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Obama Gets Into It With Trump on Birthplace

President Obama yesterday signalled the White House strategy for dealing with foes like Donald Trump who question where he was born: You are crazy people.

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, asked about mentioned that he doesn’t “have horns” and labeling as conspiracy theorists those who thing he was born in Kenya.

Obama’s political advisers clearly believe they can use the issue against Republicans.

I don’t think they feel threatened by it. Two thirds of Americans believe Obama was born in Hawaii. Democrats overwhelmingly think so, and Obama probably believes the attacks by Trump will help energize his lethargic base – the first task of the campaign. Obama operatives could have left things alone, but have instead chose to put Obama out there to stoke the issue further.

Here, he clearly is prepared for the question from Stephanopoulos.

Later in the day, at a Chicago fundraiser, Obama returned to the topic unprompted, flicking it away with studied nonchalance.

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21 Responses to Obama Gets Into It With Trump on Birthplace

  1. The certified original birth certificate is not “just about” where Obama was born.
    IMO, he was most likely born in Hawaii. But the other information contained on the form is relevant and potentially embarrassing to the President — and that is why he has legally fought every attempt to display it. Full and complete name, name of father, religion (?), etc.
    Just what is Obama afraid of with the release of this info? Probably the same concerns about everything else he doesn’t share about his past. Writings, papers, transcripts, and his grades in college, medical records, parent’s marriage certificate, his record of baptism, etc.
    Every other US President has ample and complete background with these records. Just what is Obama afraid of that he would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to block attempts at access? Maybe he should answer that question rather than joking about Kenya.

  2. These staged “interviews” are so depressing. I guess it must happen live, someone puts a microphone in front of him and shouts the question : why do you hide your birth- and schoolrecords? There is a lot of focus on the birthrecords right now but I think it is just as interesting that he is hiding all the other documents. I would love to here his comments about that.

  3. By addressing the birth certificate issue he gives it credence. It is a rumor that will grow longer and longer legs until, or unless, he produces the birth certificate.

  4. That is so creepy how he talks about himself in the third person in that staged interview with the former Clinton operative.
    ““Most people feel pretty confident the President was born where he says he was, in Hawaii. He…he doesn’t have horns…”
    He usually loves talking about I, me, and my in every other interview he’s given. Why not on this subject? Curiouser and curiouser!

  5. Even if he was born in Hawaii, he is hiding something. The most logical explanation I have read is that he never legally changed his name back from Barry Soetoro and that he has dual citizenship or Indonesian citizenship.

    Also, who paid his way through Columbia and Harvard? Let’s see his grades and thesis.

    He has spent $2,000,000 to seal his records. Something stinks.

    Are you aware that even General Eisenhower had to submit his birth certificate to run for POTUS?

  6. I would like to add that Obama is a public official and he works for us.

    We have every right to see his records as he is an employee.

  7. That Barry/Steve/Barack/Barrack is even addressing it, means that it has hit a nerve someplace. Trump is not a fool…there is something there, though I still think it has to be with dual citizen or out right Indonesian citizienship–from the adoption by Lolo Soetaro–and that is why the mostest, brilliantest Pres__ent eveh won’t release his transcripts. He has a foreign student…but that could all be cleared up by no one other himself. Whoever that legally is.

  8. He & his handlers are very nervous about the birth certificate issue – despite his studied nonchalance. Who did he give the interview to – Rahm’s best bud Stephanopolous – one of the many Obama propagandists.

    Of course the majority of the public thinks he was born in Hawaii – because the corrupt media have never bothered to report the truth. Bill O’Reilly keeps “debunking myths” about Obama – and he’s totally wrong. The other day he said Obama has a SS # issued in Connecticut because his father (Obama Sr) lived there for several years. Totally false! Obama Sr went to Harvard, in Massachusetts. He never lived in Conn.

    O’Reilly also said you can’t get the long-form birth certificate in Hawaii – that former Health Dept. head Fukina said you can’t. She is not telling the truth. Just months ago a woman asked for & received a long-form birth certificate – the certificate & the receipt was displayed at a article.

    It’s not just the birth certificate issue – where are his academic records? Where are his old girlfriends? Where are his friends, period, pre-Chicago?

    Read “Deconstructing Obama” by Jack Cashill – it’s an excellent book. It’s published by Simon & Schuster, the very publisher that Obama ripped off – because he accepted a 6-figure advance, and never wrote a damn thing for them.