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NATO Running Out of Munitions

Oh well, looks like President Obama may have to return to the terrible inconvenience of participating in a war he helped start. It turns out Great Britain and France, to support their experiments in Socialism, have been skimping on weapons, assuming we’d come to the rescue if the Russians marched or take care of business if the Islamists started blowing things up.

And so NATO’s European “powers” – at least the ones that were willing to fight at all – ARE RUNNING OUT OF BOMBS, according to the Washington Post. That is, they’re not even equipped to fight a war against Libya, whose army is composed of a few Bedouins on camels whirling dervishes overheard.

OK, it’s more than that, but not a lot more.

And yet, under the Obama regime, we need the approval of these feckless warriors to take military action. And they will roar like lions if not consulted, while they fight like crippled pussy cats.

I’m going to the fridge for a beer.

15 thoughts on “NATO Running Out of Munitions”

  1. It’s insane. But not as insane as a friend of mine, a huge Obama supporter, who actually said to my face that Obama has handled foreign policy “very well.” This friend is the same guy who thought Bush was the devil for invading Iraq, “a country that was no threat to us,” even though Bush had Congressional approval to do what he did there while O’s Libyan adventure did not. When I pointed out that what Obama’s doing in Libya was the same as what Bush did, only MORE reckless, he got all huffy and called me a racist or something.

    1. Oh, I know–I still speak to these people everyday… I got an email saying is it true Ryan wants to hand future oldies twenty grand as their whole medical plan? I said I think that was to buy insurance…it is, isn’t it?

  2. Oh my, what a mess.
    Back in the day, there was a favorite hippie anti-war slogan – “what if they started a war and nobody fought”. Fast forward; “what if they started a war and ran out of weapons”.

  3. Now that everyone has wasted their munitions we can now hire workers to start making new ones. Hey the President said all he thinks about is creating jobs. Way to go!

    Now if we only had Trump in charge. We would be making real money instead of wasting the money on ordinances. He would have gotten Gaddafi to build a few casinos and created a little competition for Abu Dhabi.

  4. Well, we should get out our order book and take orders for weapons…let the Brits and the French buy them from us. We should spend not one penny more on useless wars…especially in light of our own financial mess.

    1. Better take a good look at those export licenses–grimly funny story last nite about how China bought one of our used aircraft carrers to be a casino, then refitted it as…wait for aircraft carrier!

  5. Good Grief! What use is NATO. Instead of propping these losers up–with billion$, why don’t we just get the hell out of NATO and pick our own fights.

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