

    You can’t make this stuff up. @ Obama Foodorama.

  3. Y’know, I was going to say something funny about Zuckerberg’s lips firmly planted on Obama’s butt…
    But as I finished reading your post and got to the Panetta and contractors part, I got so depressed I just couldn’t do it.

          1. I don’t know about the ones from the picture that Granny Jan linked to, but they tossed the ones from the 2008 convention into the dumpster and when pictures were taken and circulated on the internet they claimed it was an “error” and recovered the flags for “reuse”.

  4. Keith – I just discovered your blog (and Granny Jan) a few weeks ago. I am hooked!! I must admit you are the first thing I read when I wake up in the morning and the last I read before I go to bed at night.

  5. He wants to dump the loser GM before his campaign kicks into full gear. The Volt is selling in the ten’s and people can’t afford the gas to fill up a Chevy truck so he wants to get while the getting is good. Of course that will leave the taxpayer holding the bag for the billions he tossed in the wind and stuffed in his acolytes pockets.

  6. A bill submitted by the White House today will require every citizen of the United States including all who serve in the House and Senate, to Genuflect whenever King Obama enters a room. It will also require us to address him as “your bungholiness”. That is all.

  7. Also–in today’s news–joy oh joy–he is going to the Space Shuttle Launch…invest in dogs and ponies today! My first thought was–gee, now space is ruined.

    1. Really? How ironic. He cancels the space program and then has the nerve to show his face at the very last launch. Guess that means none of us little people will get a chance to attend. You know they clear the deck wherever he and his family go.

        1. I hope the media DOESN’T focus in mo and bo and their family the whole time the launch is going on, but rather focuses on the historic nature of the launch and the space shuttle program. I hope the o’s get minimal to no coverage of them watching the launch. They are just going to ruin it for everyone else who is there w/ all their “sterile zones” and security.

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