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Obama Silent on Storms That Killed Dozens

Devastating storms roared through the South Saturday, killing 45 people and destroying the lives of an untold number of survivors, but President Obama has said nothing so far, either publicly or through a written White House statement.

Instead, the president went golfing Sunday.

Obama has been criticized as being slow off the mark in responding to a variety of crises, from the horrific Gulf oil spill to the rebellion against Qaddafi in Libya.

Obama’s inability to muster a few minutes of public empathy on behalf of the country for those reeling from Saturday’s tragic events is another failure of leadership for the president.

And the decision by Obama’s handlers to allow to get on the golf course Sunday without making any kind of statement about Saturday’s domestic disaster is incomprehensible.

The new team in charge led by Chief of Staff William Daley and Senior Adviser David Plouffe was supposed to be hard at work eliminating Obama’s tone deafness. But they seem to be mainly hard at work on his reelection campaign.

Obama’s advisers most recently green lighted a family trip to Latin America that looked a lot like a partial vacation, a televised showcase of him selecting his NCAA brackets, and yes, an outing on the golf course – all while the president was launching the United States into a war with Libya.

I assume he will at least say something about the storms today. But the people affected them were suffering YESTERDAY. Even though it was supposed to be a day off.

26 thoughts on “Obama Silent on Storms That Killed Dozens”

  1. Detached much ? Same ol’, same ol’, remember the Oil spill?
    I used to think that if some natural disaster hit, say the south side of Chicago, he might care, but now I doubt even that.

  2. I knew when this happened he wouldn’t comment but to have the nerve to go golfing takes the cake! His lack of leadership is pathetic. I can’t think of one domestic event that he actually demonstrated character and compassion. I remember last year during the flooding in Tennessee he didn’t say one word about it. I can hardly stomach reading our hearing any more about this man-child.

  3. I had the TV on, saw devastation–I said, “Oh, no–where?” My daughter was in the kitchen, looked up–“Here…North Carolina..Our country.” Yup–our country.

  4. The people in the areas affected by these deadly storms don’t need to hear an insincere, opportune message from a President who doesn’t really care.
    They will bury and mourn their dead, aid the wounded, clean up and rebuild as a caring community without MrO’s help or concern.

      1. You know, SrDem, you are right. I think that any comments NOW by BO or FLOTUS would be like pouring salt in the wound, and seen as such an afterthought. If he can put golfing and campaigning before the lives of the very people he wants to reelect him, then he doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air that the victims of the terrible storms do. He is so irresponsible and selfish and narcissistic, it completely disgusts me. Let the real help and compassion come from REAL RED-BLOODED AMERICANS. We are such a kind and generous people. We help our own, as well as the rest of the world. Any type of “help” or “concerned comments” now would just be seen as campaign ops.

  5. Here was a comment from the poster “Cleophis Fly Juice” on the golf thread that’s worth repeating:

    I don’t know why they say Obama has a disconnect???

    On a completely unrelated note…..
    Just some headlines that caught my eye from Sunday:
    KILL 40+
    World Bank President: World ‘one shock away from full-blown crisis’
    Gas at $4 in 6 states
    5 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan
    Gaddafi forces advanced on Ajdabiya under a heavy artillery barrage
    Obama goes golfing – Round 64

  6. Now, now… Barry Soetoro is capable of empathy. He feels sorry for
    Barack Obama when Barack can’t get away to squeeze fruit or squeeze in a few rounds of golf.

  7. Keith would agree with your comtempt except for one minor thing PRESIDENT OBAMA IS DOING A LOCAL INTERVIEW WITH A DURHAM, NC AFFILIATE YOU KNOW THE DURHAM THAT GOT HIT THE HARDEST!!!!!!!! never sieze to amaze me the DC press corp act like spoiled children. Why not have this headline on your blog…..from earlier today Pres. Obama authorizes disaster assistance for areas in California struck by tsunami waves on March 11, 2011.. not a big deal?? Guess talking directly to the people affected doesnt wet the appetite of kieth and his bretheren in this case. Kieth im sure you will post the Durham interview on your site wright?

    1. So you’re fine with his going golfing after these disasters occurred on Saturday? If this were a Republican president your tune would change. He also golfed during the tsunami and during many other crises. He doesn’t give a damn. That doesn’t mean he won’t make a phone call…big of him. Last year during the floods in Tennessee he was totally indifferent.

    2. If GWB had only done a local interview with a New Orleans affiliate two days after the hurricane, the MSM would have been all over him as being uncaring. If it had taken GWB over a MONTH to authorize emergency assistance for those hit by Katrina, the MSM mob would have been howling 24 hours a day. If he had gone out golfing we never would have heard the end of it. Barry Soetoro gets a pass by the lapdog media as usual.

    3. Keith is probably waiting for the Prez’s phone calls to the other states that suffered terrible losses like Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisana, Kansas, Missouri……

  8. Tornado’s? Those take place in fly-over country. I only go there when Michelle requests I make a pit stop in St. Louis for chocolate covered hotdogs… otherwise, I am not sure what a tornado is, really.

    1. President’s role is to express grief on behalf the country, rally others to donate and help, and provide comfort to those affected through his presence onsite or through public remarks. He’s done none of it.

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