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Obama Morning News || Thursday, April 14, 2011

President Obama Wednesday laid out his budget plan – a general call for spending cuts and tax increases for the rich. The speech has a newly partisan tone and seemed to be looking toward the next election, observes the Washington Post. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) is very disappointed.

Many liberals seem assuaged, but Republicans are reacting poorly to the politics of the thing, according to POLITICO. Some people are finding the plan to cut $400 billion from security budgets troubling.

Meanwhile, as the actual size of the cuts becomes clearer, Republican dissent from the $38 billion FY 2011 budget deal is growing. But Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner predicted Congress will approve and increase in the debt limit.

And Obama’s lack of a Democratic opponent helps him enormously, allowing him to focus on independents, according to the Los Angeles Times.

6 Responses to Obama Morning News || Thursday, April 14, 2011

  1. Mr. Contrary and I do NOT make $250,000. But I will be hurt profoundly by the ‘higher taxes’ on ‘the rich.’ How is this? I work in an industry that is a ‘discretionary’ income purchase driven. When essential items go up (due to fuel costs right now) my industry suffers…now with the threat taxes will too…well, nothing left for ‘leisure.’ Too bad…Mary’s outta work; along with her co-workers; no summer HS and college help; the business if it goes under no longer pays local real estate tax; purchases electric and gas services (and those ensuing surcharges)…the dominos keep falling.

    The other day (here on WHD) we questioned if Obama ever took an economics class…his speech of yesterday proves (to me) he couldn’t have. Ever…no basic understanding of ‘growing’ an economy. Only destroying one (unless of course, that was the intention all along).

  2. Regarding yesterday’s speech, maybe someone can help me out with something. You see, math was never my forte and of course I’m not as brilliant as The World’s Greatest Orator, so : Are families making 250k/yr and inviduals making 200k/year millionaires or billionaires? Which one?

  3. His minions are out in force. That Lew was on NPR–never ans one question, just talking pts talking pts. Why should Grandma starve so Richie Rich can go to Cancun, etc… Like he personally has any stake–he will migrate to Goldman Sachs any day. But what about the remainder of us wretches in what is becoming a Second World country (is there such a thing?). Today is my mammo and sono–only I declined the sono bec of cost (I have a Medicare plan that only pays mammos and 80% of sonos. They said you can talk to the radiologist. I said I never talked to a radiologist in my life, but sure, I can tell HIM or HER in person that I am not getting it and am my own death panel. Oh, this should be a fun day… So, Mr Lew, you and your smug little helpers can sit on a tack–you need lessons in reality.

  4. His plan is nothing but a bunch of malarkey. Who ever heard of a 12 year budget plan? On top of that, nobody believes we are going to be able to right this sinking ship by taxing the so-called rich. They could confiscate every penny of profit from the “rich” and it would barely make a dent in the deficit.

    My husband and I never made anywhere near $250K a year either Mary. We both have worked since our teens, helped our children through college, and thought we socked enough away for a comfortable retirement. For the first time this year we were hit with a huge (for us) IRS bill. With the cost of food and energy skyrocketing, and fearless leader spreading the wealth around, times are getting tough.

    The wannabe king and his sycophants can punish us all they want with their overbearing taxes, burdensome regulations, and usurpation of the rule of law, but they aren’t going to win in the end. I’m guessing none of them are students of history if they believe the American spirit is easily defeated.