As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Morning News || April 18, 2011

The White House is embracing al Jazeera as a source of information and a potential force for democracy in the Middle East according to POLITICO. George W. Bush and his aides had offered up contempt for the network.

Treasury Secretary Geithner says Republicans understand the gravity of not lifting the debt limit and have told the White House they would consider raising it even without a deal to cut spending. Both the White House and Republicans think they have leverage in the upcoming fight, The Hill reports.

President Obama hits the road this week, staging three “town hall” events, including an appearance with Facebook in Silicon Valley, in an attempt to steal the deficit issue from the Republicans. Obama and Congress may also try to tackle Social Security in a low-profile effort, the Wall Street Journal reports. Distrcit of Columbia officials are furious at Obama over budget deal provisions they think sell them out.

The president held a little-noticed meeting with enviros at the White House Friday. Attorney General Eric Holder stands accused of ignoring porn – the fight over it, that is.

And Rep. Michele Bachmann says Obama is “not on our side” and calls his decision to get involved in Libya “foolish.”

3 Responses to Obama Morning News || April 18, 2011

  1. I’ve watched al Jazeera a few times, fascinating stuff there. They’re as biased as our own MSM can be. While our MSM is “Dems good, Repubs bad”, al Jazeera doesn’t like either group.
    Porn/smorn; if consenting adults want to watch other consenting adults do whatever makes them all happy it falls under “Freedom of Speech”.
    Involving children isn’t porn, it’s a criminal action.
    If the first Black President throws the good people of DC under the bus will they still vote for him? of course. And, he knows that. Shame on him.

  2. Interesting story about the DC “sell out” and the reactions to it. As I recall, the voucher program was extremely popular, to the point that when the administration shut it down they had to grandfather in students who were already on it due to the outcry.