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Obama Morning News || April 19, 2011

Standard & Poors signalled it may lower the U.S. credit rating because it doesn’t think significant steps will be taken to cut the deficit, but the White House termed the move a political judgement it doesn’t agree with.

A Pentagon report ripped the credibility of a Rolling Stone article that led Obama to fire Gen. Stanley McChrystal as Afghan war commander.

GOP oversight officials accuse the Obama administration of “slow walking” responses to oversight requests.

Obama will pick some of Hollywood’s deep pockets while out in California this week.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a bill that would have required President Obama and others to prove their U.S. births before appearing on the state ballot. A California Republican official apologized for sending an email that depicts Obama as a chimpanzee.

The president plans to hold an Easter prayer breakfast. And Obama seems wistful as he approaches his 50th birthday, POLITICO reports.

2 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || April 19, 2011”

  1. Of course S&P’s outlook is a “political judgement”. They have looked at the politicians and decided that they are unserious about the massive overspending. But for the administration the important thing to do, now that S&P has been picked, is to freeze it, then personalize it, then polarize it.

    1. Exactly. The term political judgment was meant to have a negative connotation, a suggestion that S&P was playing politics, but deniable since Goolsbee could then say, “Oh I just meant they were analyzing the politics of it.”

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