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Obama Holds Town Hall in Virginia on Budget

The event has concluded.

29 thoughts on “Obama Holds Town Hall in Virginia on Budget”

  1. Cleaned out the Old Strawman Store again, I hear. Congress is a-stuffin’, some folks say… the usual. Not a final “g” to be found.

      1. He didn’t! I just tuned in. After I made the video on the varying first times he wakes up, he said it again referring to the American dream, I’m saving them for future use. I assume this one was about jobs.

        Gates wasn’t informed about the additional new $400 billion defense cuts that were mentioned in his GWU speech.Gates said it would severely cut into our defense. That’s how much BO loves the military.

      2. Star, it is never too early to drink during the Obama Regime…

        Dropping ‘g’ s, shirt sleeves rolled up, if someone ‘faints’ we have the Trifecta.

        Did the use a ‘diversity’ seating chart for the students?

        1. I like how he said calling on boy, girl, boy girl was “fair.” How about old young, rich poor, black white, Rep Dem–all the divisions you have encouraged.

    1. Have you ever heard him say during his little asides anything witty or half way intelligent? If you have let me know because I have watched him endlessly and his much vaunted brain power eludes me?

        1. Ben Stein (“Bueller”…”Bueller”), who comes off as drolly snobby and drawly, said last nite on Cavuto that he didn’t think Obama was intelligent at all–that Obama came up with things everyone has known for yrs and even millennia and seemed to think these things were new. Exactly!

  2. Okay. This answer to the question about “alternative energy” and the price of fuel is rambling and getting nowhere near the answer. He is utterly clueless about this. He’s pontificating on the subject and he couldn’t get a drop of gasoline or a watt of energy to market if his life depended on it.

  3. He’s obviously campaigning – duh. So how does this work – he gets to have “town halls” stacked with fawning Obamots, and we pay the tab?

    Isn’t he supposed to keep campaigning separate from his POTUS duties?

    Not that the cowed GOP will say a word about this – they’re begging to be abused again. Fund the czars regardless of the deal made, keep $$$ for the killing machine a/k/a Planned Parenthood, and increase funding for Pravda a/k/a NPR/PBS. That’s what “bi-partisanship” means to our clueless, slumbering Republican representatives.

    1. I’m not sure these people all were rObots. He got a couple of fairly tough questions and even if they are currently supporters, most looked very unhappy.

      1. I misspoke … he has peeps for those duties – the iReggie; Valerie, secretary to Soros; spook John Brennan, who’s been invisible lately because he’s been in Egypt & its environs orchestrating the “spontaneous” uprisings; and Goebbels – oops, I meant Cass Sunstein.

        So all he has to do is appear … kind of like Chauncey Gardiner.

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