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Obama Heads Out For Some Sports

This is the Washington, DC forecast for Sunday afternoon.

Plentiful sunshine. High 64F. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 mph.

And this is the forecast for President Obama this afternoon:


He’s got the usual crew in tow, including Energy Department staffer David Katz and White House trip director Marvin Nicholson. Marvin’s brother Walter also got an invite.

This is Obama’s 64th time out on the links as president. The 2011 season is off to blistering pace. It’s his third time out in the last three weeks and his sixth time out this year – and it’s not even May.

157 thoughts on “Obama Heads Out For Some Sports”

  1. Remember when the MSM crucified Bush for playing golf while the wars were going on, and so Bush quit?

    Obama has three wars going on and not a peep of criticism.

  2. Golf? How many more times did Bush go mountain biking?

    This thread is rather ridiculous, you racist red state yokels should do a little research before you attack OUR president for his leisure activities.

    Bush Jr. spent more time on vacation then ANY OTHER PRESIDENT in AMERICAN HISTORY. Now I am not surprised that you would not know that because you are too busy having your minds warped by Fox news.

    I’m surprised none of you has complained about there being a black man on a golf course.

    1. Better check your facts now. Obama is the most traveled pres to vacation. DOnt count bush’s ranch as a vacation travel cuz that is not putting up money for hotel stay. Obama has not traveled to his “home” in chicago since he took office.

    2. He’s black? I thought his mother was white. What makes him black again? Two words: Tiger Woods…you know the famous Chinese golfer.

      1. Some one else's child!

        Bravo! Yes… How interesting it is that ALL useful idiots left of center seem not to comprehend that this faux prez is indeed, and very much – in fact – 50% white!!!

  3. And the media watches out for America ……. Obama media doing as they are commanded, hiding/ignoring the Obama terrorism against America

    1. It truly has become a “State Controlled Media”, and one has to wonder how they sleep at night. If they were Doctors the lot of them would be hauled in for Deliberate Malpractice.

  4. Four men were playing golf, about to tee off on the 4th hole, when 3 Secret Service men came running toward them. The one leading the charge yelled “A nuclear bomb has just been detonated in midtown Manhattan! Do you mind if the President plays through?”

  5. You have to admit, for a guy that was told by either the New World Order or the Bilderberg Group or whomever runs the country/world, he’s doing exactly as they must have told him… Don’t do a thing, you are just a puppet.

  6. Everytime I see this illegal muslim, in whatever capacity he is in…I could vomit…It should be evident, he has brought a real curse on this nation…

  7. I heard Barrack shot a 78 today!!! Keep up the good work Prez!

    But really, in corporate America they advanced incompetent affirmative action hires – where do we promote this one too? Hopefully the country will wake up and promote him to retirement.

  8. this pres is the most worthless, useless body we have had in the wh. the only thing he has achieved in the time he has been there is take aunt jemima and his skinny daughters on vacation. i will be soo so happy when this term is up and he goes down the road kicking horse turds……

  9. As usual this quota puppet heads out for his recreation hour while America sinks further into the abyss.

    The royalty attitude seems to be increasing in our socialist king.

    Pray for lung cancer for this pathetic piece of trash.

  10. He plays golf while a six year old girl gets molested by a TSA agent! Anyone who can’t see the problem in this has a bigger problem!

  11. He does this while men overseas are in harms way. This commie knows no dignity that comes with the Oval Office. I hope all his balls end up in the water or out of bounds. Better get all the rounds you can Marxist; because 2012 is just around the corner and most of the independents know what you are now!

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  13. A real President would have gone to some tornado-struck areas, Oh, I forgot – those were mostly “red” states, so they don’t count.

  14. Am one of those that gets a bit ill to my stomach when i see obama on TV. Arrogance and this sense of being disingenuous just spill out of him.
    REMEMBER: If you voted for this putz in the last election to prove that you were not a racist, you surely must vote agianst him in the next election to prove that you are not stupid!!

  15. I could see all the trips if he and his team seemed to be ahead of the curve, but they always seem a day, (or week, or month), late and several dollars short.

  16. I don’t fault a busy man getting some ‘down time’ and as an ex-golfer I know you cannot play the game and worry about your troubles. I could “lose” myself for a few hours. The MSM tore into GWB unmercifully for his occasional golf round but their free passes for Obama on everything just galls. A plague on their house for their biases.

  17. 64 times golfing. At least he’s not buggering the war in Libya, driving up energy prices and bankrupting the country when he’s out there.

  18. I thought he wasn’t going to rest until…well, you know, those sixteen things he said he wasn’t going to rest until they were fixed, like his unemployment rate double Bush’s highest and all — even with jimmying the number of available jobs to push the rate down.

  19. There is no doubt Barry Soetoro will be viewed by history as the worst president ever. He makes Jimmy Carter look Presidential.

  20. Mr. Obama understands that one man can do just so much to bring down the most powerful country in the world. And I am sure at some point, that the American people will at least vote him out of office for doing to them what no external enemy could do. It is difficult to understand someone who has been given so much is hell bent on punishing the society that made it all possible. Good intentions some times results in the dog you love, feed, and take care of, attacking you.

    There are people in the U.S. who hate everything abought it. It is so difficult to understand Americans who hate America, and want to fundamentally kill the American dream. But we let it happen.

  21. This president will go down in American history as the one who played more golf than Eisenhower.If Obama needs a hobby, I hear doing your job works. Let’s tell Obama it’s back to playing on public courses in 2012.

  22. his sixth time out this year – and it’s not even May.

    Hey Kieth, I hate the guy but tell me, how often do you think he shoul play?

  23. Isn’t it interesting how Barry has played far more rounds of golf now in his 2.5 years than George Bush did in EIGHT years, but for some reason if George Bush played golf, the “mainstream” media went HYSTERICAL about George neglecting his job while the world suffered?

    That’s not hypocrisy or bias, folks.

    That’s full blown PROPAGANDA. The “mainstream” media is out in the open, and any honest person can see they are nothing but “Pravda West” for the Democrat Party.

  24. I have no problem with the guy playing once per week…hell, 2x per week. In fact, if he just played golf, I’d have no problem with the guy at all…the problem is, he doesn’t just play golf.

  25. Yesterday was a good day for the nation, Obumbler was playing pasture pool and not screwing the country. Anytime he plays he can’t be doing so uch damage. Keep on swinging Obumbler.

  26. I wish that
    someone document all the lies from OBama’s sound bites. He is returning to the ploy used in the past, in dividing the nation via his llies!
    Next ploy will be union thugs giving vocal interfernce at GOP outings!

  27. Since O.B. went into offfice i can not afford to golf and he has already golf more than both bushes clinton and ronnie put together and when he golfs the whole course is shut down the day before so they can guard it all night just in case someone in the air force wants to off him please give them a break go putt putt at home and get gas pricing under control first


  29. where are all the liberal whiners. gas going to 5.00 a gallon and i havnt heard one msm complain. if this was bush they would be calling for his impeachment.obamas sarcastic reply was get rid of your gas guzzler that gets 8 miles to the gallon. only car i know that gets that kind of mileage is his. are the liberals getting cheaper gas somewhere, no complaining even from their welfare far people.

  30. I wouldn’t trust Obama to keep score..He is trying to figure out why his drives always go far Left Hooker…”The Boggey Man” Lets see Department of Energy and Trip advisor. Both of which we don’t need. Just call it Job Security..Ah when one sees the Golf Cart, we know where the Idea of the Volt came from..If it wasn’t for the Golf Couse, he wouldn’t know where Andrews Air Force Base is. Every time he hits into a Sand Trap, he calls General Petreus, to ask how the hell do I get out of this mess.
    Everytime thePresident plays Golf, the whole in one country is right there with him, getting “Teed” off.

  31. Well, at least he is working to get something right – even if it is his stroke (yeah, insert every bad joke you can x2).

    Too bad he can’t do anything else. I guess he sweet talked enough losers into voting him in so he could get cheap vacations by the dozen and plenty of golf rounds. To hell with the country and world – personal business first!!!!

  32. Well Mr “President” (ho ho what a joke) yoru are the most arrogant, selfish “President” in last 150 years, just go away, anywhere, but leave us in America alone!! You are a disgrace …

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