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Gallup: Obama Approval Rating Ties Record Low

President Obama’s approval rating is now tied for a record low in the daily Gallup tracking poll, with only 41 percent approving of his performance while 50 percent say they do not.

Obama has only reached this level three times before – twice in August 2010 and once in October 2010.

The worst news for Obama? His numbers among independents are down nine percent from the average over the year, falling to only 35 percent.

The budget deal and Obama’s vacant budget speech Wednesday surely have something to do with this, since the polling was done Tuesday-Thursday. I personally think gasoline prices are a factor as well. We’re at the magical $4 level.

I also believe there’s just this sense of Obama fatigue. I’m not sure the White House can turn this around.

They have three town hall meetings scheduled for Obama next week on the budget. Better to keep him on ice.

On the other hand, Gallup notes that Clinton, Carter and Reagan were all similarly unpopular at this point in their presidencies, and things worked out for two out of three of them.

9 thoughts on “Gallup: Obama Approval Rating Ties Record Low”

  1. Can’t Wait! to see this poll “Reported” by the sycophant ‘main-stream media’…

    Bets on ‘media aplogies/excuses’ for Obama’s low poll numbers…?

  2. American public:
    They’re still fighting over the budget? They better do something about the price of gas and a can of corn. Who got kicked off of AmericanIdol last night?.

  3. I think obama does derserve another term. Do you people think at all on what he is doing to this country. You got high gas prices, middle problems, high unemployment. People, better wake up or we will not have a country. left. How did he get to Harvard with poor grades. Does anyone even know that. I hope people wise up and vote Obama out of office.

  4. I made a typ error when I said Obama derserve another term. I meant to say he does not derserve another term. This man so disconneted with the country. He is so radical in his beliefs and america needs someone else to lead this nation. So, wake up america and vote him out of office before its to late.

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