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Obama Heads Out For Some Sports

This is the Washington, DC forecast for Sunday afternoon.

Plentiful sunshine. High 64F. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 mph.

And this is the forecast for President Obama this afternoon:


He’s got the usual crew in tow, including Energy Department staffer David Katz and White House trip director Marvin Nicholson. Marvin’s brother Walter also got an invite.

This is Obama’s 64th time out on the links as president. The 2011 season is off to blistering pace. It’s his third time out in the last three weeks and his sixth time out this year – and it’s not even May.

157 thoughts on “Obama Heads Out For Some Sports”

  1. I know he’s not addicted and it’s the only time he gets to be outside for four hours at a stretch but aren’t there others in the military stationed at Andrews AFB who would love to play on a Sunday afternoon…you know people who really work…people who Barack and Michelle always say they admire?

      1. So tell me “Granny,” where did you grow up, in a shotgun shack after being conceived when your folks had a quickie in the outhouse? Just wondering since you asked something similar of our President.

        1. I grew up in Indonesia where I attended Catholic and Muslim schools. It was in Indonesia that I heard the most beautiful sound in the world “behead the infidels”. There I acquired my vast foreign policy experience.
          I graduated from Harvard Medical school where I edited the Skull and Bones. Then I became, naturally, a community organizer and the rest is history. Anything else you want to know?

          1. Yes, but Obama was at Yale, Duke, Stanford, Northwestern, TCU, Baylor, and Georgia Tech, too…any place he needs to be, to prove he is a great American citizen…

  2. What does he wife and children do when he disappears to the golf course? I thought he is suppose to be a wonderful parent.

    1. They praise Allah for the peace and quiet while he is gone and they don’t have to listen to his ranting and raving about how great he thinks he his.

      1. Some one else's child!

        Whoa! Wait a minute, Captain. Might I offer a different interpretation… Queen Misha can brainwash… uh, espouse and teach her own queenly stature upon the children wholly un-inhibited sans competition from The One!

      1. I’m not sure they ever had a chance. Untrained, unarmed, leaderless and our ill-advised NFZ only made things worse.
        Our mistake in the MiddleEast is to assume that the people are like us. We’re independent, free speaking, not afraid of our leader(s) and not afraid of confrontation. They are conditioned to obey their leader(s), don’t have freedom of speech and are bound by a single religious code of behaviour. Our kind of democracy is as foreign to them, they choose their leaders by tribal association.
        Unless we put the boots-on-the-ground, the rebels are doomed.

        1. Untrained, unarmed, leaderless and our ill-advised NFZ only made things worse. ——- Sounds like the rebels are just like obama.. They are just like obama and the middle class in America has to put up with his
          CORRUPT INCOMPENDENCE for another 18 months

        2. No one thought Rahm had a chance either, after a judge ruled he couldn’t run for mayor…funny how things turn out…

          Just sayin’ ;)

    1. I’m in Afghanistan and here’s a little tip for you. Whenever you hear “NATO troops killed”. There is a 99% chance it’s Americans.
      With the exception of a few British troops, the only ones fighting are American! The press feels that if they say NATO the general public will think the KIA’s are from some other country than the U.S.

    1. Yours is so much better than mine. You would not believe how long it took me to get those two headlines, but I wanted to make a point after the ridiculous attempt to cut you down by Dweebb

      1. Thanks, what irks me is except for Keith and Mark Knoller’s tweet there has been nothing about his golf today. Considering all the other news you pointed to, it’s not right. Looking at his schedule for tommorrow it’s even more outrageous. I always say to myself, what if this were George Bush?

        1. Totally agree. Sometimes I cannot believe the things this man gets away with. He is definitely in a league of his own. I too was waiting for the MSM to talk about his whereabouts today, but I only heard crickets!!!!

  3. Short pants and short temper. His golf game looks like a drunken Charles Barkley blindfolded. He is only out there to stay away from the fat wife and to have a couple of cigarettes. What a fool.

  4. As the CEO of a small, under $50 million company. I can’t find the time to golf and vacation like our President. I work, spend time with my wife and 4 kids and try to work out every day for an hour or so. Vacations always involve a couple of hours of work a day. I am not complaining about my life . It is great ! Golf for 4 hours? Maybe 3 times a year.. We all make our choices.. His is a short 4 or maybe 8 year deal.. Get to work!

  5. Obama: “What’s Palm Sunday?”. Don’t worry, though, he’ll be in a lot of churches in the fall of 2012, doing his MLK imitation. And after Nov 6, 2012, he’ll never set foot in a church again.

  6. Military golf courses are funded by Non-appropriated funds–mainly profits from the base exchanges which are intended to fund recreational activities for our servicemember. Whenever Obama and his cronies go to a military golf course they are in effect mooching off the US servicemember whose Recreation funds pay for the upkeep of these courses. And of course when Obama takes his buds to play on military courses at Andrews and Ft Belvoir which he does on an almost weekly basis he denies servicemembers the chance to use the courses while he is playing–not to mention causing a major disruption on the bases. Obama needs to take his game to Burning Tree or Congressional or one of the many private clubs in the DC area (of course I have notice that he has a distinct preference for Fairfax County ) that would be happy to host him and give our military courses back to the servicemembers for whom they are intended.

  7. It would be nice if he would give the Country as much attention as he does his golf game. But with this clown that’s asking for too much.

  8. What a self centered piece of shit. Tornadoes, Libya & Afghanistan and this asshole hits the links. Again. More of our tax dollars at work!

  9. A little boy said to his mother,
    “Mommy, how come I’m black and you’re white?”
    His mother replied, “Don’t even go there, Barack!
    From what I can remember about that party, You’re lucky you don’t bark!”

  10. I think he’s trying to help OJ find Nicole’s killer. That or looking for his birth certificate. Or maybe just out with some friends to celebrate 4/20 with a big fat Hawaiian blunt rolled with Nigerian paper.

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  12. I agreed with you up to the ethnic slurs. PLEASE, whatever your personal idiodyncracies are regarding other ethnic entities, by voicing such biogotay you discredit those of us who have no interest in ethnic/racial division, but just want to depose the pretender who resides in our White House. You do a diservice to all of all of us who view the man purely by the lack of his experience, his political analytic inability and his small, petty grievances a la the way he treated Ryan by placing him in the front row of his speach last week, just for the Executive Privilege of insulting an elected official. What a very very small man, no matter what his ethnicity or color. Disgraceful.

    1. You’re right. Just because we have a racist president who refers to the grandmother who raised him as a “typical white woman” who hates blacks, and who rips Christians and Jews and mocks the disabled athletes in the Special Olympics — and spent 20 years in a racist, black nationalist church — no need to stoop to his level.

  13. OK, so I spent my Sunday replacing my Sears (bought American, but it was probably manufactured in China) garage door opener – 5 hours – avoiding the $150 installation fee so I could save money due to the lousy economy, freezing in my 45 degree garage, and Barack was out golfing. Figures. Hey America, next time, can we vote for someone with “work ethic” and “character?” This isn’t working for me. I love golfing, but can’t afford it right now. That’s ok with me, but shouldn’t our “leader” be setting a better example around “sacrifice?” Geez!

  14. He’ll probably be on the golf course a lot more – dodging the FEC investigators who are investigating his campaign contributions for 2008. Seems there were over 37,000 contributions from Foreign countries, there are numerous contributions over the $4,500 federal election limit, and he has not given back the donors overage. He also refuses to release his list of donors. He thinks he is a dictator who can do as he pleases. To him, laws are made to be broken, but to you and me, we have to abide by the law.

    1. Excellent post: Let’s hope that Trump REALLY does have an investigation of Obama happening-No One else does and Obama has gone to great lengths to cover his hidden past and his records. No one else would do it, so I pray that Trump continues and shows this guy for the corruptness that he is all about. He is ruining America, with the dictator/king-like attitudes he has, as he tramples our very own Constitution. He stacked that Supreme Court with HIS cronies that believe like Kagan & Obama in Sharia Law. We pray that Trump
      outs this fraud and show those who voted him into office, how THEY got conned by the Chicago Con.

  15. Japan much? You know the one that will be leaking for the next YEAR? The worlds current largest nuclear disaster?

    Didnt you get the memo?

  16. Raymond N Felitto III

    scum. Enough said. Bush sent troops out he put down the clubs but nothing keeps ghettobama from getting in his weekly smokes, cigars, crack hits and drunkenness on his Sunday golf rounds.

    He should be impeached and charged with gross dereliction of duty as he’s a fucking disgrace

  17. JandJ: Good post. I too wonder how this guy gets away with so much-it’s obvious the LapDog Media still cover for him, and he cares less about what REALLY is going on in the world. They ignored the fact that HE wanted to invade Libya(then got the UN participants) but notice how quiet the LibMedia is about it. It’s Obama’s War-so he can’t very well say that Libya attacked America, as the Radical Muslims(his people) DID ON BUSH’S WATCH ON 9/11. This guy is the puppet to Soros, who IS controlling him, along with the leftover 60’s hippies that were anti America then and STILL are, as they all want a “One World Order”, and Soros is now preparing to devalue OUR dollar, causing financial ruin to America, and try to impose a financial ONE monetary system. Soros devalued the UK pound, and caused chaos, and tried to do same to France, but they sued him twice for insider trading. Soros, Andy Stern, commie Van Jones, Pelosi, Reid, Wm.Ayres and Wife -O’s Terrorist friends, O’s Communist Mentor-Frank Davis of Hawaii, his Marxist Rev.Wright,
    Trumka the Socialist Pres.of the Union, the List goes on and on with
    Obama and his Corrupt Regime and Associates. This guy should be impeached for DELIBERATELY TRYING TO RUIN OUR NATION, BECAUSE HE TOO, IS ANTI-AMERICA(Arrogant America-his words)

  18. You people who sit here spinning lies and damned lies…? America is watching you and your reign of unfettered bullshit is coming to an end.

    What will you do when the Koch Brothers have to fire you all befause you are obsolete.

    America belongs to its diverse peoples. Not to racists. Not to misogyninst. Not to Homophobes. America is, by it’s founding and its very nature – liberal.

    We wish you well wherever you move to.

    1. America belongs to Americans who will fight to stay free. Not a bunch of dope dealing 12-to-a-room illegals who only want a free ride. And we’re not afraid of homos either, we just call’m like we see’m, confused people who were probably abused by other twisted perverts early in life.

  19. Why all the anger? After all he did put in almost a full eight hours this week in the White House, and did cancel his vacation, #14 this year to Williamsburg didn’t he? He has a lot on his plate! Too bad he’s got nothing between his ears! What a vindictive, spiteful, egotistical self absorbed guy he is. Sen Done Nothing became Prez Do nothing and we’re footing the bills for all his excesses! Wonder how much of that Stim, money is finding its way back into his 2012 campaign chest? You “journalists” ougfht to look into that.

  20. I don’t know why they say Obama has a disconnect???

    On a completely unrelated note…..
    Just some headlines that caught my eye from Sunday:
    KILL 40+
    World Bank President: World ‘one shock away from full-blown crisis’
    Gas at $4 in 6 states
    5 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan
    Gaddafi forces advanced on Ajdabiya under a heavy artillery barrage
    Obama goes golfing – Round 64

  21. WHO F—ing CARES!!! Let the guy play golf. Did the count the amount of times that Bush cleared brush at this ranch?? (And yes, I voted for and support Bush). This is NOT news.
    As for clearing the course…that’s a Secret Service call, not up to the President.
    You telling me this is news?

    1. Well stated Scott. While my personal feelings about this Communist are best left unsaid, please remember folks that in this 24 hour news cycle, YOUR President will always do something to loss off one side of the aisle. Back off spouses and children. Only shows ignorance and hatred that the MSM picks up on. He is out in 2012 and been effectively castrated by the House until then. Stop the hatred and figure out if Ron Paul is electable. Until then, let the man play golf. At least he can not screw anything else up.

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