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Obama Morning News || Friday, April 15, 2011

President Obama returned to Chicago for fundraisers in what amounted to a kickoff of his reelection campaign. Obama’s first job is to reconnect with the masses who put him into office, writes Mike Allen in POLITICO.

The Obama-Boehner budget deal passed the House, but many conservatives were none to happy and a battle over the debt ceiling looms.

The White House sought to begin deficit talks amid partisan sniping growing out of Obama’s partisan budget speech. Obama aides want to use a bipartisan Senate plan as a counterweight to the House budget.

Relations between the White House and the emasculated House Democrats may be getting frosty, as Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi snapped at Obama economic adviser Gene Sperling during a meeting Wednesday.

And Obama, in remarks not intended for reporters, lamented the absence of a “cool phone” in the Obama Office.

10 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || Friday, April 15, 2011”

  1. I thought his first “job” was the Creation of Jobs for the American People. Isn’t that what he thinks about first thing in the morning and last thing at night?

  2. Lack of cool phones? He wanted to be the star in an A movie but it’s turning out to be a B one. Maybe that’s why he shows such little respect for Oval Office furniture as he did in this week’s West Wing Week at the very end.

    1. One billion dollars, wow.
      Forget the unemployed, they’re broke. The middle class working folks are strapped with inflationary prices on everything. The wealthy don’t want to support a program that would raise their taxes on earnings. Wall Street gurus are a little gun-shy.
      Big business wants to support the guy who will get rid of the regulations that are strangling their bottom line.
      Don’t even ask the gun owners or those who read the Bible.
      Pro-lifers, Seniors, pro-Israelites, anti-war activists, Chamber of Commerce members, anti-illegal alien supporters and anyone else that MrO has insulted or demeaned won’t be giving a dime to his rel-election.
      So…it’s the poor on welfare and the leisure class Billionaires who have to come up with the money.

  3. As my dear, departed Father used to say “home is the place you can go when no one else will take you in.”
    After Zero plumbs the depths of his Chicago donor’s pockets, it will be edifying to see where he goes next.Well, he’ll always have Hawaii,NY and L.A. Most other places are so over him.

    The fact that Blago is up for a new trial next week, is just a coincidence, right ?

  4. As yes, reconnect with the masses. We had a letter to the editor this AM in the AZ Republic advising the president to “man up.” When did citizens tell presidents to “man up.” We are getting so overly familiar he is like a bratty younger brother now.

    1. So right. When some Americans feel the President isn’t acting “manly” or refer to him as the “boy-president”, things are not good.
      By his own words he “wants a COOL phone”. That sounds like a lament from a 12yr old who wants an upgrade, but Mom and Dad are being mean.

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