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Michelle Obama Bombards Military with Pastries

First Lady Michelle Obama has now turned to fattening up our soldiers and their children.

At a Tuesday’s White House kickoff for the new “Joining Forces” campaign to support America’s military families – which she will lead along with Second Lady of the United States Dr. Jill Biden – Michelle decided to put out a big platter of saturated fat and calories.

As reported by the blog ObamaFoodorama:

Mini slabs of iced pound cake joined iced cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, chocolate chip rolls, apple turnovers, and croissant on laden silver trays, which were set atop a table covered in patriotic military blue silk, in the Cross Hall outside the East Room. White House butlers offered beverages, too, including fruit punch. There were kids on hand for the launch event, and they played in the hallway as Mrs. Obama, the President, Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden made remarks for close to an hour.

I’m not sure which is worse – forcing kids to listen to politicians for an hour, or injecting sucrose into their bloodstreams.

Michelle, of course, runs the “Let’s Move” anti-obesity program. Just a few months ago, she declared obesity a national security issue, noting the prevalence of plus-sized recruits.

But back at the White House, she keeps trying to clog the arteries of her guests. In recent weeks, she stuffed the nation’s governors with 2,200 calories worth of dinner, tried to assassinate the president of China with a 2,900 calorie meal, and jeopardized the health of her Super Bowl party guests with bratwurst, kielbasa, cheeseburgers, buffalo wings, german potato salad, deep dish pizza, and ice cream.

Her own eating habits have not been much better, as she’s been spotted recently hanging out at pizza shops and wolfing down buffalo ribs.

Please, Mrs. Obama. This is a national security issue. Next time the soldiers are in the house, just some nice plates of veggies and low fat dip, along with some refreshing spring water to drink. Okay?

H/T to Granny Jan, who first mentioned this to me and who blogs at Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty.

19 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Bombards Military with Pastries”

  1. When MrsO, who was never proud of her country until she got to fly in AF1, suddenly embraces our military and their families making me suspiscious.
    What’s the end game here and how much is it going to cost us? flits through my mind.
    The WhiteHouse political gurus surely know that the military is aware that MrO was going to suspend their paychecks if the gov’t shutdown over the budget crisis. Theirs, not his. He may do it again in a few months. Not going to be (if there ever was) a lot of love there in the rank and file.

    What’s the end game, what is MrsO promising from her priviledged perch, and doesn’t MrsBiden have anything better to do than follow MrsO around the military bases?

  2. I was flipping through channels the other day and came across Mrs. O and Dr. Jill on one of the trashloid programs (don’t remember which one). They were asked if they missed being able to get out and just do what ever they wanted. Their reply reminded me of the Clinton’s view of the Secret Service. Mrs. O said that “Those people…” referring to the S/S won’t let them go where ever they want. “Those people”?

    No respect for the office of POTUS, the military or even the people who are sworn to protect their self important rears. Sad, sad day in America.

  3. Snarkilicious! You’re so right about spring water. I remember Michelle O saying that kids must drink more water, “at first they won’t like it, but they’ll get used to it.”…(or else)

  4. Mrs. Obama is an opportunistic advocate. Whatever the latest “sexy” issue is, she does a superficial read on it and then runs out and broadcasts the news that no one was aware of the problem before she learned of it.

    She is used to Chicago — a small town where no one would criticize the black wife of a black star politician – and therefore she never had to commit to any of her causes. Just showing up and being black with an Ivy League degree on each lapel was enough effort.

    Now people are looking for consistency in her actions because they know that consistent action is evidence of character and personal values. But MoochMO just can’t turn down the opportunity to make every food opportunity a lavish and expensive food event for her. Every day is her birthday as long as she is in the White House.

    1. I actually thinks she does care about the obesity issue. First, it effects the African-American community and secondly, she has obsessive food issues. She uses a lot of buzz words about food and having grown up with a sister would was obsessed with food, it all sounds familiar to me.

      1. Yeah she cares alright,EVERYONE see’s that extra 20 pounds rollin round in that trunk from Lobster,and pizza and steak and ice cream and cookies and a big coating of butter.
        Hey,at least I can hunt and fish the rest of the year,time to start getting ready for next winter her in the broke ass state of Michigan.. that is when Im not chopping firewood.

  5. Heavens.

    The hypocrisy of “Mrs. Eat What I Tell You Not What I Eat” is beyond the pale. “Iced cinamon rolls.” Sorry missy, in Texas we just call em honey buns … honey.

      1. Over at the NYT (Well blog–click on health) they are debating sugar. Evil. Delish. Time-tested. Evil. OMG–never eat any. Feeds cancer…on and on. Good grief, people like sugar–you don’t want to eat ALL sugar for a diet, some people like sugar better than others, yes, they are even putting sugar in salt (stupid), but this is a food–not a packet of chemicals you happily dump into your food.

  6. Not many know this but saturated fats are pretty much benign. They can be safely consumed over a wide range of intakes if eaten in the context of adequate supportive nutrition.

    To be sure, saturated fats have a bad reputation due to the fact that they are often associated with omega-6 trans fats and added sugars. But the scientific evidence indicates that saturated fats are not a health hazard. Google, “The Low-Fat Diet – The Trojan Horse of Heart Disease?”

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