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Obama Skips Tornado Destruction, Heads West to Raise Money

President Obama is opting not to visit the tornado-ravaged areas of the South, choosing instead to embark today on a three day tour out West where he will try to boost his political standing by talking up his approach to the deficit and raise millions for himself and fellow Democrats.

The tornadoes, part of a storm that rampaged though six states Saturday, resulted in one of the worst disasters of any kind in the United States since the Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Scores were left injured or homeless while 45 people were killed – about four times as many as died in the Gulf oil rig explosion and the subsequent oil spill last year. In North Carolina alone, there were nearly two-dozen storm-related deaths Saturday, with 130 homes destroyed and an estimated 700 more damaged.

Obama presents the Commander-in-Chief Trophy to the Air Force Academy football team in the Rose Garden Monday. He made no mention of the tornadoes.
photo by Keith Koffler

Not only is Obama staying away from the region, he has said almost nothing publicly about the tragedy beyond an interview with a North Carolina TV station and a very brief mention at a White House prayer breakfast. The president has failed to make the kind of national, attention-getting public statement presidents offer during crises to comfort victims by expressing the condolences of the nation and to seek charitable aid.

Sunday, he went golfing. On Monday, he did sign a disaster declaration for North Carolina, which will free up federal assistance to the state.

Vice President Biden has also failed to show up. He’s cooling his heels today at home in Wilmington, Delaware. The disaster did not even merit a visit from Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar who – without any apparent irony – was in Boston Tuesday announcing a new wind energy project.

Meanwhile, the South is bracing for more, as forecasters say severe storms and tornadoes could hit the region again today.

Obama’s failure to publicly attend to the fallout from the tornadoes comes on the one-year anniversary of the rig explosion that caused the Gulf oil spill. Obama was roundly criticized then for failing to respond sufficiently to the crisis.

The president’s silence and absence during the current crisis is particularly odd given his political stakes in North Carolina, which barely went for Obama over McCain in 2008. Obama is so desperate to hold the state that he’s chosen to hold the 2012 Democratic convention there, in Charlotte.

Obama’s first stop out West will be in San Francisco today, where he will stage two fundraisers and host a “town hall” style meeting at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto focusing on his solution for the federal deficit. On Thursday, he’ll hopscotch over to Reno, Nevada – also a key presidential battleground state – for another deficit town hall, and then head back to California to rake in more money.

While the fundraisers are obviously political events, Obama’s public sales job for his deficit plan also has a major political component, given the widespread public concern about the economy is behind his perilously low poll ratings.

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  1. The strong-willed people of Nashville, TN are a better resource for our Southern brothers than this administration. Talk to the people that survived devastating floods without much assistance from this Administration. There is a reason that southern states are ignored by the Dems; they have learned how to pick themselves up without needing a hand-out. Enjoy dinner with Barbara Boxer O-b-won; I wish I could refer to it as your “last supper.”

  2. Guess what – we don’t want him.

    He couldn’t be bothered with the floods in Nashville either, he’s reminds me of a little “female dog”.

    He’s a coward that uses human shields, he hides behind Granny, Sick Baby, Poor and Down Trodden and Queen Welfare.

    Nice pic there BarryO – hopefully that future Air Force 2nd Lt DOES NOT follow the example set by his so called ‘commander and chief’.

  3. What makes anyone believe that Obama truly cares for anyone outside his own little sphere? In the time he has “served” as President, has he ever shown heartfelt sympathy for those facing natural disasters or tragedies? He’s what is know as a “day late” and for us “a dollar short”.

  4. It is odd that Obama would campaign in Frisco. He has Frisco in the bag. In fact, he has the whole state, guaranteed. No need to campaign there. However, he would be able to get a lot of money out of them.

    • His O-ness WANTS to go where he is loved and revered…it strokes his ego. Besides he gets major media attention showing all the adulation from the adoring public which plays to the liberal agenda he’s putting out. It looks on main stream media as if he has the full backing of the public behind him, especially the way MSM fawns over his administration

  5. What is wrong with you people? Raising that Billion for his re-election is now priority one. Why even jobs had to be placed on the back burner…AGAIN! If he visited those southern states all that gold in California might have had to wait, and with the rise in gold that could not be allowed to happen. /much sarcasm!

  6. Arrogance!!!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE. As he hs informed the American public in the past: ” I was elected president and and the people have given me the right and power to do anything I please”.
    He has constantly been on vacation and now when the country in about to go bankrupt he’s out grubbing money for his campain for another miserable four years.
    But we don’t have to worry about that because he will have destroyed the country long before the next election.

  7. I really don’t think the people in this area , cleaning up , really want barry around, do you really want to hear barry tell you how great he is while you are trying to find parts of your house. And then if he stops by that means he will have his hand out and big mouth open trying to get a free meal. No, barry keep on flying west , go to Calif. they seem to like strange people out there.

    • He wouldn’t be showing any compassion if he was to attend anyway. He would see all of the white bible belt folks and let them know it is time for them to pay their fair share.

  8. The tornado ravaged areas in the south can wait. The clear priority here is to ensure America’s first Kenyan born president gets re-elected. And if you disagree, then you are a racist, homophobic bigot.

  9. He is the antichrist!! That’s why he does not care. People, we are in trouble with this man. I am glad that I did not vote him in.


  11. Everyone knows that those southern states are full of racist republicans and that they spend their money on beer and meth. Enjoy your single term Barry.

  12. He’s written off the Southern states mostly so it’s not worth his while politically to go. The fact that he’s the sitting President, Leader of our country doesn’t enter into his political mind at all. His entire administration and the majority of Dems in congress are narrowly focused on getting back in office in 2012, which just goes to demonstrate just how important they consider real-world situations. If it can’t get him re-elected, it’s just not important in his greater scheme of things.

  13. Why would we expect anything less from this POS leader and administration. It’s all about him isn’t it. Those of you afflicted by this tragedy, PLEASE remember this when it comes time to vote. What he thinks of you is obvious. Tell him what you think of him at the polls. Why would anyone even have to consider how they vote, when he has conclusively shown his compassion for those in need, is far less inmportant than his need for campaign funds. Bet it would be different if the population there was predominently muslim.

  14. Obama is such a fucking idiot…hope his plane crashes and he burns in hell for ruining our country…oh yeah, take the liberals to hell with you..

  15. Many of these red states did not vote for Obama in 2008, and probably none of them will vote for Him in 2012. Since they do not support Him, why should He waste time visiting them or caring about their insignificant problems? We all know that everyone in the south is a racist. I view natural disasters that devastate the south as divine intervention.

  16. If Obama can’t stand the heat (reporters), he needs to get out of the kitchen (Whitehouse). I don’t recall when I’ve seen a president as insensitive as
    he is—or as arrogant. It’s evident that he is more concerned about his campaign fiances than he is with the loss and death from the severe storms in the SE.

  17. The o-word is a worthless empty suit only interested in the destruction (fundamental transformation) of America and his own personal gain, be it power or riches. Impeachment today, public hanging tomorrow.

  18. Obama cares about nobody but himself. Will we hear about this in the MSM, doubt it. CBS is currently not releasing his hotmic comments they have on tape, why would a media outlet not release that?

    Word has it he called the American people “slogs” in it. I would say it was not true yet it sounds just like him to do so.

  19. He has done such a great job in his first two years in office! Now he will spend the next two years campaigning. Don’t you just love politics Don’t worry about the disasters in the South or the economy; just look after your political future.

  20. And we are surprised because…??? Obama cares about one thing, himself and his agenda. He is THRILLED to help others with YOUR MONEY. but when it comes to his money, not a chance. If he believed what he spews, he’d voluntarily pay more taxes or his charitable contributions would be so large that he’d owe no tax. The guy’s a fraud. Now, if the tornado was in downtown Chicago, you can be sure he’d have been there within an hour. Perhaps a great President for Chicago and California, but the worst ever for the rest of the nation.

  21. He has over and over again made it quite clear how much he hates and despises those southern states. He would rather pretend they simply do no exist. Or at least that is how it feels down here. Too busy partying it up in Cali to actually show one iota of compassion. Typical.

  22. The imposter in chief feels that tornado’s are caused by global warming, and that global warming is cause by capitalism and big oil companies, and that big oil companies are buddy buddy with George Bush. Soooo, in a round about way…. It’s Bush’s fault.

    Don’t drain the swamp. Bulldoze Washington.

  23. Obie doesn’t give a flip about anybody, especially Americans, and in particular American states that didn’t vote for him. He rewards those who do his bidding, until he’s done using them, then he throws them under the bus. He punishes those he perceives to be his enemies, whether it’s a person, a company or a state, like Texas for example. He made sure they paid for not voting for him by yanking the Space Shuttle contracts. Yep, this guy is a real piece of excrement, our little man-child-in-chief.

  24. Just more of the same, is this even news? We all know who he’s for….himself. I live in NC and seen the distruction first hand but we don’t need him here anyway.

  25. There are no votes to be gained in those states. He can’t waste time with them. On to the adoring fawns in California.

  26. Hasn’t anyone guessed yet that the presidential vote, held every four years, has been a sham? It’s a show for the masses. The real power puts presidents into office. Obama WILL get re-elected and we will be told that we, the masses, voted for him. His platform was “Change”. Well, he made changes all right. The rich are enjoying more money than they ever dreamed of, large companies are receiving more money than they deserve, and more Americans are out of work and losing their homes than at any other time in history. That’s change. That’s what he bragged about accomplishing. Deal with it.

  27. This man is the most despicable person ever to occupied the WH.He does not give a rat about anybody but himself.What a great country America used to be.When a man? like this moron is elected, our great country is in the toilet.What a shame

  28. Of course he did. Only white folk killed and hurt. If it was muslims and terrorists from libia or yemen well he would be on his way.