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Obama Morning News || April 20, 2011

Obama begins his deficit reduction tour today, flying out for events in California and Nevada to tell everyone he’s doing something about it and that the plan proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) would lead to ruin. Despite the S & P thumbs down on the U.S. credit outlook, Obama and Treasury Secretary Geithner are offering optimism on the budget. Obama officials tried to keep S & P from lowering its credit outlook on the U.S., but S & P ignored the request.

The trip has a major political element, as Obama will be courting money and volunteers, the Los Angeles Times reports. One of the “town hall” type meetings Obama has planned is at Facebook headquarters, but there are both benefits and risks to the growing collaboration between the White House and the social networking site. The White House is mulling limits on anonymous campaign contributions, writes POLITICO.

Libyan rebels will now account for $25 million of the U.S. debt, according to the Washington Times.

In a blow to transparency, Obama administration agencies are failing to fill inspector general slots, a Daily Caller investigation finds. On the one-year anniversary of the Gulf oil spill, Obama’s drilling policies are having an effect, with 375,000 barrels of oil lost a day, the Wall Street Journal reports. Obama blames speculators for the rise in oil prices.

Donald Trump’s candidacy appears to be gaining ground.

And the first lady’s plance aborted its landing at Andrews Air Force Base because it was too close to a military cargo jet.

10 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || April 20, 2011”

    1. Great comparison of then and now Granny Jan. I remember how she was yanked off the campaign trail the last time around for some of her openly Marxist statements. In the words her husband so famously uttered during a 2008 campaign speech in Virginia, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

  1. Check out the front page of the NYT–all about his mother…The deficit thing is not all that is kicking off–so is the propaganda campaign.

    1. Dinesh D’Souza’s book “The Root of Obama’s Rage” paints Stanley Ann as an anti-colonist who romanticized Barack Sr. and his beliefs to her son. I came away from the book feeling empathy for the little boy who was abandoned by both his mother and father. As much as I dislike the man for what he is doing to America, you can’t help but feel sympathy for a child who never experienced a nurturing family.

      1. Save your empathy for those who deserve it. Many of us never experienced a nurturing family, but we didn’t turn into lying, cheating Marxists. He had his grandparents who loved and took care of him, and his mother was around when he was in high school. Get over it!

  2. What a dilemma we are in. Who are we to believe knows the state of our economy best? Is it S&P, a company that has been in the business of rating the market for more than 100 years, or is it little Timmy Geithner who cheats on his personal income taxes and has never worked a day of his life in private industry? Hmmm…tough choice, but I think I’ll go with S&P.

    1. Also the president has Straw Manned this into saying “we all agree on cutting 4 trillion over a dozen years.” I don’t believe a dozen years was the figure originally proposed…this thing is morphing fast! I actually don’t believe he wants to cut at all–he describes cuts as “against” education…who is against education? Maybe some of us are against bone-headed, centralized theories and dictated agendas that eat money… Or we are now “against” medical research–yeah, sure don’t want to look into any diseases we might get. Or people who think there is flab and idiocy to be cut also are “against” a clean environment–or “against” domestic energy production. Yeah, yeah–we are pretty stupid, aren’t we?

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