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Obama to Call for $4 Trillion Deficit Cut Over 12 Years; What?

Oh boy. If my head explodes in a forest and nobody hears it, did my head explode?

First of all, the number. President Obama in his remarks today will say he wants to cut the deficit by $4 Trillion over twelve years. Nobody, ever, that I have heard in Washington, works off a twelve year budget window. Budgets, forecasts, and the rest of it are made over ten years.

The Bush people at one point narrowed it to five years for their own nefarious purposes. But it’s ten years. Twelve years doesn’t even have the benefit if being divisible by five or ten, the standard increments of measurement and counting.

This is being done to make Obama’s number look like Paul Ryan’s. Instead, of making more cuts, they added a couple of years.

Next, let’s discuss the method in which this was released. The White House has circulated to reporters a “fact sheet” with information about the president’s proposal, but we can’t report it until the president begins his remarks at 1:35.

But we CAN report the top line of the fact sheet, which is the $4 trillion figure. We can’t contextualize this information with discussion of the way Obama gets there.

“People, listen up, report the good news, and don’t look behind the curtain to see what the Wizard is doing.”

Ahh yes, that good old time transparency.

12 thoughts on “Obama to Call for $4 Trillion Deficit Cut Over 12 Years; What?”

  1. In February, the Prez wanted to increase spending in 2011.
    A few days ago, the Prez wanted to raise the debt ceiling in 2011.
    Now, the Prez wants a scorched-earth spending plan with massive cuts that won’t happen until 2023.

    The Repubs seem to have found the “keys to the car” again. The Dems should have been more careful when they were behind the steering wheel.

  2. Oh lord. Could that fact sheet be talking points, by any chance? This is like 5 fewer oz of candy bar for the same price. My head is about to go, too.

  3. So what “economics classes” did Barack Hussein Obama take at Columbia or Harvard Law? Does Obama know how to use a “budget”?

    When/Has Obama ever set-up or use a “budget”? (as a “community organizer in Chicago” or “Not Present” Illinois-US Senator)

    Does Obama have any clue how the US Economy works…?

    1. He is brilliant(tm) the main stream media told us so.

      To question his grades at Occidental, at Columbia or Harvard Law is to be called out as ahhhh…’Transcriptioner?” “Gradeist?” or general fall back “RAAACIST.” Like any diety, Obama knows and understands all (economics, hybrid vehicle product lines, why he selected Biden).

      He is not to be questioned on anything more involved than college basketball.

    2. You know, that’s a great point and very possibly a reason those transcripts aren’t getting released. I’d like to see a course list from Occidental. He probably took something like “Trends in Modern Socialist thought” or something.

  4. The media will spin this as showing Obama to be “thoughtful” and “realistic,” making “tough decisions for the good of the country.” When Republicans do the same thing, they’re described as “targeting” and “slashing” items, and the word “poor” is always thrown in there, too.

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