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Obama Headed for First of Six Calif. Fundraisers

President Obama tonight begins a huge California fundraising blitz that will continue through Friday. He’ll hold two events tonight and then one tomorrow, after which he will head off to Reno for a “town hall” on deficit reduction. And then he’s slated to do three more fundraisers in Los Angeles.

From tonight’s pool report:

The events Wednesday are at the Nob Hill Masonic Center, and the dinner is at a private residence.  The breakfast is at the St. Regis.  All proceeds will go to the Obama Victory Fund.   The events are designed to include the broad range of the President’s supporters with tickets starting at $25 and ranging to the legal maximum limit of $35,800.   The smaller events will have over 200 guests and the Nob Hill Masonic Center is expected to have approximately 2500.

At the Nob Hill Masonic Center event, DJ Hope and Goapele will be performing.   And Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice will be speaking at the Nob Hill event.

11 thoughts on “Obama Headed for First of Six Calif. Fundraisers”

  1. The more MrO talks off-the-cuff, the more he sounds like the boorish guy who stands at the bar and spouts misinformation and twisted logic. He gets the facts wrong but no one corrects him because they know he’s an idiot.

    Parents of children with asthma know that coal smoke doesn’t cause the affliction, survivors of the bridge collapse know it wasn’t caused by a lack of maintainence and people who are struggling to pay the ever higher price of gas can’t afford to buy a new car. MrO’s misleading “facts” and elitist attitude about the concerns of the American public are astounding. Solar and wind power will not meet the needs of any major city like NYC or Dallas and he knows that. A farmer cannot till his fields with an electric powered combine, even if there was such a thing.

    He’s being overexposed and exposed as a fast-talker who’s losing more supporters every time he opens his mouth.

    1. Barry NSB (not so bright)

      At Facebook he told his false narrative about our 8 mpg cars and one of my favorites: doctors don’t share information and wastefully write everthing in triplicate. Duh, like doctors don’t use computers. He then said that doctors could share the information on Facebook!

      The RNC should start a blog on all his misstatements and outright lies.

    2. I heard him say something about how “we” might have a “beater” that only gets 8 miles to the gallon. Gee, guy, the limo is in the shop.

  2. How much of this fund raising trip expenses is being paid by taxpayers and how much is paid by his campaign?

    Well, the good news this week is the WFAA reporter from Dallas called him out on his claim he only lost Texas a few points Tis good to see Obama lose his cool.

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