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Biden Falls Asleep during Obama Budget Speech

Sorry Joe. I know you were hoping for some specifics too. You’ve heard much of this before, and so have we. You figured you’d do a little dreaming in the audience while Obama was dreaming onstage. Good for you.

8 thoughts on “Biden Falls Asleep during Obama Budget Speech”

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  2. Color me skeptical…could this little siesta be planned?

    (Honest, with the Regime I suspect everything)…But, what if the meme is starting ‘Joe just isn’t up to the ‘job’ anymore, gosh darn it…Obama needs to find another Veep to run with.”

    I wouldn’t put it passed them.

    1. Agree William. The young lady sitting behind the VP is struggling to keep her eyes open too. Oh, the irony. Before the election many would faint when he spoke, now they just fall asleep.

  3. I know–he should give these stewinders at bedtime–late–so people with foreclosures, bankruptcies, layoffs, divorces from financial problems, etc can finally get some shuteye.

  4. Can you blame him?

    And, look at the black lady with glasses behind him, and the older white lady (with frizzled hair) to his right – both nodding off as well.

    Obama is done.

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