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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10:15 am || Town hall meeting on the deficit; Annandale, VA
3:25 pm || Meets with “a broad group of business, law enforcement, faith, and current and former elected and appointed leaders from across the political spectrum;” State Dining Room
4:30 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Gates

All Times Eastern

7 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, April 19, 2011

  1. I wonder if during all of these election events if he plans on acknowledging the victims of these tornado’s that ripped through the south this weekend.Figure the 40+ dead and 100+ wounded,not to mention the massive damage would have warranted at least 10 minutes of his time…(and that’s a generous 8 minutes to get his feet off the desk and walk down the hall for a 2 minute speech.)
    Barry didn’t even get his little mouthpiece to bring it up..(must be making phone calls for donations.)
    Cant we just give him and his followers California,Nevada,Oregon,Washington and Idaho and just let them have their own lil country?They will ruin it in 5 years,then we can slide in and take it back!
    Everyday with this fool,the country dies just that much more..

    • Just despicable isn’t it? Not one little word and there is military involved in this as well! I thought their new agenda was supporting our military? Fakers.

    • Unfortunately, those victims of the tornados were “just” Americans. Had it been Haiti or one of his Arab brothers, he would have “reached out” (an overused term I hate hearing). Notice he has had almost zero compassion for our ally, Japan.

  2. I’ve got a feeling the Town Hall is actually another campaigning event. I have zero trust of him. IF he really loved the USA, he would be on top of the disaster that happened across the South and Southeast. Say what you may about GWB, but he had lots more class that the current occupant of the office.