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Obama Gets Real Testy-Like During Tough Questioning

Look how thinned skinned we can be.

President Obama got some tough questions from a local Texas TV reporter, and he didn’t seem to like it. Questions like, “Why are you so unpopular in Texas?” Take a look-see.

These are the type of direct, reality-based questions that local reporters and private citizens sometimes ask but that Washington reporters, observing unwritten rules of Beltway etiquette, fail to deliver. In order to observe some code of politeness – and sometimes because of the political sympathies of the reporters asking the questions – Washington reporters often dance around facts.

On the other hand, the upside for the White House is that regional reporters and private citizens are often intimidated by the White House and the presidency and pitch softballs the president’s way.

That’s why Obama has been inviting local reporters into the White House for interviews. It’s part of the president’s effort to save money and time by campaigning from the White House to reach audiences directly in places that, oh, just happen to be within presidential battleground states.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Monday denied that the Obama campaign is choosing the locales of the reporters who get to interview Obama – saying the White House is calling the shots. Of course, this ignores that the campaign, in the person of Senior Adviser David Plouffe, is actually in the White House.

Obama has been interviewed in recent weeks by reporters from Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Virginia and Iowa. Yesterday he spoke with reporters from Indiana, Colorado, and North Carolina. And, to provide some cover for this nakedly political effort, they added a guy from Texas, a state Obama can’t possibly win. Big mistake.

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  1. He who has become downright scary looking lately and that’s with the make up and lighting. He sounds like a yokel with his nuttin’s. Suddenly his grin was gone by the end. I’m not sure what he said…punch up his answers? a do-over?

      1. Here, here, no need to be racist. There are plenty of grounds to disagree w/ President Obama w/o being small minded and repugnant. His testy comment, while not necessary, certainly could be explained by having a bad day, which we all have. This interview didn’t change anything for me, although I laughed a little when he said that he “loves Texas.”

  2. He criticized Gov. Perry for taking $6 billion in federal funds so that Texas could have a balance budget. Historically Texas has always sent more money to Washington than Washington has returned. Anyway, why should Texas tap its $9 billion emergency fund (rainy day fund) when money is available from Washington. Isn’t that the name of today’s game….why spend your money when you can spend money from others.

    I got the measure of the man in the last 25 seconds of the video.

    1. You are so small minded to take the last 25sec and make a judgement call. Do you know how much stress he has? If some one didn’t let you finish your sentences, would you have the professionalism to complete your interview, then tell the reporter “next time let me finish my sentences”?

        1. What did he think- that they are all going to be MSNBC interviews? Next time Buddy, remember that you’re supposed to kiss my ass!

      1. When exactly did the reporter cut him off mid-sentence? Barry simply didn’t like the questions. Period. This is an petty, astonishingly egotistical Chicago politician with a thin skin and a nasty temper.

  3. Obama’s mask came off during this interview and he was exposed as the arrogant, deceitful man child that he is. I bet he didn’t expect his little temper tantrum at the end of the interview to make it on the air.

    Granny Jan, he thinks everyone in Texas is a yokel, hence the nuttin’s abound. Playing to the perceived audience kinda thing.

  4. Watch for Brad Watson’s brakes on his car to mysteriously fail sometime in the near future or perhaps an ignition problem that ignites the gas tank when it is started. Good for him for not cowing to the Marxist and Chief. Surprising thing is that this particular TX reported came from the DFW market which, in the case of Dallas county, is a very disturbing blue color in an otherwise red state. Evidence that it is a blue county… at the beginning of the video, they have to draw a line on a map to show that the reporter had to travel from Dallas to Washington D.C. to do the interview and importantly to show where the heck that was.

        1. Are you three on the same team as the Koch brothers? Spending millions on anti Obama campaigns? You are so small minded to take the last 25sec and make a judgement call. If some one didn’t let you finish your sentences, would you have the professionalism to complete your interview, then tell the reporter “next time let me finish my sentences”? Grow up and be part of the solution, not the problem!!!

          1. Sorry, but I took the measure of the man in 2008. Unfortunately, people like you seem to not understand that you were electing a man whose ego is larger than Texas.

            When you are POTUS, you don’t get snippy with reporters just because they don’t ask you the softball questions you are used to by the fawning MSM. And perhaps you can tell me what questions the reporter didn’t let Obama answer? Obama has a tendency to run out the clock on questions so that no other question can be asked.

            As to his cheap shot about Texas taking $6 billion in stimulus funds, well, I guess that was one way for us to get back all the money we spent after Hurricane Ike that Janet Napolitano refused to pay us out of FEMA funds. Oh, I guess you didn’t know that the Obama administration told Texas to use its rainy day fund to pay for Ike and it would reimburse them, did you? Yeah, it did, and then it renigged.

          2. Are you KIDDING ME? That’s the best you can say? So your AUTOMATIC button for anyone who questions the POTUS is “you’re with the Koch brothers”…? How embarrassing and small.

            This was an example of the POTUS being arrogant and smug – nothing more, nothing less.

            I’m so completely SICK of you puppet-parrot liberals branding EVERYONE with the same labels for “daring” to question your GOD. You probably can’t even remember when you lost your individuality. You just repeat, repeat and repeat. It’s PATHETIC.

    1. bush had the same problem after living in the bubble. we’ll see if this was simply a bad day or something more serious like bush’s was.

      1. I was never a huge fan of Bush but I never saw such a petty, angry display of ego from him. And the media treated him far worse.

        1. i think you’re slightly over blowing Obama response….but anyway, remember the first debate bush had with Kerry. Kerry talked about how Saddam didn’t attack us on 9-11, and the response from bush was astonishing. you could tell he hadn’t been challenged in a long time. his campaign even sat him down after because the whole debate was filled with cutaway shots where bush was simply dismissive of his opponent. I’m not saying Kerry was all that, but you have to be pretty full of yourself to let yourself go in that situation, knowing full well where you are and what’s at stake.

          More to the point, it’s been awhile, and is generally rare at all anymore for us to elect people who aren’t supremely arrogant, in either party.

  5. When the POTUS is on the campaign trail he should be treated like every other candidate and no question should be off-limits. He is not royalty to be treated with some obscure protocol by our Press, he is an American who wishes to be reelected to his high office.
    Us yokels in fly-over country don’t drop our “g”s when we speak, we understand that our country is in dire financial shape and don’t like to be talked down to by any politician who wants our vote.
    MrO doesn’t “love” Texas and MrsO’s newly-professed love for our county flys against all of their historical statements to the contrary.
    We’re not stupid, either.

    1. Even Larry the Cable Guy does not always g-drop. It’s so calculated and does not fit in his snooty mouth naturally. The gonnas, bunchas, folks…they scrape my last nerve.

  6. I am not supporter of Obama’s BUT … sorry for raining on everyone’s parade; this really is no big deal. This is a station and a reporter overhyping themselves while a politician spins. In other words, there’s nothing eye-popping or newsmaking here. It’s media hype and political spin; is that news? Unless, of course, you want to ‘read between the lines’ and discover some unseen narrative that conveniently fits your predisposed beliefs – which the writer of the accompanying article has done and it seems so have many commenters.

    Is it really that scandalous that at the end Obama says, ‘you should wait for me to answer a question before asking another one’? How does the interviewer rudely interrupting the president of the United States – or anyone for that matter – become a good interview?

    This is a perfect example of the newsman wanting to become the news – and that’s the cornerstone of bad journalism.

    1. How do you know the reporter is self-promoting? It seems to me Obama didn’t like the questions. And I’ll tell you, these guys are probably told they have eight minutes or something for their interview, and you can sit there and listen to a politician – any of them, including the president – run out the clock with long, meaningless answers, or you can try to get some real questioning in. You should try not to be rude to a president, but you shouldn’t give him a pass to sit there and spin either. Washington reporters can be too deferential, and we have one of the few democratic systems where a president is accorded almost regal deference. You should watch question time in Britain and see how our supposedly uptight political ancestors there treat their prime minister.

      1. Take it easy there Kieth,your toughness startled me!
        But Your write.Screw them all,I want the questions answered.Hes lucky I dont get to ask him.
        1.Why are you showing favoritism towards the Palestinians with Israel when you know they have yet to show up at negotiations,or quit incitement,or killing,yet you keep authorizing them more funds all the while pushing Israel to give them more and more for nothing in return.
        2.If the drone program is working so well(it was) in Pakistan why haven’t you expanded the program to all of Pakistan as well as further in Yemen,Libya,and for that matter whats up with making the pirates walk the plank?I dont see a problem here..
        3.Why are you expanding the oil market for Brazil and the Saudi’s,yet refuse to allow our own workers in our own country make that decision?
        4.The next time the DPRK commits a act of war or tests a 3rd nuke are you going to man up and tell China to piss off as we remove the Kim’s once and for all?(A must when the elder Kim dies,before Lil Jerk takes control.)
        5.Why do you refuse to repeal the health care law that is proven in numerous polls that it is not wanted?Why wont you even consider re-writing it?
        6.What Christian values did you get from attending Rev.Writes church all them years?Do you think its made you a better man?
        7.Wouldn’t you be more comfortable living in Europe,I hear they have nice golf courses?And your wife can eat right from the trough.
        8.You do understand if reelected you no longer can blame Bush cause now your the last guy?It’s beyond getting old…
        9.Why wont you put real troops on the border with Mexico and send in the drones?and why cant we coat the fence with razor wire like a prison?They wont be shimmy’n over it then, and blow up the tunnels too.
        10.After pissing away the 1st 2 years in office,must you really waste the next 2 trying to get 4 more?
        I better never get my hands on that microphone,Ill bury him with no scrupples

    2. I have to agree with this – it’s not news. BUT it’s nice to see some “gotcha”, “ambush” reporting done on the anointed one, just like all the Dem reporters do on everyone else while covering up for this moo.

    3. Do you even realize that the WH has basically warned (promised) that this will be the LAST time this reporter “gets” to interview the POTUS? So – the reward for “uncomfortable” questioning is banishment, and this is NOT news?

      “We lost by a few points…” Or, maybe more like a few-few points. Big difference. “Wait – you questioned me..? I’ll get you… and your little dog too…”

      This puppet of a politician is so frail and fragile on the fly that it makes me shudder with fear. He’s so completely orchestrated and calculated that the ONLY thing he is capable of is giving damn SPEECHES. And, somehow, this is acceptable, in one of the most challenging times in human history…? It defies all logic.

  7. Obama says he lost Texas by a few points in 2008.
    The reporter says about 10%. The loss was larger, a landslide…nearly 12%.

    He lost by 11.76% (McCain 55.4%, Obama 43.6%).

  8. So what if Obama lost in Texas? That just proves how stupid Texans are. That Teabagging reporter should have shown the President of the United States some respect. Barack Obama, a black man, WON the Presidency of the United States. Get over it. Get used to it. It’s going to happen again in 2012. Right wing nut jobs are the minority in this country, NOT the majority. You can’t make this country as backward as the Repubs want it to be just by wishing it so and telling lies in a loud voice. Republicans/Teabaggers are losers.

    1. You are going to be crying in your beer come next election time when Barry Hussein “a black man” gets shipped back to Chicago in disgrace.

      1. Just an fyi thing- the conservatives ARE the majority in this nation- not a minority by double. 40% of American align themselves as conservatives- 20% liberal and everyone else in between or out on the fringes. Obama is a goner in one term. No one has ever come back from such a low approval rating this far in and won- couple that with inflation and gas prices- plus 3 unpopular wars- Obama loses. The only hope he has is iIF the Republicans put someone up equally bad or worse than Obama.

    2. Are you kidding me? We LOVE our country and most people like you and Obama HATE your country and want to destroy it. Well guess what this country is center right and 80 percent CHRISTIAN and we have woken up and no way is Marxist Obama winning again!! Why don’t you just move to the middle east I am sure you would be happy there!!

    3. Its those with your iq that polute this world with hate n vile retoric..You remind me of muslims blaming Israel for Mossad shark attacks,and its Bush’s fault.
      If Obama was half the president Carter was he would be nothing,as they are too fools in the same pod.Obama is destroying this country more and more everyday,and the Liberal Democrats are helping him do it.They should all be ejected for stupidity.Obama ignores Iran,Mexico,the tornado’s,you know real problems in the world..And instead pushes a failed health plan and tries to pressure Israel into a 1 sided peace deal with the terrorist Palestinians.Oh yeah,he started a 3rd war and promptly walked away from it,leaving it a absolute disaster. He is the most worthless thing to happen to DC in my lifetime.Sooner gone the better we are

    4. Oh, I see. There’s no way that it proves, say, how stupid Californians or New Yorkers are, right? I am sure that it does prove one thing, however. That’s the only thing that the little miscreant, John Edwards, was ever right about – There are two America’s. Like Obama, California is the going- broke – everybody-can-have-a-pony-socialist America. Texas is the think-for-yourself-do-for-yourself-America of individualism.

    5. “teabagging”, eh? That’s SO clever, did you make that up all by your lonesome?

      I have to ask though, given the origins of the term and the obvious derision with which you use it– why so homophobic?

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  10. Obama is either psychotic or just plain evil. He certainly is a snarling nightmare. As his lifetime of lies and thuggery slips away*, he becomes more and more under siege. Think Black Richard Nixon. I am ever more certain he will come apart before the end of his term. President Biden, anyone?

    *has there ever been a more ugly Manchurian Candidate, created and raised by his Marxist masters? Who would have believed that a US president would be allowed to keep his entire foreign and Marxist past a secret from the voters?

  11. Obama is the most divisive and political leader this country has ever seen. He is concerned with one thing right now- getting re-elected. Why else would David Plouffe be in the White House? Plouffe is not a policy guy- he has one job and one job only- get Obama 4 more years. It’s nakedly political and the press should be killing him for it. How about worrying about our country a little more and your political fortunes a little less Mr. President.

    1. Congress won’t work with him so why bother doing anything other than run for re-election? What’s he supposed to do with his time? Read a Ayn Rand novel?

  12. Hey Rainmaker — nice try, but the president is an arrogant, preening, scumbag and he doesn’t make any attempt to hide it when he thinks the cameras are off. Probably threatened to hurt the guy if it ever happened again – it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. The guy is a tough thug, trying to keep it together before we all realize it.

  13. Obama thinks that every interview should be from his liberal news corps that agrees with every marxist idea that he supports.

    This time he was thrown off by a simple challenge. Anytime Obama gets suprised he really makes himself look bad. Last week a man asked him about high gas prices and Obama told him to buy a compact car.

    That did not go over well with a lot of use simple people who think it is none of the President’s business what we drive. .

    1. Actually, to buy a compact car is a good suggestion.

      One of the dumbest aspects of the American public? We bitch about high gas prices and continue to purchase vehicles that provide poor gas mileage. What do large-vehicle owners think, a finite resource is suddenly — and permanently — going to be super cheap? Get real. Purchase your durables with a long-run outlook.

  14. PetulentRudeElitistSuperiorIntimmedatingDismissiveEgotisticalNarssisticTroll
    P R E S I D E N T
    Obama continues to exibit his total arrogance when relating to his Employers. The reporter is doing a job that the beltway sicophants won’t, he asks questions the people want answered. To scold a reporter off mic so that the listeners won’t hear is a calculated move by a campaigner not the President. His off the cuff remarks keep coming back to haunt him, from his kneejerk reaction when the Harvard Prof had his melt down with the police, to his bitter clinger remarks, he is just a more polished Joe Biden.

  15. Of course, Rocketmare, of course! Anyone who criticizes Obama is either dumb or a racist — probably both! Well, it’s easier to just yell insults at your opponents than it is to come up with a reasoned argument, isn’t it?

  16. Obama isn’t really use to getting questions from anybody but the left wing poodle press. And when he gets a tough question once in a great while from someone at…say Fox News….he usually just makes his answer so long, meaningless, and boring that nobody even remembers what was asked. For Obama to get tough questions and really be challenged to answer by a local reporter….we the lesse majesty of it all! LOL! You’d think he’d be able to handle 1 a month without letting it break his composure, but that he lost his cool from one difficult interview shows you how coddled he’s been by the poodle press. I’m sure the White House will be careful not to let anymore bull dogs near him, and double check to make sure only the poodles get near him! :-)

  17. We all know that Barry is thin skinned and doesn’t tolerate being confronted with his record, or being challenged at all.
    When Barry ran for office he was a relative unknown and he enjoyed the full support of the mainstream media, who helped him run for the Presidency.
    Well the Liberal media is still supporting him big time, but Barry is no longer an unknown quantity to his disadvantage.
    As the music group the Who sang, “we won’t be fooled again!.”

  18. How dare reporters ask His Majesty anything but softball questions??

    Clue to Barry O, call George W Bush and ask him how he handled aggressive reporting, he dealt with it every day for eight years.

    1. Bush couldn’t even finish his sentences…lol talk about dumb. Then has the ordacity to get my brothers killed in a Bush-oil-lie to the american people, make money off of stocks for every ones else’s blood. Not his? The President of the United States cannot do anything in office without the approval of white people in his party and congress. How can he be a marxist? or was bush really the marxist? Even the country girls got banned for exercising their right to speech just like you are….

      1. Perhaps you could speak proper ENGLISH then we could have an intelligent conversation without bringing race into the issue–unless that is all you have? Ordacity? didn’t you even read the 1/2 brother’s book? Hmmm.

        1. Sorry about your brothers, but then no one has been drafted since Vietnam, and I am proud to support all veterans and their bravery in protecting our country and our nations’ rights.

          I think you mean “audacity.”

          Being from Texas, I hated that President Bush, whom I voted for twice proudly, could not pronounce the word “nuclear.” It made all of us sound like yokels. However, he did in fact complete many sentences, and actually answered many questions, even challenging ones.

          Sorry to say that a post like yours does not help improve your side of the argument/

  19. this is really the first time o’dumbo has shown exactly how mean and thin-skinned he is. there was no big toothy smile, just hard eyes and the “how dare you questions me – i’m god” attitude. this is exactly what he needs on a daily basis and for the rest of the american people to see who he really is. what a fake! i’m so sick of seeing him – much less hearing his lecturing voice. i’m counting the days til 2012!!!!!!!!!

    1. So a ‘wannabe tough guy” red neck reporter is disrespectful and interrupts the president and he got his ass checked. Obama shoulda bitch slapped his ass. Now, all the other rednecks seems up in the air yelling “aha, he’s losing it.” Please. Your comments are dripping with racism. But, y’all just from Texas.

      1. It may shock you, Nagual, but most Texans are not racists, and if you look (not that libs are known for being observant), you will actually find many racists in all the states. Let’s see….Reverend Sharpton in New York…Reverend Wright in Illinois…and has there EVER been a bigger redneck than Bill? I don’t THINK so.

        Brad Watson is a reporter from Democrat-filled Dallas. He is just doing his job, unlike the lapdog Washington media.

        1. I agree Stacey…and this is from someone born in the state Bill was born, grant it, we no longer call him a native since he left us high and dry, but true nonetheless. More importantly, Nagual’s comment of calling anyone who disagrees with their point of view is what you get when you have no value to bring to the conversation…

          Attack mode is not attractive.

  20. Hey everybody, did I see the clip right? Did the President of the United States tell the reporter, “let me finish my answers next time”? Was that it? Did that make him gangster? Are you guys serious…get off the color issue. He is one of the smartest men to ever be president. Do you have the education he has, or the time in politics? What is your motive for being a honorable member of society? Talking trash on blogs? He is our leader. He has done nothing wrong!!!!!

    1. Just because someone says he is smart then we are to believe it. If he is so smart then release his grades. Simple enough, right?

      1. Wow, public transcripts for public employees… is that really such a great idea?

        It’d only further reveal how much America hates intellectuals (and votes like-minded representatives into the halls of power)

    2. I have not seen a single post here that criticizes the President AND criticizes his skin color. As Americans, we are entitled to analyzing the content of the President’s character. Failing to fall over ourselves fawning over every syllable emanating from President Obama’s mouth does not make us racists.

  21. Obama’s not going to make it to Nov 2012, he’s going to explode in anger at someone one time too many and everyone’s going to demand he resign.

  22. I was so surprised and “scared” to see Obama’s end of the interview. One didn’t need to hear what he said at the to understand he was “giving out” to the reporter. that was not fair. He was just asking question, and Obama should have shown some more understanding and be more “presidential”, instead of a street guy who is being provoked. He is so insecured. Did anyone noticed, how he was fixing his “cuffs” before the interview….It is true he only likes to look “good” that is all it matters…HA, and go on vacation while the country needs a leader to make decisions like in the Libia affair…..

  23. i am not sure if the president was born hear. why doesn’t he just show the certiciate. He is not in tune with the what the nation wants. His dodging the questions with false answers is beyond . The media is very soft on the president.

    1. The President has better things to do than respond to any and every lunatic who gets obsessed over some crazy nit or other. He showed his cerificate to the Election Commission, and they accepted it, and that’s that. Why don’t you question the totally illegal manner in which the Chief Justice installed George Bush as President in 2000?

  24. When asking myself-am I any better off now, 2 years with Obama or was I better off before he was elected.
    Answer-better off before he was elected.

    He has no control of spending, and has gotten us into another war, something that he said he was against.

    He talks good but delivers poorly. He is not is touch with realility with the working class.

  25. This explains it all…
    “The leading rule in the development of socialism passes to a new type of individual. The hermetic thinker and philosopher is replaced by the fervent and tireless publicist and organizer, an expert in the theory and practice of destruction. This strange and contradictory figure will reappear in subsequent historical epochs. He is a man of seemingly inexhaustible energy when successful, but a pitiful and terrified nonentity the moment his luck turns against him.”
    The Socialist Phenomenon by Igor Shafarevich

  26. Hmmm…seems like we got a Koch brothers comment thrown in the Comments. I need to ask US Army Vet if he’s on the same team as Goeroge Soros spending billions of dollars on pro Obama and anti Republican campaigns? Do they teach Democrat commenters to invoke the Koch brothers or evil BIG BUSINESS in all their posts just to show a comparison of all the big money Republicans throw at their candidates to deflect the small money that poor schlubs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, George Sors, Arianna Huffington, Warren Buffet, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, NEA, most of Hollywood, et al throw at theirs?

  27. So, can we assume that now these local reporters will have to provide their questions in advance to assure that some other principled reporter cannot provoke this fraud of a president into showing his true colors?? Love that Plouffe’s plan backfired. This episode will definitely not help O’s plummeting poll numbers. The jig is up.

  28. Being from TexasI saw the clip in question. The local reporter had the temerity to correct an obvious mischaracterization of the president. He then asked a direct question that the President didn’t want to have to address -something I haven’t seen the Washington press corp or national news stars do in two years. The whole episode just highlighted why the Washington press corp and national news have become irrelevant

  29. The O lost his composure. His body language said more than his words. The current media pool is apparently afraid to ask real questions (you are excluded Keith, no offense meant for your reporting). All they do is give softball questions and no follow up. As for the O’s superior intellect, release the college transcripts. For that matter release all his US school records. He has always been petty and vain…

  30. I voted against Clinton, Gore, Kerry and Obama. I thought the reporter was irritating. Are politicians or reporters worse? Sometimes it is hard to tell. The reporter got an answer, and asked the same question again. For someone with only 7 minutes, not good time management. Obama clearly was wishing he was somewhere else. If the reporter was more prepared, he might have really irritated the president by asking better questions. I call it a draw.

  31. What would Obama do if someone threw their shoes at him? I doubt he’d handle it like W did. He’s so quick to criticize others, but he can’t take it himself.

  32. “Why are you so unpopular in Texas?” is a stupid, stupid, idiotic, garbage question! Go ask Texans!! If that reporter asks me “why are you so unpopular with your wife?” he’s gonna get a LOT worse than a scolding.

    1. The difference is that Texans were smart enough to reject Obama soundly. Can’t help you answer the wife question, although I have my suspicions.

  33. President O gets his history wrong:
    -Texas historically a D state really up until the 1980s
    -it was a Texas R, President Bush, who tried real immigration reform and was shot down by protectionist, labour controlled Ds in the Senate

    respectfully, please don’t spin history

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