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Obama’s Unscripted Moment

Here’s the CBS audio of remarks by President Obama last night that were accidentally transmitted over the White House feed and into the White House press room, where the indefatigable Mark Knoller was working, apparently alone. It appears Knoller alertly flipped a switch and recorded the comments, which Obama made to some donors at a fundraising event in Chicago

You can hear Obama’s contempt for GOP budget writer Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) which was also reflected in Obama’s remarks Wednesday calling Ryan’s proposals unserious and un-American.

Anyway, see what you think about the rest of it. I think there’s kind of an angry tone to it, and he clearly thinks Republicans are disingenuous about wanting to cut spending, using it as a stalking horse for other agenda items.

He has a point in that Republicans when last in power spent too much – though they resisted Democratic attempts to shell out even more on domestic programs. He doesn’t seem to understand that this is a chastened GOP caucus that was sent to town to reign in spending by a public that is genuinely angry about the debt Obama helped create.

This makes Obama’s fraudulent speech Wednesday more comprehensible. I don’t think he gets that the public is dreadfully serious about slashing the deficit. This is why he thinks he can get away with faking a campaign to cut spending. He can’t.

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  1. Would he have said anything differently if he knew the mike was on? I doubt it. Just his usual campaign rhetoric to donors displaying his Machiavellian brilliance. He has no doubts about own his re-election prospects.

  2. Oh, please…another clinger moment. I cannot believe he is still saying the health thing will SAVE a trillion. That takes some stones! Honestly. And he does seem to think of Ryan as a greasespot on the sidewalk of his wonderful life. He is also younger than you, and fitter. Believe me, Mr Pres, plenty of people think there are MANY depts, agencies committees, task forces and czars that are overlapping and can be ELIMINATED. Every agency could prob find its own cuts of 25% and survive. Millions of Americans think China might call our notes. They don’t like being dependent on foreign oil controlled by a culture they don’t “get” and which seems to mean us harm. They don’t like getting dressed up and going to some meeting to see the President of the US, asking a question, and being belittled. They don’t believe switch grass is the answer, though it could be part of an answer–and if it is, a company will develop it to make money. As for “do they think I am stupid?”, I will take the high road. And what the heck is wrong with being the country’s accountant? Larry Summers sure wasn’t. Or Austan.

  3. Does anyone believe his story that one of Boehner’s “staff people” said “hey, we’ve lost on healthcare, we’ve lost on the EPA, we’ve got to have something to sell to our caucus”?! Does that really sound like the kind of comment the GOP would have made at this moment? Like, “Hey, O Great One, throw us losers a bone, pretty please!” He is such a liar.

      1. I second or third that–yes, please help us dupe our caucus, would ya? And the so-called staffer “piped up,” he didn’t just “say.” But I doubt this was piped or said.

    1. Would be nice if Boehner’s staff person who negotiated with this bully called him out on what most of us believe is a blatant lie. He has taken the gloves off so the Republicans better stiffen their backbone and return a punch or two. If they don’t, they will be seen as wimpy cowards. If what he said is true, we’re in deeper trouble than I ever imagined.

  4. Notice how now Obama’s trying to make nice – saying how “Paul” has a beautiful family (and how the press wouldn’t pick up those comments).

    Such disrespect. He loves to call members of Congress by their first names.

    He loves, loves, loves to demean & belittle the GOP. The man has complete contempt for us – and he hates America.

    1. Agree with you Miranda. He cares more about his political wins than he does about America and her citizens. Paul Ryan wants to save this country for his children.

      “A statesman is he who thinks in the future generations, and a politician is he who thinks in the upcoming elections.”
      Abraham Lincoln

    2. I couldn’t disagree more! Obama has bent over backwards to try and please the GOP. For what? They have no intention of doing what is best for the whole Country. The GOP is looking out for corporate special interests. And hence themselves since they are bought and paid for by Corporate America.

      All the GOP wants to do is cut spending. But the whole reason people come together and form Countries is to pool their resources so they can spend it for the good of the whole. The want to lower the top tax rate to 25%. It was 91% in the 50’s under Ike. and was 71% as recently as ’70 under another Republican President, Richard Nixon.

      Clinton a Democratic President was the last President to balance the budget. Even had a surplus. The top rate was 35%. When dubya gave the rich a 3% tax cut is when the Deficit went spiraling out of control. Is it unreasonable to ask those that benefit most from being an American to pay their fair share? People say we need to give the rich tax breaks so they will create jobs. That just doesn’t hold water. dubya gave the rich a tax cut and we shed 700,000 jobs a month.

  5. If you let go of your biases and just listen to what Obama has to say he makes a lot of sense. He’s had to carry all the weight himself w/very little help from Republicans. In fact he’s had to fight them tooth and nail for every inch. Even though he’s bent over backwards to accommodate them.

    1. The problem with listening to Obama is that his actions always betray what he says. Always. And he hasn’t carried any weight. He let Pelosi and Reid do his dirty work for him until last year’s elections. He doesn’t have the back to lift any loads.

      1. Or the courage to do anything but snivel about a guy who is at least sticking his neck out to get this discussion going. I see a lot of talking pts in these posts–talking pts are OK, they help organize the thoughts of those who need it. I don’t mean that in a mean, ad hominem way–but “pay their fair share.”–that one has been around.

  6. Thank goodness for Knoller and people like him who engage their brains and think fast on their feet! Hey, maybe it’s time to catch more of their ‘actual words’ on tape and play THAT to the American public! There’s more than one way to catch a thief –

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