As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Morning News || April 13, 2011

President Obama delivers his much trumpeted budget deficit speech today, a move likely to kick off a months-long debate with Republicans while alienating some members of his own Democratic Party, the Wall Street Journal writes. POLITICO helpfully suggests seven things Obama should say to make the politics of the thing work.

Obama faces a rebellion on the left, with key groups concerned that he has let the GOP message of reducing government trump that of creating jobs, writes the Washington Post. But some lawmakers in both Parties are urging Obama to cap spending or they won’t vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Obama prepares to kick off his campaign in Chicago tomorrow. The Obamas will tape an appearance on Oprah while in town.

The $38 billion budget deal, which is set to move through Congress, affects nearly every federal agency and forces Obama to give up four of his White House Czars.

Setting himself up as the “reasonable alternative” to Donald Trump, Mitt Romney declared that Obama was born in the United States and that “The citizenship test has been passed.”

National Security Adviser Tom Donillon carried a letter from Obama to the Saudi monarch.

6 Responses to Obama Morning News || April 13, 2011

  1. Ah, Politico. So helpful on what the Prez should say today, not do, but say.
    But then, not being as smart as their writers, I had to look up the word “arcana’ (Tarot cards), but the identity of “the Gang of Six” is still a mystery. MrO has been “saying” things for over 4 years and just “saying” the words doesn’t mean it’s true or it’s going to happen.
    Tomorrow, off to Chicago to scrounge some of the billion dollars that he’s going to need to convince 65% of the voters that he should be re-elected.
    All of the Obots will be watching the love fest on Opa’s last hurrah by which she hopes to squeeze a million dollars a minute from advertisers to fluff up her purse.

  2. Random thought: I wonder if the president could pass the naturalization test–without studying…Maybe he could “renew his vows.”

    As for this speech–I recommend raising taxes and gutting Medicare–it will help him not get elected. But I never get the memo.

  3. Yeah,trust Romney…Someone who worships a religion based on a drunk lost in the woods who thought he saw god.Whatever,Go back to Salt Lake Mitt,with the rest of the idiots

  4. Lets cut government first – downsize and elimate departments not crucial and cut salaries to match the non-government workplace. Expect more productivity . Let states handle more of the business of the public.
    Stop perks for elected officials. Get out of fighting other countries battles,
    or get serious and do what is necessary to gain control in a month.
    Revise taxes to straight amount for whatever the earning amount.
    (could have a two page tax code). Entitlement programs could only be accessed if a certain criteria is met. Stop looking for pockets to take money out of and start creating reasons to get manufacturing running full steam in the US again. We have picked the carcus clean and need to turn the country around.