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Yay Obama! Raise Daddy’s Taxes!

President Obama’s fiscal policy speech George Washington University this afternoon included just one applause line – aside from the standing ovations he got from the students upon entering and departing the room.

From the transcript:

They want to give people like me a $200,000 tax cut that’s paid for by asking 33 seniors to each pay $6,000 more in health costs. That’s not right, and that’s not going to happen as long as I’m president.


Don’t you just love it?

All these students at GW attending at their parents huge expense the country club otherwise known as the modern American university – complete a four year membership providing access to world class workout facilities, heated swimming pool, bottomless beer kegs, with occasional attendance at easy classes required – and the one thing they cheer for is Obama’s plan to bite the hand that is feeding them.

I gather their Socialist professors have instilled enough guilt and ideology  in them to want to throw mommy and daddy to the proletariat.

Wonder if they’ll be applauding if they have to hear, “Gosh son, looks like you’ll need to wash windows this summer. Obama raised my taxes.”

20 thoughts on “Yay Obama! Raise Daddy’s Taxes!”

  1. Those senior students in the room are in for a HUGE surprize. Next year when there litterally are no jobs…If you had $100,000 dollars of your parents money, you couldnt buy a $50,000 dollar job…just wait and see.

  2. My son is finishing his first year in the working world after graduating from university and it didn’t take him long to say “it sucks paying so much to the government”. My daughter is going into dental school this fall and she already gets it. Their friends however are your typical numb minded college students. I do my best!

  3. Spot on analysis of his class warfare meme, Keith. Didn’t watch the speech but did listen to a part of it on Rush today. Bet he didn’t mention a word about the $500B he already gutted from Medicare to pay for Obamacare.

    Mark Levin just interviewed Paul Ryan who mentioned that he was invited by the WH to attend the speech. Ryan seemed to be very frustrated by Obama’s demagoguery. My take on it…only a shallow, despicable bully would trash another man’s work, to his face, knowing he can’t respond to the lies.

    1. Thanks Susan. Obama made sure not just to disagree, but to launch ad hominen attacks, calling Ryan’s budget unserious and not courageous. From someone who proposed nothing.

      And let’s remember, he calls health care “fully paid for.” But his cuts to Medicare are cuts that could have been used to reduce the deficit. So in reality the health plan adds to the deficit.

      1. Hello there,I watched this puzzling thing on CNBC at prime time, 7.30 PM. Any thoughts about why it was so early in the US ? I am very confused about the American health care system but wasn´t all his talk about cuts to Medicare an admission that the country can´t afford Obamacare ? Or will Medicare disappear and be replaced with Obamacare ?

  4. Heh, DD did her own taxes for the first time this year. I was walking her through it on the phone. After we hung up she asked if she deducted costs for school, I asked if she had paid for it… “no.” Then you don’t deduct it. A few minutes later she asked where she deducted the rent. I nearly spit Dr Pepper all over my iPhone. She doesn’t pay for that yet either. Kid has a serious wake up call coming…. I can hardly wait… little libtard.

  5. Hey–GW is my alma mater–well, the Elliott School…In the Wayback it was somewhat lacking in amenities but the professors drank with us and came to our parties.

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