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ObamaBlogoSphere: This Week on Other Blogs

Doug Powers over at notes that the President Obama, who Wednesday said Rep. Paul Ryan’s evil budget would “lead to a fundamentally different America” is the exact same Obama – there are photos to prove it – who said just before Election Day 2008 that “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Dan Reihl makes the case that the Donald Trump phenomenon is really a case of “none of the above.” And he’s right, this plays a big role. Most of the Republican’s in or about to get in the field are either stiffs who are disconnected from the base or not very credible as  presidential candidates. If there were anyone getting people excited, Trump would be an amusing sideshow that might eventually move to center stage, not second in the race. Obama’s greatest strength so far seems to be his opposition.

Andrew Malcolm reports that Vice President Biden, having fallen asleep during Obama’s budget speech, is now awake and talking. What Malcolm leaves out is that many reporters like me who have covered Biden over the years will attest that he can likely continues talking even while comatose.

Keith Hennessey writes that the political document Obama released in his Wednesday speech – masquerading as a deficit reduction plan, has three goals:

  • A small deficit accomplishment to rebuild credibility with independents;
  • A vigorous and political tax fight; and
  • The political benefits of scaring senior citizens.

A piece by Jake Tapper suggests to me that President Obama MUST HAVE TOTALY FORGOTTEN about his campaign criticism of George W. Bush’s signing statements when he wrote that he won’t abide by a provision in the budget deal law that removes funding for his White House Czars because he things it’s unconstitutional.

And Ace of Spades wants to know why Obama is constructing YET ANOTHER  deficit commission, when there’s only three reasonable recommendations any of them can make:

  • Jack up taxes to unprecedented rates, especially on the middle class, which is going to be surprised at being taxed at a 40% rate (and that’s just the feds’ take)
  • Begin preparing for the process of default and hyperinflation. We Go Greek, in other words.
  • Reduce spending on entitlements.

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  1. Oh, boy–I just got a lecture from my sister on how “smart” Scott Simon is and how I should read his book and how “smart” Arianna is for getting people to write for free. I need a nap. She is like a one-woman MSNBC.

  2. Lest we forget, the FLOTUS and MrsBiden are doing their part to raise awareness that our military families aren’t forgotten.
    A verbatim account of MrsO talking to children of our military:
    LADY M: Great! We are excited to be here. This has been a big day for Jill and myself because yesterday we launched this huge national initiative. We’re calling it Joining Forces, as Jill mentioned. We’re rallying the country to make sure they’re aware of your stories, you guys’ stories, because you know you are heroes just like your parents are? Do you realize that? Because you all are sacrificing. Your lives have been turned upside down, but you guys are doing it with grace, and we’re so, so very proud of you.

    OK, this time she actually is talking to 8 year olds. I know. It’s sometimes hard to tell.

    And today we’ve been all over the country. Just today do you know how many cities we’ve been to in just one day? We were in North Carolina, then we flew to San Antonio, and now we’re here! And tomorrow we’re going to Ohio. We’re all over the place because we’re trying to spread the word
    According to MrsO, the WhiteHouse staff took up a collection to buy what she called “WhiteHouse onesies” to give to the military wives who were pregnant. She claims that they’re going to get “communities, businesses and non-profits” involved in “JoiningForces” to help these “sacrificing” people.

    What’s the end game here? Just like the “Let’s Move” crapola wasn’t about the obese children but about passing legislation changing the way our school children eat and expanding the hours of the cafeteria workers.

    1. I don’t think military fams should be on food stamps–we should be paying enough. Is that still an issue? And who says no one apprecs the military–this isn’t Vietnam days. I also think injured military should get the best care, no red tape, BS, the best! Does she worry about that or is this all a big order from the Straw Man Store?

    2. srdem, you should be a reporter. What’s the end game is right. There will surely be some type of program and funding line in the next budget. And it may well not be limited to just military families.

      1. And to take it one step forward…the program and funding line will be at the discretion of yet another non-accountable Czar.

        On an up side…those White House Onesies will soon be as full of poo as the ‘good intentions’ of ‘Joining Forces.’

        Somebody pass the baby wipes…

  3. Thank you for the round up Keith. Jake Tapper’s article really floored me. That he issued a signing statement is a side issue. He can’t just ignore the bill he signed into law that defunds four of his czar positions. Congress controls the purse strings, and no president has the power or the authority to spend a penny until Congress appropriates it. Boehner had better stop his crying, grow a pair, and confront this man’s blatant usurpation of authority. Meanwhile, we can do nothing but sit on the sidelines and watch as he shreds the constitution and our country slips away.

  4. What military families were these two “do gooders” talking to. Everyone goes weepy when we talk about the military and rational thinking goes out the window. There is a big difference between enlisted and officer families.
    Here is a salary comparison taken from the US Military website. (I know the health care cost for most police officers are paid for by the local government and not the officers)
    Civilian Job Army Job*
    Police Patrol Officer Military Police Sergeant
    $49,953** $29,380
    0 $16,164
    Food Allowance
    0 $3,900
    Special Pay
    0 $1,800
    Tax Advantages
    0 $2,716***
    Health Care
    – $13,100{I think this wrong) included
    Net Income
    $36,368 $53,960

    As with any job if you are not making enough money why are you having a family? There are too many people in this country who can’t think or plan for themselves. they want the government to do it for them.

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  6. Just image how things would be if Pelosi and the Democrats were still running the House. We can slow them up until January 2013 if we survive that long.

  7. If it is so, as Dan Reihl says, that there are no Republicans getting the base excited, maybe it’s because the Republicans have nothing much to offer, except to those in their base that are simply angry at others but without any real vision of what kind of America they want for themselves AND (because they are not selfish) others as well. Bush the First made fun of “the vision thing.” People care when they have hope. It’s not about taxes, it’s about living. Right now, too many Americans are barely hanging on. It’s not surprising they can’t get excited about tax cuts for the wealthy and promises of jobs emanating therefrom that never materialize.

    1. George, I became part of the Republican base when the great Ronald Reagan ran for president in 76, and believe we are looking for a statesman like him to free our country from this Jimmy Carter on steroids. Unfortunately, we can’t turn our attention to the 2012 elections quite yet. We handed the Republicans a historic win in the 2010 mid-terms so they could start to right this sinking ship. Instead we got the same old cocktail swilling, wheeler dealer Boehner and his boys playing politics. Once we are past the last two defining moments of Boehner’s leadership (debt ceiling debate and budget fight) we can concentrate on 2012. Until then, we are going to keep poking and prodding our representatives to do the right thing.

  8. Is it warm enough for golf or just basketball today?
    Or maybe a walk on the 17 acres of White House grounds.
    We know the Obamas are huge hockey fans so they won’t be missing the playoffs. Right?

  9. The DOJ shut down major on-line poker sites, confiscated their money and the money of the players. Because on-line gambling is illegal.
    Americans are not concerned about people spending their own money to play poker on a computer in their own living rooms.

    Entering our country by jumping over the border fence is illegal, too.
    Using forged identity papers and identity theft is also illegal.
    The DOJ takes the state of Arizona to court claiming it’s law is illegal, but does nothing against the illegal trespassers whose actions prompted Arizona to enact the law in the first place.

    1. I have a few friends who love those on-line poker sites and are steaming mad about what happened. They are hurting nobody but themselves in their activity, so I don’t see the logic in this other than a money grab. This country is going broke and that is what tyrants do best…they confiscate.

      I read a Politico story Keith posted last week that mentioned that Obama drones are targeting Texas and Arizona and their changing demographics of unregistered hispanics (aka illegal aliens). You see, this was all part of the grand plan. Leave our borders unprotected and tie the states’ hands in enforcing their laws equals massive new Democrat voting base. Arizona and Texas legislatures are currently passing laws to make voting by illegals more difficult. I just hope it is not too little too late.

    1. Man, that Mark has the goods! You know–there is a theme, meme, whatever out there that the open mic might not have been an accident.

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