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Today’s Obama Poll || Gallup: Approval Dips to 42 Percent

President Obama’s approval rating declined to 42 percent in a Gallup poll released today, compared to 50 percent who say they do not approve of the job he is doing.

Obama’s Gallup rating is near its record low of 41 percent, where it stood last October.

The polling was done April 11-13, soon after the budget deal he struck with Republicans last Friday and in the days immediately leading up to his speech yesterday on his own ideas to achieve fiscal discipline.

While the poll may be an outlier, it suggests strongly the new team Obama installed at the beginning of the year, including Chief of Staff William Daley, Senior Adviser David Plouffe, and Press Secretary Jay Carney, have done nothing in three months to raise the president’s popularity.

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22 Responses to Today’s Obama Poll || Gallup: Approval Dips to 42 Percent

  1. Our Prez:
    Can’t afford the higher price of fuel? Buy a new car.
    You have 10 children??Ha,ha,ha.
    Guess we’ll have to quit paying our military if there’s a gov’t. shutdown.
    We’re going to bomb Libya just for fun.
    Obamacare will lower our deficit, the cost of healthcare and the oceans.
    Reward your friends, punish your enemies.
    GeorgeBush did (enter anything bad).
    WallStreet and the BigBanks are too big to fail, you aren’t.
    We need a new ‘civility in politics’. Dems good, Repubs satans of hate.
    Bitter clingers to their Bibles and guns.
    Fearful, reptialian minds.

    • Unfortunately when you break it down by race the disapproval is a lot worse. Still black Americans give Obama very high ratings – 85% to 90% approval. Wonder what it’d be if they had Herman Cain or Rep. Allen West to compare to bi-racial Obama. Not that that should matter at all – I detest racial categorization & the tribalization politics this administration is so enamored of.

    • Thats What a joke you are, and its so sad because it shows you as a leader as an abosute waste– pease go away, far away!!!

  2. Is it me or has Chief of Staff Bill Daley been remarkably under the radar since he took over? I seem to remember Rahm being more visible.

  3. I’m 52, and in my short life I’ve never seen so much bias in political idiology as with this president. My mind is at a total loss understanding how anyone at all can say Obama was done a good job or they have faith in him. It is the biggest con of this century. In my opinion he is the worst president in our history, with the least amount of American pride, respect for our governement, citizens, or future. He scares the living daylights out of me in terms of the security of this country or the future our our children. Shame on the Dem-sheeps and Rep-mice.