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Live Stream || Obama Town Hall in Reno on the Deficit

17 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Town Hall in Reno on the Deficit”

  1. Did you lose the feed Keith? Missed the first part… was he answering a question or just rambling about how coal causes asthma and we need to insulate our homes?

  2. Wouldn’t charging those billion elec cars mean more coal for those asthmatics? Oh, well–maybe the cars will burn up. But what does that do for our lungs?

  3. Re the gov’t buying hybrid cars. Genius! We don’t need “no” private sector the government can create all demand we need.

    There he goes again with the 8 mpg suvs. Th limo that gets only 8 mpg is his own.

    The questions are such puff balls. Truly embarassing. The DNC isn’t paying for this. We are.
    He just told us for the 20th time that he’s a Christian in case you missed it.

    1. Wash the use less gas and the prices will go down thing new? I was sorry to hear Harvard had such bad food and such a crummy gym.

  4. How “pre-screened” are these Obama Town-Hall audiences? I understand NO ONE is allowed to ask impromptu, off the cuff questions to Obama and every question is pre-approved/screened by Obama’s staff…is that true? I bet to ask Obama the Messiah a question lowly commoners must go thru a full background check (provide birth, life, college, work & voting records)

    How Ironic… Barack Hussein Obama was never given a proper background check (birth, life, college, work records) and yet everyone at this Town Hall had to go thru one…

  5. Let me see if I have this straight…get a new more ” energy efficient ” car like the Volt, which uses electricity, which is generated by either coal or oil orrrrrr get one that runs on ethanol which is corn based but to get that corn to a refinery you have to truck it, using gas, which comes from oil plus you have the added benefit of less efficiency and higher food prices.
    Maybe its just me but I see a cetain mobius strip of thought. Mr.nO keeps going around in circles but never seems to end up in the same place twice.

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